Apple iPad mini 6: Release Date Updates and Spec News

Apple iPad mini 6 will land with a Touch ID, a larger display, superior enactment, and next-generation 5G connectivity. Though the iPad mini 6 has declared at Apple’s official event on September 2021, and its remodeling the tablet needed.  And on that event, Apple announced some prevailing specs about this new iPad mini 6. They also exposed that this new iPad mini 6 favors a slenderer design, improved enactment, the latest edge-to-edge display. However, it will also possess the same Touch ID feature present in the iPad Air. For powering up this iPad mini 6, Apple’s A15 Bionic chipset has been incorporated here.

new iPad launch 2021
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Furthermore, the new iPad mini 2021 is accessible for pre-order right away via Apple’s online store at an initial price of $499. Plus, it’s predictable to ship in the coming week of September 2021. Moreover, this Apple iPad mini 6 is obtainable in the latest colors with corresponding latest Smart Folio accessories. With all these superb specs, it’s pretty clear that the iPad mini 6 will be a top tablet in the marketplace.

Apple iPad Mini 6 Release Date News and Specs Details

In this article, we have provided everything about this new iPad mini 6 that we know so far. So, if you are curious about this Apple iPad mini 6, just read this article thoroughly. Here you will get everything about the iPad mini 6 release date, PricePrice, design, and specs.

Cut to the Chase
  • Apple iPad mini 6 possesses the latest look, with an edge-to-edge display that you may found in iPad Air.
  • The new iPad mini 2021 also favors the striking 2nd Gen Apple Pencil. However, it lacks the Apple Smart Keyboard.
  • The iPad mini 6 also keeps an A15 Bionic chipset. While comparing iPad mini 5 vs. iPad 6, Apple states that A15 chipsets provide 40% more lift in CPU enactment.
  • While new iPad mini 6’s front snapper has Center Stage for stalking the face while calling, therefore, you remain in the focus of the frame.
  • The good news is this new iPad mini 2021 is obtainable for pre-order just now at an initial price of $499. At the same time, the shipping will start next week.

 Apple Pad mini 6 Release Date 2021

New Apple iPad 2021
Credit: Apple

Are you curious about the Apple iPad mini 6 release date? If yes, then you will be glad that the iPad mini 6 is official now. On 14 September 2021, Apple legitimately declared a new iPad mini 6 at the Keynote event. At that event, Apple has exposed the arrival of the Apple iPad mini 6 with a bigger screen, 5G connectivity. Moreover, it comes with the A15 Bionic CPU and Apple Pencil 2 provision and more prevailing features. The question is, when will you get an iPad mini 6? So, you will also be glad to hear that Pre-order booking has opened now, and shipping of this tablet will begin in the next week of September.

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iPad Mini 6 Price Range and Conformations

what is the price of iPad 6 mini?
Source: Apple

Pre-order booking for Apple mini iPad 6 is available now from apple official stores. Plus, the shipping will start next week in September. Therefore, if you want to purchase an iPad mini 6, you can get it on pre-order from Apple’s website. Though, the iPad mini 6 is obtainable in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular conformations. These conformation and their prices are as follows.

  • New iPad mini 6 with Wi-Fi having 64GB storage prices at US$499
  • Apple iPad mini 6 with Wi-Fi having 256GB storage prices at US$649
  • New iPad mini 6 with Wi-Fi + Cellular data having 64GB storage prices at US$649
  • Apple iPad mini 6 with Wi-Fi + Cellular data having 256GB storage prices at US$799
Apple iPad mini 6
Source: Mac World

As far as color concern, the new iPad mini 6 will be accessible in Purple, Starlight, Pink, and Space Gray textures. Though, the initial PricePrice makes it $100 more expensive than the 5th generation iPad mini. One cause of changing the iPad mini 6 prices is the global module shortages. Moreover, the iPad mini 6 now comes with futureproof 5G connectivity. Therefore, you can order either the standard Wi-Fi version or the more costly model with 5G connectivity. If you love to bout on accessories, Apple is discharging the latest line of Smart Covers for iPad mini 6.

New iPad mini Features and Specs

SpecsApple iPad mini 6
Release Date Friday 24 September 2021
Design Edge to edge design
touch ID on power button with Apple Pencil
Display8.3 inches display
ChipsetA15 Bionic chipset
CamerasFront : 12 megapixels
Rear: 12MP ultra-wide with 122 degree field of view
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The new iPad mini 6 provides a 40% CPU upgrade and an 80% lift in GPU enactment. All of this is possible because of Apple’s A15 Bionic chipset that powers this new iPad mini 2021. If that seems conversant, it’s for the A15 Bionic, which is the processor that powers the iPhone 13 series too. In other favorable iPad mini rumors and news, the Apple mini iPad 6 now favors a USB-C port at the bottom. It means that charging would be more effortless in iPad mini 6 than other previous models.

Furthermore, Apple Pencil is also on top here to link magnetically with the iPad mini 6 to charge it. You can easily use this Pencil to draw figures and facts. That’s amazing, though.

Apple mini iPad 6 Screen

New version of iPad
Image credit: Mac World

The iPad mini 6 comes with an 8.3-inches Liquid Retina screen proficient in attaining 500 nits of brightness. Well, the most noticeable modification is the bigger 8.3 inches screen and slimmer bezels. Whereas the iPad mini 5 offers 7.9 inches display. Despite a more prominent display, the table possesses an identical footprint. Moreover, it provides broad color provision, True Tone, along with an anti-reflective covering. According to apple, the anti-reflective display coating makes it one of the minimum reflective screens of the marketplace. Though, the Apple has turned towards the Touch ID sensor on the façade of the device. As the screen now comes with an edge-to-edge frame.

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Apple iPad mini 6 Design

Best mini iPad
Picture source: Apple

The iPad mini 6 comes with much more upgrades than preceding models. Well, the Apple mini iPad 6’s display has developed to 8.3 inches due to its latest design. It also favors an edge-to-edge screen. It seems like a minor version of iPad Air 4. Well, the other change comes at the power button, which now possesses a Touch ID sensor. Though, it lies on the upper-right edge of the iPad mini 6. For the colors, the new iPad mini 6 is now available in your choice of pink, starlight, purple, and space grey. Furthermore, it now offers the 2nd gen magnetic Apple Pencil, and you can connect the Pencil to the iPad mini 6. So, you can quickly charge it too.

 Latest iPad mini Cameras

iPad mini 6 camera
Photo source: Apple

The latest iPad mini 6 comes with more camera upgrades with built-in Center Stage upkeep. But what is the Centerstage, and what is the function of a camera? Center Stage is a spec on the iPad Pro that lets the camera pan dynamically and reframe focuses. This front-facing camera can robotically follow you as you turn around while video calling. Gratefully, it will now be accessible on the iPad mini 6.  And, the new iPad mini 6 has a 12Mp ultra-wide front camera along with a 122-degree field of vision. Though, it’s a significant rung up from the 1.2Mp presented on iPad Mini 5. Likewise, the back snapper provides a 12Mp sensor that upgrades up from 8Mp along with “Focus Pixels.” Moreover, it offers a bigger f/1.8 aperture, active HDR, and higher 4K video.

5G Connectivity

Conceivably, the main upgrading (chipset apart) on the mini iPad 6 is the insertion of 5G connectivity. However, Apple claims that this 5G connection comes with 3.5Gbps speed. However, it’ll depend entirely on the 5G set-up available to you. The new iPad mini also offers some other ways of connectivity comprising eSIM, Gigabit LTE, and Wi-Fi 6. For wired connection, Apple has presented a USB-C port to the iPad mini 6. It permits up to 5Gbps data transfer rates that are ten times bigger than the 5th-gen iPad mini-tablet.

Moreover, the new USB-C port permits the iPad mini 6 to link to an entire host of other machines and accessories. So, you can connect through cameras, LEDs, and your laptops too. All that features make this tablet one of the top devices of the marketplace.

General FAQs

Q: What is the new version of the iPad mini?
A: Apple has announced the latest version of the iPad mini called iPad mini 6.
Q: Is Apple going to make a new iPad mini?
A: Yes, Apple declared that the new iPad mini is just going to land this month.
Q: Will there be another iPad mini soon?
A: Yes, you will see a new iPad mini 2021 soon with more upgrades than previous models.
Q: When will the iPad 6 come out?
A: Apple has announced that the iPad mini 6 sales will start on Friday, 24 September 2021.
Q: What will be the expected price range of the new iPad mini 2021?
A: The new iPad mini 2021 comes at different versions and prices, but the initial price tag is 499$.

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