Best Scanner of 2021: Easy Way to Scan Document Photos

Best scanner helps you to get digitalized documents, reports, and other home office files. The best scanner for document management is becoming very popular due to pandemics as most people work from home. Whether you have many reports for scanning, or document photos to convert, the best scanner can do this easily. Many printers integrate photo scanners nowadays, and if you want printers with scanners, the marketplace is full of them. However, if you want photo scanners for slides and negatives, you may pick up film printers. But if you want the best scanner for document management and high-quality photos, then what should you pick? Well, initially you have to decide which type of photo scanners you want for your home office.

Best Documents scanning and printing tool
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You can go for flatbed scanners or sheet feed scanners that permit you to scan numerous documents at a time. Moreover, you can go for hybrid scanners that come with sheet feed and flatbed combo portable scanners. Though, it would help if you also thought about where you’ll be utilizing photo scanners. However, if you want a portable scanner mainly for roaming, you can use a portable document scanner. Other features to keep in mind comprise how this scanner will link to your PC. While most of them link through USB but some also lands with a Wi-Fi connection. We’ve provided an in-detail list of the best scanner so that you can pick the suitable one for your home office.

Best Scanner to Scan Photos: User Guide

If you’re looking for the best scanner for scanning documents and photos, then this guide will help you out. This guide provides a detailed list of the best scanners collected from some top brands. This list consists of the best scanners offering portability, double-sided duplex scanning, fast scanning, and other prevailing features. So to know which scanner is best for your home office, dive down into the best scanner user guide.

Epson WorkForce ES-500: Best Scanner

The best scanner to scan documents and lengthy reports.

SpecsEpson Workforce ES 500
DesignDimensions: 29.5 x 16.8 x 16cm (11.6 x 6.6 x 6.3in)
Weight: 3.67kg (8.1lb)
Scan speed35ppm/70ipm
Sheet capacity50 sheets
Max resolution1200dpi

Reason to Evade

  • High-quality scanning
  • 1200dpi resolution
  • 50-sheet capacity
  • Wild scan speed

Reason to Evade

  • Quite expensive

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If you frequently need to digitize lengthy reports, you don’t wish to scan them one page at once. Though you want to scan documents or numerous lengthy reports at a time, then this scanner is best for you. For scanning numerous reports or bulky documents at a time, you will need the best scanner that lands with an automatic document feeder (ADF). This ADF feature permits you to put up heaps of pages simultaneously and allows the scanner to manage document scanning. In this way, you can get many scan documents or reports at a time. Though, coming with the ability to scan 50 sheets saves you lots of time too. Moreover, it can scan both sides of every page if you want. It also comes with the ability to scan text precisely and copies all kinds of content well, including an ID card.

Best scanner 2021
Credit: Epson

On account of its 1200dpi resolution, it can scan photos and documents of high quality. Furthermore, it comes with wild scan speed. Thus, it runs quickly, too, whizzing over a sturdy 35 pages per minute. Certainly, some other portable scanners on the marketplace can wear out some or all these features. But they will be extremely expensive and are overload for most users. However, if you don’t want Wi-Fi connectivity, you can choose the less expensive Epson Workforce ES 400 model. This is also the best scanner with the same specs as Epson ES 500, but it does scanning with wired connections. Conclusively, Epson Workforce ES 500 is the best scanner for lengthy reports and document scanning that you can pick.

Plustek ePhoto Z300: Scan photos

The best scanner for high-quality photos

SpecsPlustek ePhoto Z300
DesignDimensions: 28.96 x 16 x 15.75cm (11.4 x 6.3 x 6.2in)
Weight: 1.48kg
Scan speed2 seconds for one 4x6 photo and 5 seconds for one 8x10 size photo
Sheet capacityInsert photos one by one
Max resolution600dpi

Reason to Purchase

  • Easy to work on
  • Reasonable price
  • Image development functions

Reason to Evade

  • It scans just one photo at once

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Do you want to scan photos but want somewhat a bit more budget-welcoming than the Epson Workforce ES 500?  If yes! Then the Plustek ePhoto Z300 is the ideal and best scanner for you. It is a sheet-fed scanner geared mostly towards digitalizing photos from a printed form and does its job very well. However, its 600dpi maximum resolution may not be sufficient for pro-level photographers. But, it’s surely sufficiently good for the normal person’s clan snapshots, and its feed apparatus is tender on the prints. Thus, it would help if you were not worried about damaged prints.

Scanner for printing
Image credit: Plustek

Contrasting the costlier variants on our list, you don’t obtain double-sided prints. Moreover, it doesn’t offer a Wi-Fi connection too. However, it does not allow you to feed numerous docs for scanning; you’ll have to feed one document each at a time. But it is quite simple to use, and reasonable too. Furthermore, it lands with some good picture enhancement features. This feature lets you rapidly enhance and reinstate old bleached images with just one clack of your mouse. Though, you can easily scan documents too. Overall, this is the best scanner for printing documents, photos, and receipts.

Epson Perfection V600: Scan Photo Negatives

The perfect scanning tool for slides and photo negatives.

SpecsEpson Perfection V600
DesignDimensions: 48.5 x 28 x 11.8cm (19.09 x 11.02 x 4.65in) _ Weight: 4kg (10.14lb)
Scan speed23 sec/page
Max resolution6400dpi
Sheet capacityN/A


Reason to Purchase

  • 6400dpi resolution
  • Favours the variety of film formats
  • High-quality scanning
  • Eliminate scratches and dust from images

Reason to Evade

  • Not very handy

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Usually, scanning slides and film negatives need reliable equipment that’s generally very costly. However, the Epson Perfection V600 is an inordinate value option to scan slides and film negatives. For a quite reasonable price, this flatbed scanner comes with the ability to scan a range of films. Although you won’t obtain the same quality as the high-range scanners, its 6400dpi maximum resolution is still remarkable. Moreover, it manages nearly any format and size, comprising 35mm filmstrips, full panoramic standard-format film, and fixed slides.

Perfection printing and scanning device by epson
Photo credit: Epson

It lands with two film frames to make placing everything very candid. On top of all, it also brags digital image modification and enhancement (ICE) technology. This technology enables you to eliminate scratches and dust from your scanned images. Though it also offers a resizable promo window thus, you can see the whole thing in one minute detail. Now, come towards its scan speed, the Epson perfection can scan one page in 23 seconds. That is fast speed, though. Overall, this is the best scanner for scanning negatives and slides.

Canon DR-F120 a Best Scanner: For Windows

The best hybrid scanner for Windows consumers.

SpecsCanon DR-F120
Design Dimensions: 33.5 x 46.9 x 12cm (13.19 x 18.46 x 4.72in) _ Weight_ 4.6kg (10.14lb)
Connection: USB, Used to scan: Documents , ADF: Yes Duplex: Yes |
Scan speed20ppm
Sheet capacity 50 sheets
Max resolution600dpi

Reason to Purchase

  • Comprises flatbed scanner
  • document feeder incorporated
  • the capacity of 50 sheet

Reason to Evade

  • Windows only

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Though, a sheet feeder instrument is perfect when you want to scan heaps of documents. However, everything can’t scan in a such way. For example, you want to scan a notebook or publication page or a laminated ID card. Thus, you can’t rely on a feeder mechanism for such a valuable material, but this scanner is perfect for doing so. Though, the good thing is, the Canon DR-F120 proposes both choices in one decent device. It means it comes with a document feed to scan a bundle of documents, photos, and receipts at once.

best canon scanner for windows
Source image: Canon

Whereas it also offers flatbed for the items that can’t help apt via a feeder. Certainly, it’s not the only hybrid flatbed and sheet-feeder scanner on the marketplace. But having a capacity of 50 sheets, 600dpi resolution, 20 pages per minute, and duplex scanning, it’s the best scanner. Well, it is only suitable for Windows users. Though, Mac OS users can’t use it currently. To sum up, it is the best scanning device for just windows users.

Xerox XD-COMBO: For Mac User

The best hybrid scanner for Mac users.

SpecsXerox XD-COMBO
DesignDimensions: 40.13 x 33.02 x 13.97cm; (15.8 x 13 x 5.5 inches) Weight: 2.7kg (5.95lb)
Scan speed20ppm/ 40ipm (200dpi)
Sheet capacity20 sheets
Max resolution600dpi

Reason to Purchase

  • Flatbed & sheet-feed hybrid options
  • the capacity of 20 sheet
  • Mac-compatible

Reason to Evade

  • Costly

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MAC Scanner
Image credit: Xerox

If you’re an Apple buff and seeking a flatbed/sheet-feeder hybrid scanner, then we’d endorse the Xerox XD-COMBO scanner. This scanner is both Windows and Mac-friendly. This sensibly-priced portable scanner comes with a 20-sheet capacity, double-sided printing, an impressive scan speed of 20 pages per minute; moreover, it comes with a 600pi maximum resolution. Its simple-to-use control pane also boosts up things by presenting one-touch scanning. Conclusively it is the best scanner for Mac users.

General FAQs

Q: Which is the best scanner for scanning photos and documents?
A: Epson WorkForce ES-500 is the top scanner for photos and documents.
Q: Can you refer us to any scanner for scanning negatives and slides?
A: yes, you can go for the Epson Perfection V600 for scanning film negatives and slides.
Q: Can you endorse any decent hybrid scanning device for windows users?
A: Sure, you can go for Canon DR-F120 which is perfectly suitable for Windows user
Q: Can you endorse us with any good combo scanner for Mac users?
A: Xerox XD-COMBO scanner is a good combo scanner for Mac users.
Q: Is there any good scanner that offers the same specs as Epson Workforce ES-500?
A: yes, the Epson WorkForce ES-400 scanner comes with the same specs and is reasonable too.

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