Google Pixel Widgets and Android Widgets: Modify the Home Screen

Google Pixel Widgets and other Android phone help to customize android device home screen. Though the widget App doesn’t find the appreciation they once ensured, they’re still virtuous. These Android / Google Pixel Widgets have been around extensively. It mainly used as one of the specs that made the Android Phone better than the iOS device. However, in our time, our belief in the custom widget has faded. Among better-intended apps, fast settings, Apps shortcuts, prevailing notifications, an always-on screen, there aren’t several causes to take them. However, there are some things like a sticky note, weather forecast, Google calendar, search bar, to-do lists that will always work well in a widget App. In this article, we’ve provided Android and Google Pixel Widgets that are best to customize the home screen.

Best Widgets for home screen
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Thus, if you bought the latest Google Pixel handset and you want to customize your smartphone to make it “you.” There are loads of ways that you could use to do that. As you can use icon folders to make your Apps icons look genuinely exclusive. There you have a lot of modes that will help you to customize your home screen. However, we consider a custom widget as one of the best ways to modify your handset looks. By setting up the custom widget, you don’t need to open an app for its functionality. Therefore, if you’re all set to move your home screen of the handset to the next level, then follow us below. Further down, we’ve collected the best Google Pixel widgets and Android phone widgets that will help to modify the home screen.

Google Pixel Widgets: Modify Home Screen

Further down, we have provided the best Google Pixel Widgets that you can easily use to customize your home screen. Moreover, you can easily download these Google Pixel Widget App from the Google Play store as these beautiful Widgets are readily available at the Google Play store. Without wasting time, dive into the Google Pixel Widgets details.

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Google Calendar: One of Most Reliable Google Pixel Widgets

Google pixel widget
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Google Calendar is a significant part of the Google program that you can easily include in your Google Pixel handset. It may already install on your smart handset. However, if your handset doesn’t have Google Calendar, you can easily download it from the Google Play Store. Google Calendar comes with a neat user interface for efficiently handling your times, days, weeks, months, and even ages. Though, you don’t even need to move into the Google Calendar Widget app to cope with your imminent dealings and events. As this Widget App comes with its peculiar Widget thus, you can easily access things directly from your home screen. Plus, you won’t need to open up Google Calendar App constantly. This Google Calendar even offers you all diverse grid dimensions that you can pick up from that.  With this grid option, you can easily make the custom widget fit with other Apps on your home screen.

Spotify: Best Music Widget

Coming next in our Google Pixel Widgets list is the Spotify Widget. Though, you’re possibly previously conversant with this custom widget as Spotify is one of the leading and famous streaming facilities in the composition industry right away. With Spotify, you promptly get access to billions of diverse songs. Come up with a song that you wish to play, and you can effortlessly search it from the search bar. After searching from the search bar, the desiring song can play rapidly on Spotify.

Best google pixel widgets
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Though, occasionally when you’re on the move, it is pretty infuriating trying to catch your music to play. Conversely, with a built-in Spotify widget that you can add to your home screen, you can press the Play button to get started promptly. Moreover, you can pause and play songs straight from the Spotify widget App. Moreover, you can even skip preceding music or play a new track.

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AccuWeather: One of the Best Weather Apps

AccuWeather Widget App lands in as succeeding on our list. It is a widget app that nearly everyone should keep on their Android Phone to watch the weather forecast. With somewhat like AccuWeather, you can easily observe your everyday temperatures, lows and highs, rain or snow in the weather forecast. This widget app will even give you weather counselling when severe conditions are just around the corner. On top of all, weather forecast offers access to radar so you can observe weather setups in actual time. Though, it’s all data available from the widget app itself.

best Google widget
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However, if you’re only considering high points for your substitute, AccuWeather does comprise a widget that you can add to the home screen. This Widget offers your smart and quick access to daily temperatures and weather forecast. This Widget is available on the Google Play store for free. If you don’t have this on your Google Pixel handset, you can easily download it through the Google Play store. Conclusively, this is one of the best Google Pixel widgets for a weather forecast.

Google Clock: Best Clock Widgets

Best android and google pixel widgets
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Google Clock is the Google App that is also available in clock widgets format for quick access. Another preferred google App is presently obtainable on the marketplace, giving you neat, ad-free Clock app and clock widgets. Though, it comes with some clean functionality inside of the Google App. However, where Google Clock truly sheens is in the built-in clock widgets. It permits you to add a giant digital clock to your home screen. This custom widget also offers you brilliant access to analogue clocks, timers, alarm clocks and more. Relying on the grid dimension that you pick, you can even accomplish manifold alarm clocks and timers.

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Google News: Best Widget for Google Pixel

Though, if you love to stay in touch with news, Google News is best in this regards. This Google App offers you a cluster of overwhelming functionality inside of the widget App. Its functionality puts it in front of a lot of news collected out there. However, where we ponder this one truly sheens is in the custom widget. Google News also offers a custom widget to quickly add up to your home screen of google pixel handset. This custom widget only plunges you into the high points that you want to know. But when you click over the particular news, the accurate information with details will open through a google link. In this way, you can quickly know about the latest news of the world and stay up to date with them. If you don’t have Widget already installed on your Google Pixel, you can get it from google play. It is available there for free.

Best widgets to customize homescreen
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Other Android Phone Widgets for Home Screen

Many apps offer widgets that allow you to customize your home screen or modify your smartphone looks. Further down are some android apps that offer gadgets to customize the home screen of your android device.

Battery Widget Reborn: Battery Life Measuring Widget

  • Cost: $3.49 or free

Battery Widget Reborn is the best Android phone widgets for battery measures. It offers a solo, round battery meter widget. You can easily manage the colour and size to cup tie with your home screen theme and layout. The battery widget reborn also lands with battery info, shortcuts to gears like Bluetooth and WiFi settings. Moreover, it provides you with graphs to display more comprehensive battery activity.

Android and Pixel Widgtes
Source Image: Android Authority

Though, that’s nothing excessively complicated. Though, in the age where smartphone creators don’t constantly enable percentage in status-bar, widgets like Battery Widget Reborn are helpful. If you don’t have this widget app on your android devices, you can download it for free. However, the Battery widget reborn is also available with a premium version which is not free. It comes at a 3.49$ price tag. But you can use its free version too.

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Google Keep Notes: Google’s Sticky Notes App

  • Cost: Free
Google Pixel widgets
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Google Keep Notes is an easy and operative note making an application. With this, you can create list notes, text notes, sticky notes and even voice notes. It also offers you the choice to share your creative notes with other people for the alliance. Unfortunately, though, there are many other bit hidden specs all over the App on top. This google app lands with a modest set of Android widgets that provides you with the skill to make notes rapidly. These android widgets vary in size from easy to more challenging, relying on your needs. Though, it all depends on your requirements when it goes to the note-making widgets app. At the same time, the good news is that it’s free to use. Plus, you can easily access your notes from Google Drive by using a web browser.

General FAQs

Q: Which is the best Widget for checking Battery life?
A: For battery life, you can use the Battery widget reborn.
Q: Is there any widget for music that we can add to our home screen?
A: For music, you can add the Spotify widget to the home screen, free to use.

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