Helmet Camera: Best Way to Record Two-wheeled Trips with Safety

A helmet camera permits you to make the footage of two-wheeled trips and outdoor hobbies for security or fun. You can record your memorable journeys and protect yourself while biking on rush roads with a helmet camera. These multipurpose helmet cams mount on the helmet, permitting you to capture your recent trip on your bike, horse, or skis. Though, these helmet cams come in Full HD or 4K video resolution. Do you want to show your latest terrifying quest on social media? The helmet camera will allow you to do this. Otherwise, maybe you want a bit extra assurance when roaming on rush roads? In this article, our top helmet camera user guide will help you to find out. However, when you pick the top helmet camera for you, you must reflect two chief features. It includes battery life and video quality of helmet cams.

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Though, the status of these helmet cams is quite self-descriptive. But, there are also few other deliberations you should bear in mind on top. The most important is video stabilization, which smooth down uneven footage to make it even more enjoyable to watch. It is perfect, though, if you’re deciding on sharing your videos on social media!).  However, to mount your camera on a helmet is also a significant deliberation. Some top helmet cams usually offer helmet mounts as a part of a package, but others won’t. Conversely, other helmet cams land with incorporated lights, makes riding a bike more accessible and safer at night. It doesn’t matter what specs you’re searching for; we’ve reflected every possible factor to assist you in finding a top helmet camera. So, just read out this article thoroughly to grab the perfect helmet camera for you.

The Top Helmet Camera: User Guide in Detail

Want to share your exciting two-wheeled trips on social media? Are you seeking a top helmet camera to record thrilling cycling or biking journey? If yes, then swipe down and get entered into our ultimate helmet camera user guide. In this guide, you will see our top helmet cams from different brands offering unique features to record road trips. We are sure that this guide will be helpful for you to get the best product for you. So, swipe down and look into the details given below.

Apeman A77 Action Cameras: Best Helmet Camera

Apeman A77 is the top helmet camera that offers distinct features to make footage during rush biking or cycling

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SpecsApeman A77 Action
Ultra HD at 25 fps or 2.7K at 30 fps
ExtrasComes with two batteries, waterproof case, bike and helmet mounts
Price8999.00 INR

Reason To Purchase

  • Inexpensive helmet camera
  • Contain dual batteries
  • Built-in Accessories

Reason To Evade

  • 4K video recording at 25 fps only
  • No incorporated GPS

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The Apeman Action Cam is very reasonable comes at many hundred pounds or dollars cut-rate than the GoPro Hero7 Black. This helmet camera appears good due to its quality build. But delve into its spec sheet, and you’ll understand this is an entirely capable camera for your motorcycle or helmet. Moreover, this camera offers helmet mounts that come in a box along with a 20-pieces accessory. Though this camera also possesses two batteries, each appealed to standby for about 90 minutes. Moreover, it lands with a waterproof covering that can plunge to 30 meters depth.

Best helmet camera
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However, the Ultra HD 4K video restricts to 25 fps which is relatively meager. But 2.7K video footage is more reputable at 30 fps, while the FHD 1080p video recording is sound up to 60 fps. The Full HD video quality is best here.  Though, this helmet camera can take 16MP high-quality static pictures. At the same time, there’s a 2-inches screen on the rear for revising footage. Moreover, its lens is remarkably extensive at 170 degrees. Overall, these are the best action cameras and top helmet cameras to buy for your helmet.

 GoPro Hero 8 Black: Decent Helmet Camera

The best contender with a massive range of additional accessories

SpecsGo Pro Here 8 Black
4K at 60fps
ExtrasWaterproof to 10 metres, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wide range of accessories, voice control
DisplayYes, two-inch touch screen

Reasons to Purchase

  • Variety of valuable modes
  • Best image stabilization

Reasons to Evade

  • Quite Expensive
  • Average dim-light enactment
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The GoPro Here 8 Black is one the best action cameras that fulfill whole criteria in which action cameras measure. It carries all the best specs of the action cameras that land before and constructs on them. So, you will obtain Hyper Smooth stabilization of the previous Hero7, which is undeniably outclassed stabilization on any helmet camera presently. Moreover, you will get much-upgraded video quality, with the capacity to 4K video recording at 60fps. Though, this GoPro camera offers you high-quality shooting at 60fps.

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Go pro black camera for bikers
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On top of this, the Hero 8 Black also comes with the Media Modes, elective extras that enhance your shooting. Though most pertinent to helmet-mounts recording is the Light Mode, an LED you can mount on the camera. This Light mode delivers a light production of up to 200 lumens. With this helmet camera, you will also get its peculiar rechargeable battery, which is good extras for users.  The battery life on the GoPro Hero 8 Black is just fine, standing for around 50 minutes of constant video recording. It is an expensive piece of kit. But, again, this camera is the best helmet camera to buy for memorable journeys.

Garmin Virb Ultra 30: Best add-on

One of the best helmet cams with 4K video and visual picture stabilization

SpecsGarmin Virb Ultra 30
Ultra HD at 30fps / 1080p at 120fps
ExtrasVoice control, three-axis stabilisation, waterproof case included
Display1.75-inch LCD touch screen

Reasons To Purchase

  • Video recording of Ultra HD resolution
  • Three-axis picture stabilization

Reasons To Evade

  • Quite costly
  • Stabilization doesn’t operate at 4K video
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The Virb Ultra 30 is a decent-looking action camera, the same as the GoPro series. However, both devices differ in functionality and some distinct features. This helmet camera has Garmin-specific optional features like heart rate monitors, built-in GPS, and a speed tracker. Moreover, a waterproof cover can resist bad weather. Plus, a universal helmet mount lets you attach the Garmin camera to almost everywhere, either your helmet or handlebars.

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Easy action cam for trips
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Furthermore, a three-axis picture stabilization mode ensures super-smooth video quality, no matter how bouncy the road is. Though, this camera offers an Ultra HD video recording at 30fps that delivers detail and perceptiveness. You can also adjust it to 1080p FHD at 120 frame rates per second. It also offers a voice control feature to add and control the voice in your recording. In short, this camera is the best helmet camera to buy for thrilling road adventures.

DJI Osmo Action: GoPro Alternative

One of the helmet cams if you want a quality helmet camera as a GoPro alternative.

SpecsDJI Osmo Action

Ultra HD at 60 fps with HDR
ExtrasSecond front display, waterproof to 11 meters, shockproof to 1.5 meters
DisplayYes, 2.25-inch rear and 1.4-inch front
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Reasons to Purchase

  • Records 4k Ultra HD video at 60 fps
  • ‘RockSteady’ picture stabilization

Reasons to Evade

  • Costly
  • NO bike-specific specs, like GPS

Drone producer DJI is a comparative beginner to the bike and action cameras marketplace. However, it has produced a disturbance with its first unswerving contender to GoPro: The Osmo Action. Which feature makes it distinct is its front screen, which is beneficial for arranging selfies. But, conceivably, it will be less worthwhile when mounting to your handlebars or helmet.  On top of all, this camera brings good news for bikers, as the camera lands with RockSteady picture stabilization.

Best helmet cams for adventures
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Moreover, its HDR feature will assist you in picking out niceties from the darks on bright days. It is waterproof and can submerge up to 11 meters in depth. This camera is the best alternative to the Go-Pro camera with a better option. But, it comes with just one weakness which is the absence of built-in GPS. If you want to know the precise location of a recorded video, the lack of GPS can be problematic. Overall, this is the best helmet camera if you’re going to buy it as an alternative to GoPro.

Campark X30: Cheap Helmet Cams

An extreme-budget choice with astonishingly good specs

SpecsCamPark X30
4K 60p
DisplayYes, 2-inch

Campark X30 native 4K 60fps 20MP Waterproof Video WiFi Action Camera

Reasons To Purchase

  • Prodigious worth for the price
  • Integral stabilization

Reasons to Evade

  • Stabilization cause extra softness
  • No SD card
Best Campark journey camera to buy
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If you’re seeking a cheap option, then this camera is for you. This camera is not only the best budget option, but it does the whole thing a GoPro can do. Moreover, its extra features like Electronic Image Stabilization are excellent. But, this stabilization can lower your video resolution up to 4K 40p and adds extra smoothness to the video. Though, this camera comes with 2 inches screen to preview your video recording. It is also waterproof so that it can resist water attacks or sudden drops. However, you will not get any SD card for storage and GPS or location tracking. But overall, this helmet camera is a good choice for budget users.

General FAQs

Q: Which is the best camera that we can buy to mount on helmets while riding?
A: Apeman A77 camera is best to mount on helmets while riding.
Q: Is there any best budget option for an action camera for bike riders?
A: Yes, Campark X30 is the best budget action camera you can use while bike riding.
Q: Can you refer us to any top helmet camera that offers a rechargeable battery too?
A: Yes, you can buy Go Pro Here 8 Black that comes with a rechargeable battery.
Q: Can you endorse us any helmet camera that offers the best add-ons?
A: Yes, you can go for Garmin Virb Ultra 30 camera that offers a quality add-on.
Q: Is there any good alternative for GoPro cameras that we can buy?
A: DJI Osmo Action is the best alternative for GoPro cameras that you can purchase right now.

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