Google Pixel Watch Specs Rumors and Release Date Leaks

Google Pixel Watch could finally unveil this year, according to the newest leaks. However, if so, it’ll appear afterward, provided it wasn’t exposed at Google IO 2021. Assumed all we’ve got about a Google Pixel Watch, we can deduct that it is still in the upgrade stage. But, the question mark is hanging over its actual release date. Like how pixel smartphones are symbols of a showcase for Android, the Google Pixel Watch is likely to be a sample of the full prospective of Wear OS. We assumed that the Wear operating system’s huge update exposed off at Google IO, so we guessed the Google pixel watch wasn’t late. It now looks like the Google Pixel Watch may come along with the Pixel 6 handset in October instead. It’s difficult to be too buoyant, though, when manifold rumoured take-off windows have originated and departed.

Google pixel watch rumors
Credit: Techradar

One update even recommended the Google Pixel Watch would be declared together with Google pixel 4, but that didn’t occur. An article in mid-2018 from steadfast Twitter Leaks@ Evleaks claims he had an update that a Google Watch was in progress. His source claimed it would be declared together with other pixel phones, including Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. But that may be striking and didn’t occur either. However, current news in April 2021 exposed a hypothetical picture of the smartwatch (whether genuine or render is undecided). This image signifies that it could be getting prepare to out. Moreover, Google has verified that it’s practising on a Premium Fitbit running Wear Operating system: it may be a Google Pixel Watch.

Recent update: A leak proposes the Google Pixel Watch may release in October along with Pixel smartphones named Pixel 6. It may land with the latest top-end chipset

Google Pixel Watch Specs and Release Date in Detail

SpecsGoogle Pixel watch
Release dateOctober 2021 as Rumored
RAMUp to 1GB (rumored)
ChipsetSnapdragon Wear 4100

Further down, we have provided everything about the google pixel watch that we have now up now. It includes all the rumours and leaks from our authentic resources as Google pixel watch is the primary leading watch designed by Google. So we’re hoping for some distinct specs in it other than the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple watch. For this purpose, we have designed a list of features that we want to see in this Google Pixel watch. Have a look!


Points to Know
  • What is this? The primary leading watch designed by Google
  • What will be its price? Perhaps a top-end cost, but no particulars yet
  • When is it coming? Maybe in October 2021, together with the Google Pixel 6

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Google Pixel Watch Price and Release Date

Although, we got many leaks and rumours about the Google Pixel Watch. But yet we’re unable to get its exact Release date. So, we could make predictions based on leaks and rumours we received. If it is coming in 2021, our best deduction will land at Google Pixel 6 launch. Though, Google Pixel 6 will unveil at the end of 2021, which is also a rumour. More exactly, all of the next Pixel smartphones and devices could arrive in October 2021. Google Pixel Watch promotion rumours have mistakenly expected its release rate before. A tweet from famous leaker Evleaks alleged that it would declare together with Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 in 2018. Moreover, a rumour recommended the Pixel Watch would be unveiled on 15 October 2019 at Pixel 4 unveiling: But obviously, neither occurred, and people are still waiting.

Pixel Wearable device specs
Source image: Wearable

However, the watch brand declared that Wear operating system is incorporating specs from Samsung’s Tizen OS. It could recommend what’s impending in Google Pixel Watch. We’ve also got that Google has allegedly ordered mainframes from Samsung (rendering ET News) that could notice body movements. But, there’s no assurance that these specs are for smartwatches (it could be for Pixel smartphones). However, a wearable would be a noticeable fit. Thus this is a strong indication that some Google Pixel Watch is in progress.

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Google pixel watch leaks
Image source: Jon prosser@ rendersbiyan

In April 2021, another well-known leaker, Jon Prosser, rendered pictures built on data he’d got. This data includes a possible release date of October 2021, which turns the normal release frame for leading Pixel phones. Leaker Jon Prosser also recommended that Google pixel watch land in October 2021, allegedly about leading Google Pixel phones. As for cost, we don’t presently have any indication of how much this Wear OS running device will cost. Because of Pixel series prices, we can estimate that the Google pixel watch will not be a cheap product. But we could not say anything exact about its price tag.

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Google Pixel Watch Rumors and Leaks

We didn’t get enough about Google Pixel Watch in terms of features, but here are few rumours that we can discuss with you. One source proposes that the Pixel watch will land with an in-built 5nm chipset. It is probably the similar one as the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 is supposed to possess. Though, you can imagine a 5nm chipset to be powerful enough then the ones we’ve got in existing Wear OS devices. We’ve also found a Google patent that particulars a motion control system. This system would permit a smartwatch to identify movements you create with your wrist, fingers or arm.

Pixel watch release date and specs
Picture credit: James Tsai

For instance, you could close your hand to lift off Google Assistant and open it to discharge it. These signs would be created on the hand or arm that the watch is worn on. Conversely, patents aren’t constantly used, so there’s no assurance we’ll get this. Although, there can also be a great emphasis on fitness, both as Google is purchasing Fitbit. Plus, Google made a survey asking folks about specs they’d wish to get in Wear OS. Most people mention sleeping analysis features, calorie detection, recovery time monitoring, and SPO2 (oxygenation) tracking. Heartbeat alerts, stress tracking. It’s dubious they would add all mentioned above, but a few of them may be added. It expresses that Google is discerning about fitness and health.

Google watch leaks and rumors
Credit Image: Wired

As for power, the Pixel Watch is probable to run Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor. Surely, it will mean heaps of clout for running your beloved apps on your wrist. Another article from WinFuture has proposed there may be three variants of the Pixel smartwatch. The website has caught devices with names Sardine, Triton, and Ling all in progress at Google HQ. Precisely what the variances for the products would be are presently vague. It might mean we’ll find three models of Google Pixel Watch. That same article also proposed that at least one watch model will land with 1GB of RAM.

Features We Wish to See

Further down, we have prepared a list of features that we wish to see in the coming Pixel Watch. Have a look!

Rotating Bezel or Physical Crown

Before the shift to Wear OS, Android Wear 2.0 focus on how strategy had revised to play with revolving physical crown. But then we haven’t found many watches that hold that.  Why not should Google utilize it for the Google Pixel Watch? Those specs may be distant-off in Google’s back view mirror as the Wear OS upgrades take the guide. However, we’d like to get an inventive way of interrelating with the watch, for example, rotating physical crown or bezel.

In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

If Google indeed wishes to make the Google Pixel Watch a top-end device, it should add an in-screen fingerprint sensor. Presently Wear OS smartwatches like the Apple watch let you protect them by using a PIN code.  However, PIN code is not a highly secure mode obtainable right now. Google should introduce an in-screen fingerprint sensor that will make this a top-end device too.

Swim-Proof Watch

We’re familiar with smartwatches having dust and water resistance ability. But they are not resistant to water or swim proof.  A completely swim-proof Watch would not only let you take the wearable in the bath. But it also permits you to track aerobics in the pool without the alarm of blip.

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Long Battery Life

Usually, smartwatches offer a battery life of one day or less. But longer battery life will let you use this wearable for a long time with a single charge. Thus, we also wish to see a smartwatch offering longer battery life, almost for 3 full days. If Google Pixel Watch offers 3 days of battery life, it will rock the stage.

General FAQs

Q: Is Google is thinking to release brand watches?
According to our resources, Google is working on smartwatches, namely Google Pixel Watch.
Q: When will Pixel watch land?
A: According to our sources, the Pixel watch will land in October 2021.
Q: When will Google release its Next pixel phones?
A: According to one leak, Google will release the Next Pixel phone in October 2021.
Q: What will be the price of the Pixel Watch?
A: We can’t say anything exact about it, but it will be a pricey device.
Q: Which chipset would be used in the upcoming Google watch?
A: According to leaks, snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset would be used in Google watch.

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