How to Save a Word Doc to Google Docs: Save Files Easily

How to save a word doc to Google Docs is a vital question many people frequently asked us. If you are also searching on how to save a word doc to google docs, your search is over here. In this article, we have provided a whole process of how to a word doc to google docs. Thus, you will quickly know how to convert a word document to a google doc file from this review. Moreover, you will also learn to save a word format file into Google drive. Google Docs is a facility provided by Google that permits you to keep the word file securely online. You can easily access these Microsoft word documents on any PC with an Internet connection.

To get access to your files, you need to log in to your Google Docs account. You may choose that you’d prefer to save your Microsoft Word documents in your Google drive for a straightforward approach. Though, both these services provide a simple word mainframe layout. Therefore, you can convert a word document by copy and pasting method with no translation problems. This article has provided both ways in detail that would support saving word documents to google docs. Thus, just read the full article till end thoroughly!

How to Save a Word Doc to Google Docs in Detail

Do you need to utilize Google Docs to build up Microsoft Word documents? If yes, then you’ll be glad to know that Google Docs has innate upkeep for Microsoft Word documents. Furthermore, you can easily convert them to a Google Doc file if favored. Docs is Google’s correspondent of Microsoft Word software that many people use for their word handling needs. Surely, Microsoft Word software may be the most prevalent word handling program right there. However, if you’d slightly control Google’s cloud-built production Apps, then Google Docs could be a superior choice for you.

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Save word to Google Docs
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However, if you are well-familiar with G-suite that people use for business, you can easily handle Google Docs. This article will also be helpful to know how to convert a word document to a google doc file. Further down, we have mentioned two methods of how to save a word doc to Google docs. These methods include the simple copy-paste method and file upload method. Though, both of these methods are simple and easy to convert a Word Doc to Google Docs. Thus, you can easily convert your desiring word doc to Google docs by using any one method mentioned below. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to the review details!

Copy Paste Method

  • 1st step: Open up the Microsoft word App on your PC
  • 2nd step: Open the Word file you want to save to google drive
  • 3rd step: Select all the document’s content you want to copy by Pressing “Ctrl-A” on the keyboard.
  • 4th step: Copy all the selected media to your PC Clipboard by Pressing “Ctrl-C.”
  • 5th step: Now, move to your internet browser and sign in to your Google Docs account by providing all information needed.
  • 6th step: Hit on the sandy “Create” key at the topmost of the left sidebar.
  • 7th Step: You will see a “Document” option in the dropdown menu. Now, Click on this ”Document” option.
  • 8th step: Tap on inside the recently made Google Doc file to put the cursor there.

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Now it’s time to paste our previously copied word doc content. You can paste all the copied Word doc media by Pressing “Ctrl-V” on your keyboard. In this way, all the copied word doc media will be pasted into your Google Doc. Moreover, it will save automatically in your google drive. This word file is now available as a google doc file in your google doc account.

File Upload Method

The second method for how to save a word doc to Google Docs is the file upload method. You can also convert a word document into a google doc file by uploading your word format file to a google docs account. Before you’re capable of saving a Word document to Google Docs, you’ll require to select the file you want to save. Then, upload the file to Google’s servers through Google Drive. Just follow the few steps provided below to proceed.
  • Step 1: Search over on your internet browser and log in with your personal Google account. Once you get access to the Google Drive home page, tap on the “New” button present in the left panel.
Save Google Docs
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  • Step 2: Then, select “File upload” from the dropdown list and browse the word doc on your PC to upload it.
How to save Word doc to google drive
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  • Step 3: Now, your word doc file is successfully uploaded in your google drive and will appear here the same as shown. Now, Right-click on file, tap on the “Open with” option present in the dropdown list, and then select file “Google Docs”.
Save Word to Google Doc
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  • Step 4: The Word file will open up in Google Docs without any issue; however, the file layout will aim right afterwards to the file title. To convert word documents to google docs, Tap on the “File” option from the dropdown bar and select “Save as Google Docs” from the menu list.
How to convert word to google doc
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  • Step 5: It’s done. You’ve magnificently saved a word file as Google Docs. Moreover, you’ll not see any Docx format following the file title. Moreover, you can easily download this Google Doc file to your desktop any time you needed. To get google docs for file downloading, you need to go to the File option and select ‘’Download”. Now, choose any suitable format you want to save into your PC. If you are a bit confuse, the pictures attached will really guide you on how to save a word doc to Google Docs. Though, these are the most simple methods for how to save a word doc to google docs. You can choose anyone that seems suitable for you.
    How to save Word to Google Docs
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Though Google docs not only offers a google docs format but you can also save files into many other formats. As you can see, the PDF, EPUB, and Word Docx formats. You can also save any file into PDF and even EPUB ebook format. Come back to the topic again. The word doc you need to convert into a google docs file is successfully restored and downloaded into your PC. You can quickly check the converted google docs file by browsing it on your computer. Finally, you will know how to save a word doc to google docs. You will also be familiar with how simple it is to convert a word document to a google doc file. You can easily convert a word doc to a google doc file from any device by following the steps mentioned above.

Devices Needed to Convert Word Files.

Thus, it doesn’t concern if you’re working with Linux, Mac, or a Windows PC. Furthermore, you can also do this on an iPad. Meanwhile, iPadOS comes with a desktop-class internet browser. Once you’ve completed the file, you can easily download the file as a .docx file. This file is ready to send to anybody who uses Microsoft Word software for their word handling requirements. Though, if one of your coworkers is a Mac operator, you might get a Pages file from them. However, this Pages file can’t be seen on Microsoft Word or Google Drive without conversion. Firstly, you need to convert that pages file into word doc or Google doc format. Gratefully, you can freely use the website to convert Pages file into a word doc. When you convert the Pages file into a Word file, you can easily open it in Google Docs for more editing.

General FAQs

Q: Can we easily convert word files to PDF format in Google drive?
A: Yes, google docs has the option of PDF format in the dropdown menu to convert a File into PDF format.
Q: Can we save a word document to Google docs by using a Mac device?
A: Yes, you can easily save a word document to google Docs by using a Mac device.
Q: Which things are necessary to convert a word doc to Google Docs?
A: You need your strong internet connection with a Web browser, then your file will be converted.
Q: Can you tell me how to convert a Pages File into a Word document?
A: You can use to convert a Pages file to a word document.
Q: How to save a word doc to Google Docs?
A: You can save a word doc to Google docs by file upload method or copy-paste method mentioned in this article.

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