External Hard Drive for Gaming Laptop to Expand Storage Capacity

External hard drive for a gaming laptop is the best way to enhance storage capacity for quality gaming. However, the top external hard drive doesn’t ever mean the similar as it adapted. ‘External hard drive’ has to turn out to be short-hand for whole external storage. Thus, it’s becoming compatible due to the ongoing decrease in the cost of the external storage space drives. Nowadays, you’re not reconciled to a revolving mechanical HDD if you need a portable hard drive with decent storage capacity. An external HDD can boost gaming desktop’s storage in a realm of ever-rising game installs and storage controls. But, it also proposes portability. Further than that, you may find your gaming laptop or console with a short default storage capacity.

External drives for storage
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In this regard, an external hard drive for gaming laptop or other devices will be helpful. Despite your causes, there are loads of choices to pick. And, they land in a mass of sizes, both volume and physical measurement wise. Every external hard drive comes with a USB cable or USB-Type-C port ready to connect with your laptop. Thus, you can easily connect your external hard drive with your gaming laptop to expand storage space. If money is not a big problem and you want a tiny build, you should look at a portable hard drive. However, if you want lots of external storage for a PC, then high storage capacity hard drive will be impeccable.

Best External Hard Drive for a Gaming Laptop

External Hard drive for gaming laptop usually enhances the external storage capacity of gaming laptops or PC. Those laptops having low storage need expansion of storage for gaming or other purposes. Then, you should go for the external hard drive to expand your gaming laptop storage capacity. In this article, we have placed the best external hard drives you can go for. Just have a look!

Samsung T5 SDD: External Hard Drive for Gaming Laptop

The best portable hard drive for external storage

SpecsSamsung T5 SSD
Sequential read speed484 MB/s
Sequential write speed482 MB/s
ConnectivityUSB 3.1 Type-C
Reasons to Purchase
  • Much quicker than HDD
  • It easily slips into the pockets
  • Almost 2TB of storage

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It is the best external drive in our sight and the perfect portable hard drive you can buy. Unfortunately, though, the Solid-state is precisely still ‘hard’. For the clout user who needs transfer speeds, storage capacity, and portability, too, the Samsung’s Portable SSD T5 is one of the glibbest solutions right now. It’s quicker than any USB flash drive out there. Plus, it has the storage capacity of a hard drive, and you can easily take it unnoticeable in your pocket. This plucky small external hard drive shares similar DNA as Samsung’s 860 Evo drive, somewhat in a reduced package. It comes with a USB 3.1 Type-C port, offering an extreme speculative amount of 10Gbps. We potholed it beside a 512GB Samsung SM951 linked over Gigabit Ethernet.

Best external hard drive
Image source: Samsung

The Samsung T5 participated in all eight Crystal DiskMark test. It proved meaningfully quicker in reading and writing gaming files and bulky files. Transfer Speed doesn’t pounce at the outflow of storage space. However, it’s simple to slam into the storage capacity maximum of 64GB, 32GB or even a 128GB flash drive. Moreover, you’ll catch much more breathing space when working with terabytes of external storage. It is the main feature that the Samsung T5 offers. Conclusively, with up to 2T of storage, the Samsung T5 is the best portable external hard drive for a gaming laptop.

WD My Passport 4TB: Best Portable Hard Drive

The top commonly used external HDD

SpecsWd My passport
Storage 4TB
Sequential read speed 177 MB/s
Sequential write speed
187 MB/s
ConnectivityUSB 3.1
Reasons to Purchase
  • Very reasonable
  • Hefty storage
  • Can mechanize backups
  • It doesn’t need external clout
Reasons to Evade
  • Usual performance likened to SSD

We love WD’s My Passport due to its usual performance. Though it’s not as dense and quick as Samsung’s T5, it can’t endure apocalypse such as LaCie’s XtremKey.  However, at up to 4TB of storage for only $100, it provides abundant storage space at a reasonable rate. We also appreciate that Western Digital prices well all time cloud backup supplier, Backblaze published a complex drive stead-fastness report. The 4TB variant comes with magnitudes of 21.5mm x 81.5mm x 110mm (HxWxL) and 250g weight.

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Best portable hard drives
Credit Image: WD

You perhaps wouldn’t wish to attempt and tailback one into your pocket. But they’re nearly as handy as a smartphone, just a bit heftier. At the same time, the 1TB Passport is somewhat shrill and weighs up to 170g if you don’t want as considerable space. Undoubtedly, it is a minivan with a portable hard drive. Moreover, no external power source is required to use WD my passport. It would help if you hooked up the USB cable and backing up your files start. Though, you can also set up WD’s backup application to mechanize the process.

With the availability of 4TB of storage, you can save:

  • Almost 4,000 hours of ordinal videos
  •  Almost 1,000 2-hour DVD films
  • Approximately 1,280,000 pictures
  • Approximately 66,640 hours of song

WD also drives the additional mile with hardware encryption and password protection. If you’re considering making a style report, you can choose a My Passport in various colour choices.

ADATA SE800 1TB: Most Affordable External Hard Drive

Very Fast, secure and Affordable external hard drive for a gaming laptop

SpecsADATA SE800
ConnectivityUSB 3.2 Type-C
Sequential read1 GB/s
73 x 44 x 12 mm

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Reasons to Purchase
  • Quick NVMe technology
  • Competitively rated
  • Keeps IP68 rating so water and dustproof
Reasons to Evade
  • Trivial non-stop performance drips

The ADATA SE800 1TB comes with an IP rating which makes it dust and waterproof too.  We also heard that it is bombproof too. Moreover, it comes in the list of Ultra-fast external hard drive for a gaming laptop. Though, its 1TB of storage indeed does have a little heading for buying it. It begins with that M.2 NVMe drive, linked to a USB port. In this regard, it offers10Gbps of USB 3.2 Gen 2 edge instead of 20Gbps of USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 link. However, this external hard drive still needs to be perfect for 1GB/s data transfers in both ways.

Best hard drive for gaming laptop
Source Picture: ADATA

For fear that you have elapsed, that’s about double as quick as any SATA-build drives. It also comprises inner SSDs linked natively through SATA. The main feature of this portable hard drive is its IP 68 rating. Thus, this drive is worth as resistant to dust and water. Moreover, it can endure dipping in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. This feature makes it exclusive between these SSDs, and given the cheap pricing, you’re obtaining that IP rating for free. Performance-wise, it is the best and fast external hard drive for a gaming laptop.

Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 8TB: Highly Recommended

The primary external HDD we’d endorse for external storage

SpecsSeagated Expansion
ConnectivityUSB 3.0
Sequential read speed

146 MB/s
Sequential write speed168 MB/s
Reasons to Purchase
  • A lot of storage for low-priced
  • A dependable external HDD
  • Good transfer speeds for external HDD
Reasons to Evade
  • Need external power

If you want to go for ample storage, a Seagate Expansion drive with 8TB storage is the best way to opt. It’s not precisely the best portable hard drive; you don’t get the fastest transfer speeds when transferring media files. Even they’re not too far off behind the WD My Passport. However, what you get here are loads of storage space and a very consistent drive. Again, though, the 8TB storage hits an excellent equilibrium between storage capacity and efficacy.

Best portable hard drive
Image source: Seagate

It knockouts about150MB/s during both reading and writing tests, which is around a middle-range for external HDDs. But in the case of the price, you can obtain this external hard drive for about $130 / £120. You can even go for almost 10TB if you’re feeling mainly storage starving. However, its USB 3.0 is also very compatible. Thus, you’ve acquired a portable hard drive that’ll easily plug into many gaming laptops and PCs. If you’re a steady laptop user, it is convenient for spreading the pathetic storage you get on most devices.

LaCie Rugged 2TB: Strongest External Hard Drive

The most robust portable hard drive on the marketplace

SpecsLacie Rugged
Connectivity USB 3.0 / USB Type-C / Mini-USB
Sequential read speed 110 MB/s
Sequential write speed110 MB/s
Reasons to Purchase
  • Very strong for external HDD
  • A lot of linking types
Reason to Evade
  • Not the quickest
Hard drive for laptop
Credit: Lacie

When you ponder what portable hard drives are designed for, then abruptly, strength becomes vital. Although it may seem like a pet chew-toy, the LaCie Rugged HDD is as strong as they derive. Even it has a rubber shield around the ends to reduce the shock from any effects. The transfer speeds it works at are reputable, simply beating about 110MB/s in reading and writing tests. You can opt for the LaCie comparatively cheap, too, while you are giving a bit more for strength. Therefore, you’ll pay just $110-120 for a 2TB variant and $100 for a 1TB version. We’d endorse you 2TB storage, chastely because it will standby you so long that it’ll keep your files for years. It lands in all types of variations to fit all link types. It comprises a mini-USB cable, USB 3.1, USB Type-C and multi-response models.

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General FAQs

Q: Which is the most reasonable external HDD for a gaming laptop?
A: WD, my passport is the most affordable drive comes at just 100$.
Q: Which is the best external hard drive for a gaming laptop?
A: Samsung T5 is the best external hard drive for a gaming laptop.
Q: Which external hard drive offers high storage capacity?
A: Seagate expansion hard drive is the best drives that offer up to 10TB storage.

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