How to Use 360 Controller on Pc: Play Games on Xbox

How to Use 360 controllers on Pc, a user guide will be helpful for those who want Xbox 360 wireless gaming.  Although, a mouse and keyboard are most of the time enough for all you need to play games on your PC. But, occasionally, some games fairly run better if you use game controllers to control your favorite character. Though, there are many diverse kinds of game controllers precisely made for a PC. Notably, the unique Microsoft-qualified Xbox game controllers are constructed in Windows provision. These wireless Xbox 360 controllers are often more willingly accessible and trustworthy than many substitutes.

How to use 360 controller
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If you keep an Xbox 360 or Xbox One at home, there is the probability of an Xbox-360/ Xbox one controller too. Though, most of you will definitely want to know how to use 360 controller on PC. As many people consider that the wireless Xbox 360 controller is the best controller ever made for games. In contrast, the Xbox One controller that takes most of its design from its previous precursor isn’t far-off behind. However, these game controllers are specially made for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Though “theoretically” true, I think that Microsoft creates the Xbox series. Microsoft has made it conceivable for you to use the 360 controllers for windows on PC. In this article, we will also assist you how to use 360 controller on PC. Possibly, you could be around the corner to having the massively loftier Xbox series controllers on your desktop.

Popular Games That Support Game Controllers

It is a fact that many games will work well by using a mouse and keyboard. Though, many desktop gamers favor this mode of control for a vast mainstream of their games. Many games, for example, MMORPG, first-person shooters, sim games, role-playing games, are easy to control with a keyboard and mouse. However, it doesn’t mean that these games don’t run better with game controllers. Many games like racing or driving games, for instance: Grand Theft Auto, somewhat work well on a gamepad. Though, few people do favor a gamepad for their first creature shooter practices. However, if you are fond of some emulator games or typical games, then a gamepad will be a better option.

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Which Game Controllers Work Perfectly?

Further down are the most popular game controllers you want to connect with your PC to control gaming characters. Just down we have also guided how to use 360 controller on PC. It will really help you out.

  • Wired Xbox 360 Controller
  • Wireless Xbox 360 Controllers
  • Xbox One Controller
How to connect Xbox 360
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Tactlessly, the 1st Generation Xbox series controllers won’t run without a bit of additional effort on your side. For the reason that they don’t link with a wireless interface or standard USB port like most others. Many people have a wireless Xbox 360 or the latest Xbox One at their home. However, even if you don’t have an Xbox series, you want to purchase the newest game controllers. After getting the Xbox series at home, our review will help you know how to use 360 controller on PC. Xbox series is available both in a wired and wireless format. In this review, you will get to know about wired Xbox 360 controllers and wireless Xbox 360 controllers. In short, you will learn everything about how to use 360 controller on PC.

How to Use 360 Controller on PC in Detail

Xbox 360 controller for windows is perhaps the most widespread gaming controller ever made for solace or even computer. It keeps a design and set of specs that make it faultless for games on either your laptop or the console.

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How to connect Xbox controllers
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What Are The Requirements?
  • Xbox series 360 Controller
  • Install the Driver or Disc

How to Connect Xbox 360 controller

  • If you keep the installation-CD to install the software, then place it into the computer’s CD drive to install the driver.
  • If you don’t possess the installation CD, please visit Microsoft’s Hardware website to download the driver. Further down is the method to download the driver from the Microsoft site.
    1. When you open up the Microsoft hardware site, choose Gaming mode as the product type.
    2. Now, choose the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows from the list.
    3. Pick up the version of Windows you are working with and tap on the Download option.
  • Now, you can easily install the driver from your download folder. After downloading the driver, you may need to restart your PC when the installation is over successfully.
  • Now, Connect an Xbox 360 controller to your PC.
  • Check your 360 controllers for windows by tapping on the Start button– Run, then inputting joy.CPL.
  • Pick out Xbox 360 controller, then select out Properties.
  • Check the controller by pulling the triggers or pressing the buttons of controllers.
  • Now, Load your beloved game and configure up your gamepad for your preferred game.

How to Use 360 Controller on PC: Wireless Xbox 360

The wireless Xbox 360 controllers are the same game controllers as the outdated wired Xbox 360 controller. These wireless game controllers come with the same design and specs. However, you don’t need to be bound by a wire linking to your PC. If you are heading for using the wireless Xbox 360 controllers, you should buy the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver.

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Connect Xbox 360 controllers
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What Are The Requirements?
  • Wireless Xbox 360 controllers
  • Install the Driver
  • 360 Wireless Gaming receivers

Connect the Wireless Xbox 360 Controllers to Use

  • Firstly, you need to join the 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver with your laptop.
  • After joining, Run the Add New Hardware Wizard and install the software. If it does not happen, then follow the steps below. However, if it easily installs the software, skips it to the 6th
  • If you possess the installation CD, then insert the CD to the drive and install the software. Since the Disc runs with the 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver, the software is not set up robotically.
  • Now, download the driver that is necessary for the 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver. Follow the steps below to download the driver.
    1. Move to the Software Downloads segment of Microsoft’s Hardware site.
    2. Choose the Gaming option as the product type.
    3. Choose Wireless Xbox 360 Controllers for Windows from the list.
    4. Pick up the type of Microsoft Windows you are using, then click the Download option.
  • After a successful download of the driver, Now, Install the driver to proceed.
  • Now, link the wireless Xbox 360 controllers to your PC.
    1. Set upon wireless Xbox 360 controllers by pressing and holding the Xbox Guide button in the controller’s centre.
    2. On the 360 wireless gaming receiver, press the connect button. The light will commence flashing green.
    3. Now, Press the connect button present on the rear side of the game controller.
    4. Look out for the green light to stopover the flashing. When it stops, this is the point when the wireless Xbox 360 controller is linked successfully.
  • Now, you can load your beloved game and configure up your latest gamepad.

How to Use 360 controller on PC: Xbox One Controller

The Xbox One controller is a modern generation entertaining product made by Microsoft. However, there are few variances from the hugely popular Xbox 360 wireless gaming controller. But, it still favors the specs and design of its older fellows.

How to use controllers on PC
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What Are The Requirements?
  • Xbox One Controllers
  • Download and Install the Drivers
  • USB Cable and USB port

Link the Xbox One Controller on PC

  • Firstly, you need to download the driver. So, download the driver you want to link your Xbox One Controller to your PC. Bear in mind; you should select the precise and accurate driver to install on PC. If you possess a 64-bit variant of Windows, download the x64 drivers that will be apt for your PC. Though, if you have the 32-bit model, then download the x86 drivers, respectively.
  • After download, you need to install the driver. So, install the drivers from your download folder on PC. Follow up the reminders during the installation process and make all the selections default.
  • Now, link the Xbox One Controller to the computer using the Micro USB cable and USB port.
  • Look out for the Xbox One controller to tremble. Once it begins to shake, you must understand that your installation was efficacious.
  • Start your preferred game and step in the options to organize your new gamepad.

General FAQs

Q: Is it necessary to download the driver if we don't have an installation disc?
A: Yes, downloading the driver is very important if you want to connect Xbox 360 controllers on a PC.
Q: How we can download the driver of the Xbox One controller on our PC?
A: You can easily download the driver from the Microsoft Hardware website. The procedure is mentioned above in detail.
Q: How we’ll know that our wireless Xbox 360 controller is successfully connected?
A:  When you see the green light stop flashing on the gaming receiver, it will indicate the successful connectivity of the Xbox 360 controller.
Q: What are the requirements to connect Xbox One controller?
A: To connect Xbox One Controller, you must need Xbox One Controller, Drives, USB cable and USB ports.
Q: What should we need to connect Wireless Xbox 360 controller?
A: To connect Wireless Xbox 360 controller, you will need a Wireless 360 controller, Drivers and 360 gaming receivers.

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