Best Video Editing Software of 2021: Free Movie Editors on Top

Best video editing apps and software for professionals, YouTubers, or for regular use are out there with complete specifications. Though, with factual free video editors, you can easily make picture-flawless clips that are all set to share on social media.  These free video editors offer you video making without unappealing vexing time limits or watermarks. Though, there are many free video editors right away that do not just arrive with the many simple yet essential tools. But they also offer prevailing specs and even some attractive and great facilities.

Discover the top free choices may look like an intimidating task, but we will assist you to get the best one. We’ve composed top of the top right there so you won’t need to check every solo video editing software yourself. Though every software further down will permit you to perform vital tasks like put-on green display filters, trimming, and playback adjustment. Plus, if you’ve never used a video editor before, you’ll get this software to be manageable and simple to grips with. Although a free video editor is practical enough, not the top supporters can truly match the finest video editors. Consequently, if you’re thinking about video editing software, then we’d seriously endorse your pick for these video editing software sets…

Best Free Video Editors of 2021

Here we’ve composed up the best video editors of 2021 that offers you free video editing without giving a penny. Let’s dive down to see what they are!

Best Free Video Editors 2021Specifications
Light worksWorking system: Linux, macOS, Windows
Hitfilm expressWorking system: macOS, Windows
ShortCutWorking system: Linux, macOS, Windows
Movie Maker OnlineWorking system: Linux, macOS, Windows, (in browser)
VSDC Video EditorWorking system: Windows

Light Works

The best video editing software you can easily download and use today

Reason to Purchase

  • Prevailing specs and effects
  • Extremely customizable user interface
  • Multi-way editing

Reason to Evade

  • Sharper erudition curve than some
  • just transfers in MPEG format
Best Video editor
Image credit: Editshare

Light works are the best video editing software for anybody who just wants to make proficient-quality videos without spending a penny. With Lightworks, you’ll get all kinds of top-end specs that are usually only obtainable with luxurious bundles like Final Cut-Pro. These all comprise the capability to extract and import shots in the background and to promo video effects concurrently. However, one shortcoming is that getting how to use this software. It takes little time as its interface is quite complex.

You can grind numerous editing windows about to make just about an infinite amount of outline variants. You can also set routine keyboard shortcuts to get going your editing tasks. As its free editing software, you just need to download and install it on your device. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. Though, if at a late date, you decide to invest in a better experience, you can also update to the Lightworks Pro version. With this updated version, you can transfer your projects in diverse formats, make 3D creations and upload directly to YoutTube.

Hit-Film Express

Best video editing app equally for professionals and amateurs.

Reason to Purchase

  • Proficient-grade tools
  • Coverable for free
  • Exceptional online tutorials

Reason to Evade

  • High setup necessities
Best video editor 2021
Picture credit: FXhome

Corresponding to Lightworks, Hitfilm Express is also free software that targets to create a proficient editing experience accessible to everybody. With this software, it’s quite easy to trim clips, adjust color scale and transfer your creations in diverse video formats. However, the Hitfilm Express specs set goes way yonder that. So, you can easily use this video editing software to adjust green effects Chroma bases and make norm video covers. You can also make your footage to the succeeding level with a variety of 3D structural tools.

While first-time consumers may get it a bit puzzling. Then again, the HitFilm Express UI will be conversant to anybody who’s running with progressive video editing before. There are just two minor hitches to this video editing software. The first one is its strictly challenging design, so you must have a Mac or PC with a prevailing CPU. And, what is more, the setting up procedure is gratuitously complex. Thus, to get entree to the Hitfilm Express, you just need to share a link with the designer, FXhome.


Pleasingly spotless looking our 3rd best video editing software right now

Reason to Purchase

  • Inordinate options of effects and filters
  • Favors straight streaming
  • Makes it simple to get media

Reason to Evade

  • Can’t offer filters preview
Best free video editing software
Image credit: Meltytech LLC

Shotcut came to life as a free video editing software for Linux and was transferred over Mac and Windows devices. This progress ride has occasioned a somewhat peculiar-looking user interface, but Shotcut is one of the best free editing software you can get now. Though, some features of the Shotcut setup are instinctive and easy like the mode of dragging media archives to ingress them into your creation.

Yet, there’s no qualm that there’s a sharper learning curvature with this video editing software than many others. For instance, you’ll need to arrange your screen by adding the elements you want. Conversely, once you develop a hang of Shotcut, you’ll realize why this video editor has combined such a huge success. Though, the best Shotcut spec is an immense option of filters that you can apply to video and audio content. Once you add the filters, you can also cover and modify filters to attain the specific effect you’re in quest of.

Movie Maker Online

The best online video editing device that you can utilize wherever you want

Reason to Purchase

  • Runs on all type of computer
  • Comprise payment-free content

Reason to Evade

  • Insensitive ads
  • Puzzling draft
Best video editing software
Picture source: Moviemaker online

Movie Maker Online is one of the best video editing software that works in all browsers. Though, for editing any video, you just require to upload it to a scarce plumb project timeline. It offers you to crop your desiring clips and add transition effects or filters to them.  The big benefit of using online editing software is that you can simply contact it from any desktop. You’ll no need to concern about media storage. An additional big plus is that your PC features don’t concern you when you use an online editor as all occur in the cloud. If you wish to improve your movie or video with music or still photos, Movie Maker Online offers a great record of payment-free images. So, you can introduce them into your task timeline with just one click.

VSDC Video Editor

One of the best video editing app that favors multi-screen.

Reason to Purchase

  • Anti-jiggle tech
  • Favor Multi-screen

Reason to Evade

  • Lack hardware boost-ups
  • Resolution restrictions
Best video editor
Credit:, Multilab LLC

VSDC Video Editor is generally famous as one of the clunker’s free video editing programs. Luckily, the recent version of the software has an intensely better interface with a new-looking black theme. It also comes with the skill to remove discrete windows, idyllic for editing with above one monitor.  Resembling Lightworks, VSDC is a non-direct video editor that’s capable of competing with more costly video editing bundles. Though it is available equally in free and premium versions, and there are pleasantly some prods for free users to pledge. Though, just one severe frustration is that the free version does not offer manifold shade Chroma key. You can’t use it for resolutions beyond 1080p.

Other Free Preferences You Can Go For

There is so much software that offers you video editing for free. But the above mentioned are the best we have analyzed by our testing. But there are Adobe Spark and EZ Gif that also do their job well to provide you good editing for free.

Adobe Spark

Though if you want to trim a clip and don’t bother the watermark, Adobe Spark can do the task rapidly and simply online. The original edition is free to use for all, but you just need a premium version to eliminate the watermark and do more progressive editing chores

EZ Gif

When you want to trim a movie to a detailed feature ratio, this easy online gizmo could be what you want. Though, it’s not apt for very hefty files. But you can fix the dimensions, pick from a list of predetermined, and locate the trim area yourself.

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