Best Conference Phone: High-Quality Video Conferencing for Meetings

Best conference phone provides the best audio and video conferencing for online meetings. Even the best conference phones provide high-quality video conferencing and a clear audio phone system. The conference phones offer the best video and audio quality from small conference room to wide range large conference room. They are easy to use and handle too. Due to pandemic, these devices are becoming significant for quality audio and video conferencing for local and foreign business dealings. Many commercial phone amenities now propose them as customary specs, mainly when arriving in the business phone system. Furthermore, due to the pandemic, many workplaces now have staffs functioning remotely.

Conference phone
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However, using mobile phones and laptops for video conferencing is conceivable. They are well-suitable to minor meetings and single conferencing. That’s why having the best conference phone can truly show their worth due to their high-quality audio features. This is due to containing multiple detachable microphones with broad range sensitivity. Thus, they are capable of filtering out background sounds that you may suppose in a workplace.  The result is a usually pure audio stream that can be comprehensive of all and sundry present, with nobody losing out.  Conclusively, the best conference phone provides an improved experience than aspiring to gather everybody nearby a laptop having a feeble microphone. Here are some of the best conference phones presently accessible.

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What is a Conference Phone?

The best conference phone is an essential device for any self-concerning professional. Indeed, the conference phones offer you a higher audio quality and new specs to make your conferencing calls a much-improved experience in all aspects. But to select your best conference phone, there are some key specs to look for.

How to Select the Best Conference Phone

Opting best conference phone for your requirements will rely on the background and circumstances in which you’re heading for using it. Conference phones may look like they’re all the equivalent, but the small changes could be game-turner for your precise condition. To get the faultless fit, there are a few vital aspects to take into respect. Let’s look into them.

  • Clout Source

Best conference phone usually uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) or AC connectors, but few of them can also be motorised by USB or charging batteries.

  • Linking Type

Relying on the clout source you have, there are diverse linking types. Latest conference phones can connect via USB, DECT, mobile phones, or wirelessly. You’ll need to choose the most suitable preference for your requirements.

  • Portability

You might have to join meetings while moving outside. In that situation, you’ll require a portable best conference phone. Moreover, you’ll need a suitable linking type, as few conference phones offer wireless connection, functional battery. They can join with PCs through USB

or mobile nets, for example, 4G LTE.

  • Meeting Room Size

Microphone signal pickup range and speaker audio quality can vary depending on the diversity of conference phones. For large conference rooms, the more prevailing and more substantial device will be required. There are also expanded microphone tools that you can utilise to expand the sound range for the large conference room.

  • Conference Calls Recording

You might require to record conference calls for many purposes, like sharing with colleagues, revising them later, or exercise purposes. If that spec is significant to you, you may need to go for the latest model. They frequently have an integral recording feature with an SD Card that records your meetings as easily as ever.

Best Conference Phone: Best User Guide

The best conference phone is now becoming a perfect way of getting HD voice in a wide range of online video conferencing. Conference phones offer clear and best audio quality with echo cancelling features to provide the best noise-free environment during the meeting. You can use them in either a small conference room or in a wide range of large conference rooms full of folks. Further down are some of the best conference phones in the marketplace that you can buy for your online meetings. Just have a look!

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Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000

Specs Polycomm soundstation 1000
Mic range
20 feet
Other featuresLCD screen, 12-key keypad, caller ID

ConnectivityEthernet, external mic connections
Reason to Purchase
  • Prodigious audio quality
  • Easy to manage
  • Good video quality
Reason to Evade
  • Looks out-of-date
  • Can be costly
Best conference phone
Picture credit: Polycom

If you’ve ever stayed in a conferencing room, you’re probable to view Polycom SoundStation fixing on a desk or table. These are outstanding echo-cancelling conference phones, and the Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000 is the top creation of that brand. Moreover, it’s simple to set up, with an LCD panel and digit pad that permits you to dial in or watch incoming conference calls. However, it seems a bit old-fashioned associated with conference phones with built-in touch screens. But, it does its job quite well. If you’re not worried about new mod-cons, you’ll appreciate the Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000.

Konftel 300IPx: Modern Phone for Meeting

The best conference phone with an omnidirectional microphone range

SpecsKonftel 300LPX

1 or two additional microphones can be added
Mic rangeOmnidirectional
ConnectivityEthernet, Mini USB, Bluetooth (for control only)
Other featuresKonftel Unite app, NFC, recording to memory card
Reason to Purchase
  • Contemporary feel
  • Smartphone Applications makes conferences easy
Reason to Evade
  • Some may find it excessively complex
conference phone for meetings
Photo source: Konftel

Though, the Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000 is the best model of a typical old-school conference phone. But, the Konftel 300IPx is a clear sample of a contemporary conference phone. Its primary marketing point is the Konftel Unite application that permits members to set up and join conferences with smartphones. Furthermore, the Konftel 300IPx has integral NFC mode. This feature allows people to tap their attuned smartphone on the Konftel 300IPx to load the application. In addition, there are loads of great specs comprising the ability to record conference calls to SD card, bridge calls, and link it with a PA system. Bluetooth connection is also available. These specs quickly make it one of the best conference phones you can get today.

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Konftel Ego: One of Best Conference Phone

Another inordinate and reasonable conference phone

SpecsKonftel Ego
Mic rangeOmnidirectional
ConnectivityBluetooth, Micro USB
Other features12 hour battery, color LCD screen
Reason to Purchase
  • Very Portable
  • Most Reasonable
Reason to Evade
  • Only appropriate for small conference room
  • Lacks many features
Phone for video conferencing
Image source: Konftel

If you find the Konftel 300IPx mentioned above too costly, the Konftel Ego is a prodigious alternative conference phone. It comes with an incorporated rechargeable battery for power that makes it an outstanding portable conference phone. Moreover, its omnidirectional detachable microphone can manage meetings with about four people in a meeting room. Though, it’s not the most spec-storing conference phone on our list. But, it does its job perfectly. It is the best choice if you’re on a tight budget.

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Yealink CP960: Optima HD IP Conference Phone

SpecsYealink CP960
Mic range20 foot, 360 degrees
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro-USB
Other featuresAndroid 5.1 operating system, 5-inch multi-touch screen
Reason to Purchase
  • Simple to manage
  • The touchscreen is pronounced arrival
Reason to Evade
  • Costly
  • It Maybe overloads for smaller conferences
BEst video conferencing phone
Credit: Yealink

The Yealink CP960 Optima HD IP Conference Phone is best for a meeting in large conference rooms as it has a wide range of microphones that provides clear audio quality from a wide range. Its graceful design permits it to suit any conference room without sticking out as it comes with the five inches 1280 x 720p touchscreen that allows you to arrange conference call and add members. Moreover, the HD voice is a powerful feature of this conference phone. Though, the audio quality and video quality is fanciful. Moreover, the detachable microphones can take everybody in the room, even in more significant settings. It provides a Bluetooth connection too. Though it is very costly, smaller businesses may not require all the specs that the Yealink CP960 Optima HD IP Conference Phone offers.

Jabra Speak 710 UC: Best Conference Speakerphone

SpecsJabra Speak phone
Mic rangeOmni directional
ConnectivityBluetooth, USB
Other features15 hour battery, Microsoft Skype for Business certified, can be paired with a second unit for stereo sound and increased range
Reason to Purchase
  • Easy to set up
  • Very Affordable
Reason to Evade
  • Not detached
  • Lacks innovative features
Conferece phones for online meetings
Source Image: Jabra

The Jabra Speak 710 UC is a more affordable conference phone, even more, reasonable than Yealink CP960 mentioned above. So, people looking for a highly reasonable conference phone can pick it up. It can be arranged up in a conference room and easy to handle. It comes with an omnidirectional detachable microphone that does a prodigious job of taking up everybody in the room. The integral speaker delivers outstanding audio quality, and it can even be able to play music too. As you may presume, it is attuned with other Jabra hands-free or headphones. However, it’s not a detached component, so it requires to be linked (either via Bluetooth or a wire) to a desktop. For the price tag, though, this is an excellent option.

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General FAQs

Q: Which is the perfect conference phone for a wide range of meetings?
A: Yealink CP960 Optima HD IP Conference Phone is the best for a wide range of meetings from all over the world.
Q: Which is the most affordable conference phone right there?
A: Jabra Speak 710 UC is the most affordable conference phone available to buy easily.
Q: Which is the modern conference phone with the latest technology?
A: Konftel 300IPx is the most contemporary conference phone that comes with the latest technology specs.

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