Google Pixel Foldable Handset unveil Leaks, Price and Specs Rumors

Google Pixel foldable handset maybe the Google’s succeeding flagship. At the instant, there are just a few brands truly designing foldable handsets. Samsung is leading the marketplace with phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 2. However, it may soon become a serious race, as it seems like Google has a folding handset on the cards. Though, we don’t know what will be the name of this phone. Therefore, for the moment, we’re just denoting it as the Google Pixel foldable handset.

Meanwhile, it’s about to have Pixel labelling in series with Google’s other handset. We have received few details of the probable design and display, though, all of that you’ll read further down. We’ve also added info on an expected release date, along with rumours about the cost.  As soon as we get something else about the Google foldable handset, we’ll include it in this review. Therefore, make sure to visit back repeatedly if you wish to remain up to date.

Google Pixel foldable Specs and Features Leaks

SpecificationGoogle Pixel Foldable handset
Designfoldable design,
may unfold like a paperback
Display7.6 inches display
OLED screen
SoftwareAndroid 12 software
or may a recent software

Up to now, we don’t get anything exact about the features of the Google Pixel foldable handset, but we can guess a bit. For one entity, it will possibly run with upcoming Android 12 software. However, it will run whatsoever the newest Android version at the time of its unveiling Working by the regular Pixel series, it will perhaps also possess professional cameras, but maybe lesser lenses than competing handsets. Though for the processor, Google will probably elect for a somewhat higher mid-range instead of top-end. It would not only help it decrease the price of what’s sure to be a very costly handset.  However, it also did the same with Google Pixel 5; thus, there’s an example for it. Of any chipset, though, we’d suppose Google’s foldable handset will support 5G connectivity.

Google pixel foldable
Credit: Future

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Points We Want to Know
  • What is this? Google’s primary foldable handset
  • When is it coming? Conceivably earlier than the end of 2021
  • What will be its cost? Unidentified, but possibly a great deal

Google Pixel Foldable Phone Price and Obtainability

There’s no authentic update on when the Google Pixel foldable handset will come. However, it is a rumour that it could come earlier than the end of 2021. For one thing, a report states that Google (amid other brands) has bought foldable handset displays from Samsung Display.  It continues to say that the handset having these displays will unveil this year. Though, it doesn’t precisely say that Google handset will use them.  Therefore, it could only mean that any other brands that bought these panes will unveil a foldable handset in 2021.

If Google Pixel foldable handset does unveil in 2021, though, our top conjecture would be along with the Google Pixel 6. That phone itself will probably land near the end of 2021, possibly in October. I assumed how bit we’ve got about Google’s foldable handset. An unveiling near the end of 2021 would also create more logic than a pending launch. However, there’s no update regarding its price. However, foldable phones are all the time costly.

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LG proposes the LG Wing at $999, but that’s undoubtedly a multi-display device, where the 2nd displays twist into an abode. Yet, Google is customarily rating its leading phones for lower than what opposing devices charge. So, we could view Pixel Fold’s Cost as being very much nearer to $1,000 than Galaxy Z Fold 2’s astral cost. The Google Pixel 5 is inexpensive than many leading handsets. That’s to some extent as Google elected not to put a front-line processor in it. But, it may take a similar tactic with the Pixel foldable. Even then, we’d imagine, in any case, an immense three-digit or low four-digit cost.

Design and Display

  • 7.6 inches display
  • OLED Screen
  • Foldable panes

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According to a report, Google has purchased Foldable OLED panes of about 7.6 inches from the Samsung screen. That’s a similar size display as on the main display of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Plus, it was huge enough that the Pixel foldable could keep a similar design factor as the Galaxy. However, that is a classic handset-sized display when close, unfolding like a paper-back to expose a more tablet-sized screen. That stated, we can’t forget about it having a clamshell build like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Moto Razr.

Google Pixel Foldable leaks
Image Credit: Google/USPO

Yonder this rumour, we’ve also got a Google Patent that expresses a display that unfolds out into a tablet size. But then can furthermore be strained a bit further as Roll-able handset perceptions we’ve found. However, it seems aspiring for Google’s primary foldable handset, so we’re not persuaded that it will possess this design. Though the Patently Mobile has also marked two surpluses Google Pixel foldable handset patents. However, one of that patent shows a quietly predictable clamshell build. The other has two pivots, letting it create a Z-shape when it unfolds and move from handset size to complete tablet size. So Google looks to be investigating with lots of diverse foldable designs, but it stays unclear which one will use there.

Google fold leaks
Picture source: USPO/google

Pixel Foldable Phone Software

  • Maybe Android 12 or Another latest software

Google is not precisely a foreigner when it goes to foldable handsets. Even supposing the Pixel Foldable would be the primary one it’s put up on its own. The brand has run thoroughly with Samsung to adjust its applications for foldable panes. Plus, one of the most specs presented in Android 11 is well upkeep for foldable handsets. This software allows the app designers to regulate how their software works, relying on a handset’s pivot location. However, the capability to form foldable-responsive-spec into Android and adjust them on a Google handset clarifies Google’s concern in designing a Pixel-Fold. Therefore, as more leaks reach out about both the handset and upcoming Android 12, we can suppose more multitasking software.

Google Pixel Fold Viewpoint

We’re yet searching for more info about Google’s making up with the Google Pixel Foldable handset. However, this’s not preventing us from previously on the cards with a Wishlist of abilities we’d love to see. Our main requirements tilt toward the software. Though, no one’s better located than Google to design software specs preferably suitable for folding displays.

Google Pixel fold rumors
Image Source: Waqar Khan/remix via nick Bush

Plus, we’re particularly fascinating to view if the Pixel Foldable handset’s design factor exposes up novel prospects for shooting. Discovering the appropriate balance between enactment and cost will be crucial for Google. However, No one’s bound to need an underpowered handset, foldable display or not. But some folk have been eager to spend up for a folding handset up till now. Perchance, Google can get the right blend to create devices like the alleged Pixel Foldable more conventional.

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