Best Film Cameras: Recapture the Enchanted Film in the Digital Era

Best film cameras allow you to record the magic of the film in today’s digital world. This article has offered you the best film cameras that offer your high-end film photography. Though, most people will know about the old film photography cameras of past decades. Here, we’re talking about the best film cameras of 2021 that offer you classic digital features of film photography. But, firstly you have to know about the latest and best film cameras of 2021? Well, referend photography is away from the dead in the digital Era. However, it may be sluggish, unpredictable, costly, and time-taking for many snappers. But, the analog shooting has a definite elegance that all the megapixels in the realm can’t reproduce. The inadequacies of film, scope and productivity make young and old photographers love analog film photography.

Best cameras for shooting

Many used 35mm SLR cameras on discount at sites like eBay, charity shops, and yard sales. Additionally, you don’t even need to purchase second-hand. You can still buy the latest best film cameras. However, these can be somewhat specific and costly, somewhat like a contemporary Leica M-A. But, they will provide you an excellent analog experience that you merely won’t find from a digital camera.

This astonishing integrated system gives a progressive and delightfully retro shooting experience. If you want to get a fantastic film photography experience on your digital camera, you must read this article thoroughly. This article has compiled a best film cameras list containing some best film cameras from different brands. So, we hope that this guide will assist you in getting the best product of your choice.

Best Film Cameras: User Guide in Detail

We’ve selected the best film cameras that you can still get in better condition today, which is a significant factor as the best film cameras are the devices that are operational yet!  Further down, we have provided a helpful guide comprising the best film cameras, either 35mm SLR cameras or medium format cameras. All of these products offer you specific features and comes at different price tags. So, you can easily pick the best one according to your budget and choice. So, what are you waiting for! Just dive into the user guide details to know more about the best film cameras.

Canon AE-1: Best Film Cameras

The AE-1 brought reasonable superiority and robotics to the crowds

SpecsCanon AE-1
User levelBeginner/Enthusiast
ModesShutter-priority, manual
ViewfinderOptical TTL
Year introduced1976
Lens Canon FD mount
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Reason to Purchase

  • Characteristic status
  • Automatic shutter panel

Reason to Evade

  • Plastic build
  • Requires a battery

The Canon AE-1’s plastic build keeps it priceless for beginners and buffs. At the same time, its automatically organized shutter provides an extensive and repeatable aperture and shutter speed array. It meant it requires a battery to power up its action but offers more potential constancy than a mechanical shutter. The Canon AE-1 uses Canon’s FD bayonet mount lenses that its EF mount lenses have since outmoded. However, its connectors are obtainable easily. At the same time, the metering operates by a solo silicon photocell providing a center-slanted meter.

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Best canon film cameras
Source: Amazon

Moreover, the Canon AE-1 is rare for providing shutter-priority robotics at a stage when most producers preferred the aperture-priority process. While the canon AE-1P was an advanced model that included a package AE mode. Furthermore, the Canon AE-1 comes with features that are helpful for beginner-level shooting. So, we can easily recommend this camera for beginners too. It is affordable and easy to use for film photography. Therefore, it comes at the top of our best film cameras list.

Pentax K1000: Best 35mm SLR Cameras

Best non-nonsense 35mm SLR cameras that come with perfect manual modes that appeal to students.

SpecsPentax K1000
User level
ViewfinderOptical TTL
LensPentax K mount
Year introduced1976
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Reason to Purchase

  • Exposed down easiness
  • Status for reliability

Reason to Evade

  • Manual modes only
  • No self-dial

The Pentax K1000’s status had established through its low cost. Though, it was the most cut-rate model of Pentax’s DSLRs. The other Pentax models even offered the depth of field preview and self-timer, missing in Pentax K1000. Though, the lack of these features also lowered its cost. The Pentax K1000 is a fully manual camera. However, it does require a battery for the processing, while the mechanical shutter will work without one.

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Best film cameras
Image: Amazon

Well, the groups of students love this camera for its lower price tag, durability, and simplicity. At the same time, generations of lecturers have picked it fully manual controls and how it appeals to you to study exposure theory. The Pentax K1000 runs with the Pentax K bayonet mount lenses. Due to its simple but powerful build and manual modes get 2nd rank in our best film cameras. If you are a student and want to buy the best film cameras, you must go for Pentax K1000.

Nikon FM2: Best for Film Photography

Nikon’s elegant semi-pro 35mm SLR cameras added a durable build for film photography.

SpecsNikon FM2
User levelEnthusiast/Professional
ViewfinderOptical TTL

LensNikon F mount
Year introduced1982
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Reason to Purchase

  • Status for durability
  • Operated without batteries
  • Top shutter speed of 1/4000sec

Reason to Evade

  • Costly than opposing models

Nikon FM2 came to light at a period when other producers were giving out slighter, cheaper, and electronic controls SLRs. Thus, it looked a bit of a reversion even then. However, its good-looking appearance and status for long life and strength drew hordes of fans. This thing also reserved it in manufacture right up till 2001. Well, if you ponder the latest Nikon Df appears good, you need to choose a Nikon FM2. It utilizes a perpendicular metal shutter instead of the flat rubberized cloth shutters present in most opposing DLRs. However, it comes with a fully mechanical shutter so that the Nikon FM2 could operate without a battery.

Nikon photography camera
Picture source: Amazon

But, for the internal light meter, you will need a battery pack. Moreover, the Nikon FM2 offers a top aperture and shutter speed of 1/4000sec. Plus, these 35mm SLR cameras come with Nikon F mount lenses that offer quality shooting. While, the challenging copper-aluminum-silicon amalgam build makes it hunted after among professionals, not just buffs. In short, for professional film photography, one should go for Nikon FM2 that offers the best specs for film photography.

Olympus OM-1: Fully Manual Film Cameras

The brooch-like Olympus OM-1 is a fully manual 35mm SLR for professionals.

SpecsOlympus OM-1
User levelEnthusiast
ViewfinderOptical TTL
LensOlympus mount
Year introduced1972
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Reason to Purchase

  • Compact size and portable
  • Great optical viewfinder
  • Mechanical shutter
  • Fully manual modes

Reason to Evade

  • No automatic control

1970 was a golden Era for 35mm SLR cameras, and one of the best film cameras of that time was the Olympus OM-1. It is a fully manual SLR camera, edged by a more costly OM-2 and inexpensive plastic OM-10 with aperture-priority modes. However, Olympus OM-1 has made a similar team that created PEN F, the variant that enthused today’s digital PEN versions. Now come back to the topic again, Olympus OM-1 is a compact film snapper than other larger, weightier 35mm SLR cameras.

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Top Cameras for film shooting
Credit Image: Amazon

But, it still bragged a large, cheerful optical viewfinder that even had substitutable focusing displays. Remarkably, the aperture and shutter speed has attuned through a ring round the lens. Overall, it is one of the best film cameras that professionals or buffs can think to buy. However, if you are searching to buy a film camera with automatic controls, this one is not for you. Conclusively, Olympus OM-1 is the best camera for film photography.

Nikon F6: Best Medium Format Cameras

Still accessible latest in some regions, the Nikon F6 is a 35mm SLR cameras dynamo.

SpecsNikon F6
User level
LensOptical TTL
ViewfinderNikon F mount
Year introduced2004
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Reason to Purchase

  • PASM coverage modes
  • Aluminum die-cast build
  • Autofocus of 11-point

Reason to Evade

  • 5fps looks meek now
Film photography snappers
Source Image: Amazon

The Nikon F6 is the missing link among old-school 35mm SLR cameras and contemporary digital SLR snappers. Most of its features will look quite conversant to new digital operators as it comprises aperture-priority, complete package AE, shutter-priority, and manual modes. Moreover, it powers with an 11-point Autofocus system and films advanced features at up to 5.5fps. Though, it also supports by Nikon’s 3D Color Background metering setup. Its aluminum amalgam body seems like a dream, but the 5.5fps nonstop shooting speed is meek by today’s DSLR criteria. Furthermore, the Nikon F6 is obtainable new in some regions but has dropped in many states. Overall, this is one of the best film cameras for experts to go for professional-level film photography.

General FAQs

Q: Do the film cameras of past decades still available in the marketplace of the modern Era?
A: Yes, some marketplaces still offer old film cameras of past decades.
Q: From where can we buy 1970's film cameras at a discount for film photography?
A: You can buy 1970’s film snappers at discounts from sites like eBay, Amazon, yard sales, charity sales, etc.
Q: Can you refer us best filmmaking camera to buy right now?
A: Sure, you can go for Canon AE-1, which is best for film production.
Q: Is there any 1900's camera that is still available new in the digital marketplace?
A: Yes, Nikon F6 is still available new in some states.
Q: Can you endorse us with any good film camera to buy right now?
A: Sure, You can go for Pentax K1000 with the best features at a low price tag.

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