Google PixelBook Go Appraisal: A Decent Chrome Book in Premium Price

Google Pixelbook Go is decent looking Chrome book with a premium price tag. With the entry of the Google Pixel book Go, the initial price to the Google artifact lineup has become more reachable to customers. Due to this Pixel book’s exclusive price, it’s way over most people’s approach. It makes this latest arrival comfy and definitely raises the value of the addition to the list. Obviously, to maintain the price comparatively low – it still isn’t the cut-rate Chrome Book on the marketplace.

More superior specs as a biometric login are absent, for instance. Though the base conformation is reasonable, the greater ones are more costly offer you low worth for your money. But yet, Google Pixelbook Go lands with some other specs you won’t get in Apple’s top offerings. As inspiring battery life, the 1080p webcam and striking keyboard are enough to persuade anyone. It is perfect for those looking to take off from the iPad OS network.

Google Pixelbook Go Specifications

The Pixelbook Go comes as an alternative or upgraded version of the Original Google Pixelbook. It offers some new specs and few previous Pixelbook Go Appraisal Skills: A Decent Chromebook in Premium Priceixelbook proper. Let’s dive into an article to read what specs the Pixelbook is offering to us.

Specs of Pixelbook Go

Specificationsgoogle PixelBook Go
Design 0.5 inches thick and 2.3 pound weight
Frames made up of magnesium alloy tinted with matt surface
Front facing camera with 60fps video recording
Display13.3 inches display
ProcessorIntel Core i5, 8th-Gen Intel Core m3 CPU
Battery47Wh with Core m3 CPU
56Wh with Core i7
lasts more than 11 hours
ColorsNot Pink, Just Black
  • Intel Core i5, 8th-Gen Intel Core m3 CPU variants
  • 64GB/ 128GB storage
  • 8GB/16GB RAM

As a Chrome book, we shouldn’t imagine radical enactment from the Pixel book Go, mainly with fan-less Intel CPUs inside. However, we can’t say for the beginner-level version’s Intel Core m3 enactment. But the Core i5 Y-line is a great deal for regular tasks and even a few light picture editing. The Pixel book Go is surely able to run Android games and playing 1080p video playback just okay.

Source: Google

However, anything further than that will probably make the setup gulp. It works well for Google, as its OS doesn’t run certainly many challenging applications. We got that with RAM of 8GB, this Chromebook can run demanding apps and multitasking efficiently. In brief, we want to do any task here, and the Pixelbook Go can do without any issue. The storage varies here between 64GB and 128GB which maybe not enough for someone.

Price Tag and Obtainability

  • A model with Intel Core i5 with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage priced at £829 / $849 around AU$1,250
  • The model with 16GB RAM and 128GB storage priced at £949 / $999 around AU$1,470
  • The model with Intel Core i7 with 16GB and 256GB storage and 4K display priced at £1,329/ $1,399 around AU$2,050

Definitely, Google is still trying just a little with its inexpensive leading Chrome book at the beginning. The Pixel book Go prices at £629/$649 for 8GB of RAM and 64GB storage with an 8th-Gen Intel Core m3 CPU. Above you will see how all its versions breaking down the prices. In comparison, the Google Pixel book Go is intended to be an alternative to the original Google Pixel book that will be obtainable still. Though, the Go version can get close to that top-end laptop’s cost very rapidly if you’re not cautious. This, ultimately, sort of defeats the fact of the product’s placing all in all.

If you’re heading for dropping $999 on a Pixelbook Go, you may buy the original Pixelbook on top, as the proper Pixelbook comes with its piercing display, hybrid specs, and stylus support. With that thought, you are receiving some specs in the Go that don’t present in the Pixel book as the Pixel book Go possesses a 1080p webcam and almost two hours more battery life than Pixel book proper. There are a few similar Chrome books that hit the Google Pixel book Go on cost tag at the beginner level. For instance, the 14-inches Asus Chrome book Flip gives a whole 2-in-1 experience o $50 less in the US. Similarly, you’ll get a virtually identical condition with Samsung’s Chrome book Plus V2 that prices at $599 in the US.

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Design and Display

  • 13.3 inches display 0.5 inches thick and 2.3-pound weight
  • Frames made up of magnesium alloy tinted with matt surface
  • Front-facing camera with 60fps video recording
  • Two-color models ‘’Just Black’’ and ‘’Not Pink’’

Obviously, the Google Pixelbook Go comes with a thin and light design, assessing just 0.5 inches copious and 2.3 pounds weight. The laptop arrives in just two color variants: “Not Pink” and “Just Black”– or else known as pink and black. We would like somewhat amid these two, for example, a white or traditional anodized magnesium variant. Sadly, this laptop’s frames are made up of a magnesium alloy tinted in a matte sure, as we stated above the face. Though it paired with the undulated base, which is veritably easier to hold and grip while moving through meetings.

PixelBook Go sideview

We see this frame to be very resilient to flex and burden, which is quite erratic in Chrome books. The Pixel book Go just not offers a keyboard with easily spaced keys, but also upper-firing speakers. Surefire, they’re a little trivial, therefore, rather tinny in the top-end, but these speakers compete with a massive majority of laptops. It beats many laptops of the same size that usually land with the lowest-firing speakers. Though, one feature that Google didn’t add is biometric log-in ability. So, there is no fingerprint scanner nor a face, or an iris sensor on the Pixelbook Go.

Keyboard of Pixelbook Go
Image source: Google

Turning to positive specs, the Google Pixelbook Go keyboard is, undoubtedly, one of the first-class we’ve used ever on a laptop. It is a development of Google’s “Hush” design, which takes Google’s unique, silent Pixel book keys to a more sensible price tag. However, when it goes to connectivity, Pixel book Go packs two USB-C 3.1 ports as well as a 3.5mm earphone jack. The USB-C 3.1 port can control both display outcomes and charge.

Now, let’s go to the display. Apart from the top-end conformation, the Pixelbook Go uses 13.3 inches 1080p smart screen. We found the display offers decent colors vivacity and precision that we imagine from laptops of the top-end price. It also offers a 4K Molecular Display option plus above the display, the Google Pixel book Go has a 1080p front-locating camera. That snapper is able to record video at 60 fps.

Battery Life

  • 47Wh with Core m3 CPU
  • 56Wh with Core i7
  • Lasts approximately 12 hours with a single charge

The Google Pixelbook Go comes with enormously inspiring battery life. It comes with 47Wh battery power in Core m3 CPU and 56Wh power in Core i7. It lasts for a huge 11 hours and 14 minutes during a video playback test. This drops very close to Google’s pledged number 12 hours on a single charge that is quite rare in the marketplace. The Pixel book Go stores two hours of battery juice from just 20 minutes plug-in. This makes Pixel book Go nearly unbeatable in case of battery juice. It is a huge benefit for people that work from manifold places regularly or takes their work on travel.

Pixelbook Go
Picture credit: Google
Should I purchase it or not?
Purchase it if:
  • You are looking for a perfect Chromebook
    As comes with a comfy build quality with comprehensive software experience, it is the best Chrome book for the price.
  • You want a good keyboard experience on a laptop.
    The Pixelbook Go offers quite an impressive keyboard with simply spaced and responsive keys. If you want a comfy designed keyboard then Google Pixelbook Go is best for you.
Don’t Purchase it if:
  • You want 2 in 1 Chrome book
    Though the Google Pixelbook Go is, it is not a pure 2 in 1 Chromebook. If you want a portable 2 in 1 Chrome book you should go for Dell or HP 2 in 1 laptop.
  • You want a dynamo laptop
    Though the Pixelbook Go can handle over and above many Chrome books in its group, because of a minimum of 8GB RAM. But it is not the exact powerhouse laptop by performance.


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