HP Elite Dragonfly Appraisal: A Clear-Cut Business Laptop

HP Elite Dragonfly looks like a wish come true for the traveling experts. Laptops for specialists never be liable to be too dreadfully thrilling or much to delve into as they’re intended to get work done instead of becoming gleaming customer products. However, let’s say there was a laptop that could do mutually? Well, there is finally. The HP Elite Dragonfly comes with not only the safety and IT specs that businesses mandate. But it also comprises swift hardware, sufficient of ports, and most notably: an appealing to die for.

HP Elite Dragonfly Specs in detail

The HP Elite Dragonfly is, beyond doubt, one of the gorgeous 2-in-1 laptops we’ve analyzed in a long time. It’s so shrill and light to carry with you while traveling. Here and now, you should bear in mind that the HP Elite Dragonfly absolutely isn’t cut-rate. You can get this device for £1,618, AU$2,770, $1,629. The point is that this laptop directly targets about completely on traveling expert. So this high price tag makes sense in a way.  However, it is certainly a laptop that has the main limit demand.

HP Elite dragonfly
Source: Notebookcheck.net

What thing makes this device necessary for the traveling expert, though, is the LTE incorporation. Some driver problems clogged us from having a fully unified experience with taking a “connected anywhere” experience. However, for the most chunk, it’s become a spec that we have woe visualizing life without. Basically, as traveling experts ourselves, the HP Elite Dragonfly looks like a wish come true. If you’re on the move, the lightweight design, constantly-allied LTE coverage Elite Dragonfly, one of the premium laptops available here.

HP Elite Dragonfly Specs

SpecificationHP Elite Dragonfly
Design11.98 inches wide with 0.63 inches thick
2-in-1 portable gorgeous design
DisplaySize: 13.3-inch touchscreen display, 1920 x 1080, 1000 nits
Processor8th Gen intel core i5 CPU
Battery56.2 Wh battery.
65W USB-C charging

HP Elite Dragonfly Performance Leaks

  • 8th Gen Intel core i5 CPU
  • 16Gb RAM
  • 256GB /1TB/2TB storage

As HP Elite Dragonfly comes with 8th-GenWhiskey Lake CPU, it’s not the quickest Ultrabook available there. However, it’s not precisely far behind, also. We can go on in detail about the lack of stern upgrading generation-on-generation with Intel’s CPU. However, the point is that this device is over and above quick enough for all you’d sensibly throw at it. Our benchmarks fully imitate this, too.

Elite dragonfly laptop
Image credit: HP

In Cinebench R20, the Dragonfly could get reputable 1,059 points, which is prodigious for such a manageable laptop. The overall performance of Elite Dragonfly was 1uite impressive for gaming and multitasking. With 16GB RAM, the HP Elite is very quick to carry on with our hectic Chrome tab habits. We open many tabs at a time and swap them simultaneously, and it opens all of them without any hang-up. To conclude, the Elite Dragonfly is striking by performance.

Cost and Obtainability

  • Price varies with CPU, storage, and RAM capacity
  • Intel Core i5 8th-Gen CPU, 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD prices at £1,618 /$1,629, AU$2,770
  • A model with Intel Core i7 CPU, a 4K screen, and a 2TB storage prices at $3,258 in the UK
  • A model with 4K screen and 1TB storage prices at £1,950 in the UK
  • Same conformation prices at AU$4,210 in Australia

At the moment, you can choose up the HP Elite Dragonfly at the starting price of £1,618 /$1,629, AU$2,770. This model comes with an Intel Core i5 8th-Gen U-Series processor, RAM of 16GB, and storage of 256GB. Though the SSD gets double up in the UK conformation. At the high end, you’ll obtain an 8th-Gen Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, and 256GB storage.

HP Dragonfly
Picture credit: HP

However, that’s only for the pre-built conformations. You’re capable of generating your own conformation in the US with extra desiring storage and an improved display. You can also hit the highest point with an Intel Core i7 CPU, a 4K screen, and a 2TB storage. These specs also top out the price at $3,258.  If you’re a UK resident, you can find up to a 1TB storage and a 4K screen. It’ll price at £1,950. Australians reach the zenith with a similar confirmation as the UK, and that prices AU$4,210.

Design and Display

  • 13.3  inches display wide with 0.63 inches thick
  • 86% display to body ratio
  • 2lb or 0.99kg
  • 1,000 nit brightness with 1080p resolution

The HP Elite Dragonfly is aimed at business experts and professionals as the word “Elitebook’’ is written underneath the keyboard. Basically put this laptop is undeniably fabulous. It comes in a stunning Shimmering Dragonfly Blue shade choice that just sticks out anywhere you plonk it down. On account of the magnesium framework, it’s really light, too. The Dragonfly has just 0.99kg weight, though it will be a little heftier if you want an optional bigger battery. The laptop has a minor footmark, too, computing just 0.63 inches dense and 11.98 inches wide. HP achieved to do it by making screen with spitefully shrill bezels, ensuing in 86% display to body ratio. We’ve certainly seen thinner bezels available there, but it is a 2-in-1 device, so we’re appropriately captivated.

HP elite dragonfly
Photo source: HP

As this is an export-oriented laptop, ports are very important. On the laptop’s right-hand side, you find an HDMI port, 3.5mm audial, and two Thunderbolt 3 ports. So any of those ports can use for charging or data transfer. You’ll get a power key, USB 3.1 Type-A port, and a Nano-SIM slot on the left. You can get the Dragonfly with a 1,000 nit brightness and 1080p resolution display with Sure View. You can also go for a 550 nit brightness 4K display, and we’re surefire both of those seem completely impressive. However, the keyboard and speakers are too good to use here. The HP Elite Dragonfly’s keyboard is inspiring. All the keys on the keyboard are responsive and easy to use. The overall design of HP Elite Dragonfly is prodigious.

Battery Life

  • 56.2 Wh battery.
  • 65W USB-C charging.
Elite dragonfly
Image credit: HP

The HP Elite Dragonfly lands with a 56.2 Wh power battery, and its battery life is quite impressive though. During all multitasking and office-based work, the dragonfly’s battery stays longer, more than expected.  But in our testing, it isn’t certainly imitated, however. In our battery test, we played loop 1080p video playback till the laptop expires.  The Elite Dragonfly stays 8 hours and 11 minutes, but in the PCMark8 test, it lasts only 4 hours and 42 minutes. However, anecdotally, we saw the laptop standby is much lengthier than either of these tests reveal.

Should I Purchase it or not?

Purchase it if:

  • You’re a roaming person
    If you’re continually on the move. Especially then it has the working power and battery life to go you through any task you want to do.
  • You only want a gorgeous laptop
    Lots of laptops in the professional world look a little plain, but this one just exudes style. This is certainly a laptop that you’re heading for want to boaster in the native coffee shop.
You want to be continually online
We find it, there’s Wi-Fi all over the place nowadays. However, you’re capable of continue tasking in a taxi without having to tie through your handset awkwardly is a boon.

Don’t Purchase it if:

  • You’re on a financial plan
    It’s truly just for those who have money to throw at the top-end device as it is an exclusive piece of device. However, because it’s promoted to experts, that’s not too shocking.
  • You want a good GPU for gaming 
    Though the HP Elite Dragonfly can run Photoshop loads without causing trouble. But if you want to do any hefty-duty innovative work like video editing, will prove bothersome here.