Folder Lock Software for Windows 10 Review: Best Encryption Features

Folder lock software for windows 10 is a secure way to lock and hide your files into a secret disk. Folder Lock Software allows you to lock your files for fast and easy security. It also keeps your file or folder in encrypted lockers for strict privacy. Moreover, it also syndicates an inclusive range of specs with a lively, simple to use interface. With the help of a Folder locker, you can easily protect your files and sensitive information in a secret disk.

It enables you to lock a folder and encrypt your files with the help of a master password. Due to high-end privacy features, folder locker is the best software for windows to lock and hide personal files. In this review, we have placed everything about Folder lock software that we know so far. Further down, you will get to know how folder lock works, and you can use it. You will also learn about its subscription price and packages.

Folder Lock Software for Windows 10 Pros and Cons

Folder lock software is excellent software for windows to lock and hide all personal files in an encrypted locker. It offers so many unique and top-end security features that you can’t resist yourself going for it. We have provided all its pros and cons just below. Have a look.

  • Encoded lockers help to protect your files and folders
  • Safe online gridlock
  • Lock your files by making them undetectable
  • Offers to shred files feature
  • Free storage shredding
  • Auto-decrypting files, folders and drivers
  • Many other valuable bonus specs
  • Serial number of product standby for master password by default
  • It does not encrypt locked files
  • The safe backup needs a separate subscription.

Folder Lock Software for Windows 10 in Detail

Further down, you will get the complete information about using Folder lock software for windows 10. This review will be helpful for you to lock and hide your personal files and sensitive information on the secret disk. Let’s see how the Folder locker works!

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Folder Lock Software Price and Obtainability

  • Price: $39.95 at Amazon
  • You can use it 25 times before payment.

You can easily use a Folder locker by paying just 39.95$ at Amazon. Though, you don’t need to purchase right now: As you can efficiently operate the Folder lock software 25 times before it asks for payment. Moreover, you can also obtain a free entree to all upgrades till the next main feature update. However, when the next version arises, you can either give an upgrade fee or continue using the existing version.

Install Folder Lock Software for Windows 10

Though, the Installation of folder lock software is fast and easy. You need to download and install the product. When you ensure to pay up, you’ll get a registration key and a serial number too. Preserve that serial number in a very secure place. If you fail to recall your master password, you can expose the software by putting that serial number. So, this serial number is essential to unlocking the software. However, if that last testimonial fears you, congratulations—you’ve got your drift to some degree. Though, all encryption products we appraised recently keep no side door, no mode for the firm to decode your files. However, as the company undoubtedly keeps your Folder Locker serial number, it could credibly demand to provide it to law execution. Though you can deactivate this spec in menu settings and we will strictly recommend you to do that.

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fold Lock for windows
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Similar to AxCrypt premium, the Folder Locker also depends on a secure master password. It means that you have to set a master password to log in to the folder lock software. Once you’ve logged in, you’re welcome to lock and hide files, folders, and drives without entering the master password again. It should be a sturdy, unforgettable password, something that you can recall but that nonentity else would predict. Moreover, the folder locker offers the Auto Protection feature, which sets as disabled by default.

Folder locker for Windows 10
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However, if you put this option on, it closes down the software after 10 minutes of dormancy. But, you can control the timeout from 1 to 100 minutes. You can arrange to sign off the Windows or power cut Windows instead of shutting down the software. If you’re worried that somebody may try to interrupt your Folder Lock software installation, then you can allow Hack Security. This Hack security feature shuts down the Folder Locker after three improper login tries. If you repeatedly mess-finger your password, you may need to set a complex number. Plus, you can organize it to sign off your Windows profile or power-cut Windows after several unsuccessful tries.

Lock and Hide Files, Folders and Drives

However, when you locked up a file, the locked file is not encoded. In its place, Folder Lock software utilizes a mode called kernel-level sifting to lock and hide the files from Windows. It is pretty similar to the way a rootkit hides its constituents from Windows. Though, the Locked files are well secured from off-the-cuff peeping, which might be all you want. To lock and hide a file or folder, you need to drop it on Folder Lock software. It seems inside Folder Locker and disappears from Windows Explorer. The locking procedure occurs all of a sudden, quicker than encryption. You can also utilize a menu within the App to lock files, folders, and drives. You can’t lock and hide the Windows drive.

fold locker App for Windows 10
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Definitely, you can see all the locked items listed with a green padlock in the main window of the Folder locker page. For unlocking the locked files, you can right-click the file and select the Remove option. By doing this way, the file or folder immediately wiped out from Folder Locker and re-emerged in Windows Explorer. Folder Lock software doesn’t just lock and hide files and folders. It can easily hide on top. Just engross Stealth Mode, and anyone interfering around your PC won’t see a bit of it. To draw it out of hiding, you press the hot-key mish-mash you nominated when appealing Stealth Mode. Security professionals uncover their noses at safety through anonymity, but this spec can truly help keep away unexpected sneaks.

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Shred Files in Folder Lock Software

There’s no fact in copying an encrypted file into safe packing if you leave them plain text unique lying around. In addition, just erasing the file isn’t adequate to eliminate its data. Legal recovery program can frequently recoup removed files in their completeness. Folder Lock software’s file shredder steadily removes files so they can’t recuperate them. Though the Shred Files page offers the look of a drag-drop mark, it isn’t. You need to browse and choose a file or folder to shred. Folder Locker also wants the setting menu incorporation to establish in CryptoForge, Cypherix SecureIT and others.

how to use Fold lock
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By default, Folder Lock software overwrites the file or folder with zilch. So, you can fix it to overwrite with haphazard bytes as a substitute. If you want the shredder to run slower to remove data more carefully, you can select the three-pass Section of Defense algorithm. The folder lock software won’t shred any lockers, locked files or folders and wallets by default. However, that thing seems right to me. However, if you ponder otherwise, you can switch off this protective setting.

Folder Lock Software Secure Backup

Folder lock software for Windows 10 also offers you a secure backup feature. Though, the secure backup constituent needs a subscription, discrete from the cost of Folder Locker. Their subscription rates vary from $5 to $400. It charges $5 per month for 10GB, $30 per month for 100GB storage, $400 per month for 2TB storage. Though, the good news is a one-month free trial is obtainable for package up to 100GB. As soon as you logged in to your secure backup version, you can arrange Auto backup for any locker. Though, the previously encrypted locker record transferred via a safe SSL connection. You can optionally select to sync a locked file among manifold PCs that have installed Folder Locker.

Email Attachments and USB Drive Protection

folder locker for windows 10
Image source: Windows report

In a fascinating twist, Folder Lock software allows you to make whole lockers into self-decoding files. In this way, you can save data on a USB drive or even on DVDs. Moreover, you can either create a self-decoding copy of a current locker or make a novel locker directly on a detachable drive. With the USB Protection side, you can also encrypt your files to direct email attachments. Moreover, the Folder Lock software makes an encrypted ZIP folder with the title, position, and code-word of your choice. Then, it promotes your email consumer to send that ZIP folder as an add-on. Folder lock software also allows you to remove unnecessary files and delete the temporarily saved folders. You can do this by using the clear history option.

How to use folder lock for windows 10
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Q: What is a folder locker?
A: Folder lock software is the best windows software to lock and hide personal files in a secret disk.
Q: Can we use Folder Lock software for windows 10 Pc?
A: Yes! Folder lock software can run efficiently on Windows 10 PC.
Q: What is the Price of the Folder lock software, and from where we can buy it?
A: You can buy a Folder locker from Amazon at just $39.95.

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