Google Pixel 5a Price, Launch Date News and Specs Leaks

Google Pixel 5a is considered as Google’s next reasonable handset to be landed this year.  In 2020, Google launched two quite diverse handsets, the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 4a joint with 4a title. However, the 4a 5G was similar to the Pixel 5 performance-wise, when compared to the regular 4a. However, both remained factual to the Pixel series, proposing Google’s specific revelation for Android and high-tier camera enactment on budget. Though this was in 2020 and now it’s 2021.

So, we’re viewing towards the forthcoming where the new pixel handset is waiting for us. Minute leaks came to us about this novel handset so real info is rather inadequate. Though, for the moment we’ll fill in the gaps with our finest tasteful presumptions. Over time, rumors and updates will swap these. So, we’ll check to keep this review up to date with the cutting-edge Pixel 5a rumors and leaks.

Pixel 5a Leaks and Expected Specs

Quick Review

Google Pixel 5a leaks show that it will carry heavy bezels back with an in-screen fingerprint scanner.  An image of a purported Pixel 5a has leaked which shows thicker bezels than the previous model Pixel 4a. Look into all the advancements directed for the upcoming Pixel 5a. The previous mode Pixel 4a inspires the public a lot in its unique way. Though, Google still alludes to its descendant anytime.

There’s an oozed picture of a handset that is calling as the Google Pixel 5a. Yeah! A Pixel 5a escape in prompt January 2021! Numerous pictures of this purported Pixel 5a have shared, suggesting a few of the advancements approaching this handset. If this one is undeniably correct, it can be a gloomy update for many people.  Google may have tactics to summon up its emblem bezels. A Slash leaks sponsor has leaked five pictures of a model pixel 5a handset, presenting only the front display of the handset.

Google Pixel 5a
Source: notebook

Though, there are heaps of things to relish, providing you to suppose that this is really a genuine Pixel 5a prototype. One of the major modifications is its display itself. Though, the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 removed the adjacent bezels to a great extent. But the Pixel 5a is keeping back a few of it, with even bottom and top bezels. The pictures also suggested that Pixel 5a will land with a display fingerprint scanner instead of the rear-mounted sensor. The images also revealed that the camera will be crowded by thick upper bazel.

The Pixel 5a will definitely support 5G connectivity with Bluetooth accessibility and Wi-Fi- 6 connection. As comes to storage and RAM capability here we see a 128Gb internal room and 6GB RAM for smooth performance. For good performance, we got the rumor of the Snapdragon 690G or 732G chipset may incorporate in Pixel 5a. Coming to the cost, we can’t say much about it but it may be a more affordable handset than previous ones. However, as for its launch, the Pixel 5a s expected to be released in May 2021.

 Expected Price

Price is a delicate topic to discuss as we can’t say exactly about this until the handset land properly. It is particularly when it goes to inexpensive handsets. Still more so now as OnePlus is about to release its inexpensive handset OnePlus Nord N10 in the US. It is expected to land with an asking price of about $400. The Pixel 4a prices $349, though the more exclusive 4a 5G costs $499. For the Google Pixel 5a, our prospect is that it will land anywhere in the mid lineup, about $400-450. Given that the late announcement of Pixel 4a 5G, Google may want to maintain it after the release of Google Pixel 5a. In that case, it could make it more logical to price the latest handset at $400. Obviously, the cost will generally rely on what features Google decides to offer in this handset.

Pixel 5a Launch Date

The first question that comes to mind is that when will it be out in 2021. The release door for Pixel 5a is yet unidentified. Though Google’s changed unveiling timelines last year makes it a bit difficult to predict as well. Google has still to declare its I/O forum strategies for this year. However, if it is coming about in May then there is a possibility for mid-ranger to be declared on that occasion. Though the reasonable Pixels are usually planned to be released in the first half of the year. However, this thing was to alter due to pandemic and the Pixel 4a release got delay for a few months. Positively things will go back to normal this year and the Pixel 5a may release in May 2021.

 Features and Specifications Rumors

Expected SpecsGoogle Pixel 5a
Expected Launch DateMay 2021
Design and DisplayThick bezels expected to cover top and bottom
ChipsetExpected Snapdragon 690G or 732G
CameraDual Rear Camera 12MP main with 12MP ULtra-wide
Selfie camera: 8MP expected
BatteryExpected battery within 4200mah-4400mah range
`18W fast charging
PriceMay be within $400-450

According to the leaks, we can say that Pixel 5a specs won’t be so impressive. Here are two main aspirants for the chipset of future reasonable Pixel phones. One is Snapdragon 732G and the other is Snapdragon 690G. Though, the snapdragon 732G is a future-generation chipset than the Pixel 4a chip. However, it is not 5G proficient. It looks doubtful that only 4G phones in 2021. While the snapdragon 690 5G, on another side, is perfectly suitable. As it will also permit Google to beat the $400 asking price and preserve 5G aboard.

Pixel 5a rumors
Photo Source: Gizchina

There is a 768 5G snapdragon chipset too in the place of the 765G chipset. The snapdragon 768 looks like a dubious choice for Google Pixel 5a as it will set onward Pixel 5 enactment-wise. That does not truly seem good for Google’s leading handset. However we according to leaks, we expect Snapdragon 690G with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage here. The Pixel 5a will land with definitely 5G connectivity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6 accessibility.

Pixel 5a Design and Display Leaks

When it goes to design, the only leaks we get here which is worth discussing right away. Few images were leaked by a sponsor Slash Leaks that are purported of Pixel 5a. As it is custom with suck rumors that the picture quality is fairly low, leaving many imaginations behind. Despite the low quality of the images, only one thing is clear though, the thick bezels on the top and bottom side. On one side it shows quite a different design than the previous three-pixel models that can be easily understood that either fake images or not for pixel 5a. On the other side, questions arise as that why would somebody leak fake images of an upcoming Pixel phone.

Another thing that images suggest is display mounted fingerprint scanner. Though it is slightly doubtful and worth considering the Google choose for customary rear fingerprint sensor for Pixel 5. In all the pictures, it is obvious that Google is scrapping the front blow-hole pattern for the 2021 model. In its place, it seems the Pixel 5a will crowd the camera in a consistently thick upper bezel. The design is the same as what we originally got on the precursor Pixel 2 XL from 2017.

Google Pixel 5a leaks
Image credit: TechRepublic

The wallpaper on the image itself is allusive to the handset’s title, with a large caption yelling “5a”. It is the same as the present wallpapers of the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5. Obviously, a Pixel handset will be operating a standard model of Android and this model does so on top. If you are looking for advancements, the Pixel 5a is taking a visual in-screen fingerprint scanner.  Moreover, the back snapper will also get a few reasonably extra video balancing specs, possibly making prominent the existence of a devoted OIS setup.

Google Pixel 5a Camera Leaks

Pixel snapper hardware is extended due to a modification but we suspect that it will occur in Pixel 5a. We have rumors about the upcoming pixel 5a camera specs. The rumors and leaks suggested that the Pixel 5a will possess dual rear snapper and a single front selfie camera. The rear snapper would comprise a 12MP main and 12MP ultra-wide angle snapper. Though it will land with 8MP single selfie snapper on the front. That specs are not surprising at all.

Google Pixel 5a
Credit: Slash Leaks

We consider that there is a quite big chance of Pixel 5a of getting the Pixel 4a 5G camera format.  It will get a dual-camera system instead of a single snapper like pixel 4a. Though, it will make the handset too alike so Google would plan something different to shuffle the things up. Till that finger crossed but until we get any further leak or hint we are bound to the old 12MP snapper.

Pixel 5a Battery Life

As goes to battery performance, we suppose that Pixel 5a will at least get the same battery capacity as in Pixel 5. Pixel 5 comes with a 4080mAh power battery. If the Pixel 5a will land with a large build than Pixel 5, we can expect a battery with a 4200mah-4400mah range. However, coming with Google’s energy usage optimization systems the outcome must be very decent battery life. As far as the charging is concerned, the standard 18W fast charging is quite enough for the handset. However, it can’t beat the top-end’s fast charging capacity that offers 65W fast charging.

Google Pixel 5a
Picture credit: Slash Leaks

The Specs We Can Expect in Pixel 5a

At this stage, even before the leaked images appeared online, Pixel 5a was already incorporated in many folk’s consideration. Many people have taken it as one of the handsets to look ahead to in 2021. This level of expectation may ascribe to the response that Google has got for its previous mid-range handset offerings. Though, we are still wishing for several modifications in Pixel 5a.

Meanwhile, camera specs persist as one of the strengths of the Pixel handset line. The addition of stabilization modes as shown in the invented leak will be added to the demanding list. For now, it will not surprise us if Google ultimately picks to make 5G connectivity, the customary spec on the 2021 handset. Though some may hope to see a noteworthy improved screen refresh rate. This one may be a long odds for the Pixel 5a, particularly if the Pixel 6 lineup’ capability will linger at 90Hz in 2021