iPhone SE 3 Launch Date, Leaks and Specs Rumors

iPhone SE 3 will be launched soon, hopefully with more upgrades than its precursor model iPhone SE 2020. This previous iPhone was one of the best stirring handsets of last year, with Apple’s outstanding software and hardware. The iPhone SE 2020 was a compressed size and a comparatively low budget handset released by Apple. We were expecting to receive the latest one at the iPhone 12 promotional event. However, this didn’t wind up happening- the iPhone 12 mini was boaster, which is also a compressed latest iPhone. However, it’s very much costlier than an iPhone SE 2020.

In any case, it was not a unique idea for Apple, as they used a novel 2016 iPhone SE. However, it was a perception we hadn’t realized Apple fiddle with for a moment. We haven’t received greatly about this handset till now. However, we have gathered all the rumors and leaks here. Once we start getting more, we will update you further. For the moment yet, you’ll get what bit we have collected. Together with a demanding list of the specs that we expect the iPhone SE 3 will come with.

Latest Leak: A leaker stated that the SE 3/ SE Plus might come in April 2021.

  Updates, News, and Rumors in Detail

Quick Review

The iPhone SE 3/ iPhone SE Plus may have the reasonable large display handset you expect. However, may this iPhone model be much more than the previous iPhone SE 2020.  From what we’re getting, an iPhone SE 3 may be just around the corner.  Some in the leaks are giving it a name as the iPhone SE Plus. Rendering to one reliable predictor, Apple will out an iPhone SE 3 in the second half of this year. Here are the rumors and news that we’ve got up to now about the iPhone SE 3 and what we’d love to see.

iPhone SE 3
Source: Apple

A rumor suggests that Apple has decided to out an iPhone SE 3 this year with a 6.1-inches screen.  According to Barclays Analysis, Apple did not decide to revive the iPhone SE in the conceivable future. At the same time, they have got news about a bigger display iPhone SE 3 with a 5.5 or 6.1-inches screen. Below you will get all the rumors and updates that we have collected from our sources about iPhone SE 3. So, let swipe into the review.

Points to Know

  • What is this? The future inexpensive iPhone
  • When is it releasing? Probably in April 2021
  • What will be its price tag? Possibly about £419 /AU$749 / $399

iPhone SE 3 Release Date and Cost

  • Chance of its release in April 2021
  • It is expected that it will cost below $500

As the iPhone SE (2020) hurled in April 2020. So, if Apple does unveilings annually, then the iPhone SE 3 may be unveiled in April 2021. However, provided that Apple hurled the original iPhone SE in 2016, so there’s no confirmation of that. With that thought, Japanese Blog MacOtakara has stated that it will declare in April 2021, so there’s a decent chance of its release in April 2021. On the other side, we’ve earlier got a few leaks stated that there would be no iPhone SE 3 in 2021. Though, we may be hoping extensively for this handset – if we find it a little.

To another place, Wedbush securities reports that an inexpensive 4G model of the future iPhone 12 will come in about February of 2021. Now, here is also an iPhone SE 3 Plus to reflect. It was thought to launch sometime later the iPhone SE (2020), and even though we didn’t get more about it. Ming-Chi Kuo (a leaker with a good reputation) claimed that iPhone SE Plus might not launch till April 2021. Though, there is another thing that may launch rather than the iPhone SE or as SE 3.  Possibly we’ll see an iPhone SE 3 Plus and an iPhone SE 3 both at the time of launch. It’s difficult to say anything at this stage. As for the asking price, there’s no update here about it.

Price Rumors

However, the iPhone SE (2020) begins at AU$749 / £419/ $399. So the iPhone SE 3 expects to have the same cost tag – if not possibly somewhat greater. However, there’s no solid news on an expected iPhone SE 3 cost still. But rendering to leaks on social media, Apple operates on three iPhone SE versions for 2021 that will cost below $500. We would suppose Apple to demand around a $100 exceptional above the iPhone SE. So the iPhone SE Plus might price for $499 with 64GB storage. While going up to 128GB would possibly cost $50 extra.

Specs and Features Leaks

SpecsiPhone SE 3
DisplaySize: may be 5.5 or 6.1 inches
IPS LCD screen
Storagemay be 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Chipsetmay be A14 Bionic chipset
Cameramay be dual rear setup:
12MP main, 12MP ultra wide angle
Battery2821 mAh or more may be
Launch dateExpected in April 2021
Release statusNot yet announced
iPhone SE 3
Photo Credit: Apple

We did not get enough about the iPhone SE 3 up till now. However, if it winds up being the leaked iPhone SE 3, it will apparently have a large display. According to the leak, it will be larger than 4.7-inches iPhone SE (2020). Leaks suggest that it will be either a 5.5 or 6.1 inches large display. Provided that the iPhone SE (2020) came with the newest obtainable Apple processor. We could also take up that the iPhone SE 3 will have the same chipset. It means that the A14 chipset, which we’re assuming to unveiling in the iPhone 12 series. With the A14 Bionic Chipset, three iPhone SE 3 are also expecting to launch at a time. It may available for 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage versions.

Camera Leaks

As far as the Camera concern, we didn’t get detail about it. However, as iPhone SE 2020 came with a single front 12MP camera with 7MP single selfie snapper. So, we can hope for better camera quality in this upcoming iPhone. The iPhone SE 3 or iPhone SE Plus can be even more multipurpose. JP Morgan Chase claims that Apple will go for a similar camera format as in iPhone 11. This will offer the handset one ultra-wide lens and the main snapper.

iPhone SE 3
Credit: Apple

Battery Life Leaks

However, the iPhone SE 2020 did not influence us in our analysis. Its smaller battery of 1,821mAh power standby just 9 hours and 10 minutes on our web browsing test. The iPhone 11 managed well in our analysis at 11 hours and 16 minutes. Though, it was above 4G. Apparently, the iPhone SE 3 or iPhone SE Plus will provide 5G accessibility, which will offer a toll on strength. Yet, you should suppose an increase with a superior battery.

Charging Rumors

Comes to charging, we are truly expecting Apple conduits Quick for USB-C by the time iPhone SE Plus moves around. However, we wouldn’t stake on this. More notably, we could not presume a charger in the package. Apple has initiated this trend with an iPhone 12. Similar to the iPhone SE, the iPhone SE Plus would seemingly favor Qi wireless charging. So, it should apply to any best wireless charger available there. We could not presume MagSafe support here, but you not ever know.

What Specs We Wish to See in iPhone SE 3

Virtually the iPhone SE 2020 is the previous one, so there’s constantly space for upgrading. We have prepared a wish list of what we want to see in the latest iPhone SE model. Have a look!

A Contemporary Design

iPhone SE 3 leaks
Image credit: GSMarena

The iPhone SE (2020) has a somewhat outdated design and definitely antique design than the rest of the existing iPhone handsets. So we’d love to see the latest specs for the iPhone SE 3. With this, we mean throw out the home key and large bezels overhead and underneath the display for an extra fresh look. Doing this will also permit Apple to enlarge the display size without enhancing the whole size of the phone. Though, otherwise, keeping the display in the same size will contract the handset even shorter.


The iPhone SE (2020) comes with an IPS LCD screen with 750 x 1334pixels.  Though, none of these is precisely revolutionary. Nowadays, there are obviously restrictions to what can be offered in a mid-range handset. However, when you think that equally priced Google Pixel 4a or OnePlus Nord handle OLED technology and a larger resolution. It’s difficult to see how Apple can defend overlooking these specs from the following iPhone SE version.

iPhone sE 3
Photo credit: Apple

Improved Battery Life

The iPhone SE (2020) comes with a short 1,821mAh battery which may appear realistic with the handset’s compressed size. However, we got it didn’t go extreme, standby about a day. This’s not awful, but it’s definitely not inspiring, so we’d appreciate far more from the battery in this next SE version. It is up to Apple that whether attained it through enhancing the size or making specs more effective.

Keep It Trivial and Reasonable

The iPhone SE (2020) sticks out over both its trivial size and its fairly reasonable cost. We need both of these features to persist for the iPhone SE 3 too. There aren’t various compressed handsets to any further extent. Definitely not ones with decent specs, and the iPhones are not affordable at all. Therefore, these two specs would make for a prodigious blend.

More cameras

The iPhone SE (2020) comes with only one snapper on the rear and a single selfie camera on the front. Though they sensibly well, they don’t offer you the flexibility you can find with more sensors. Obviously, even with iPhone 11 have only dual-lens snapper, we don’t imagine lavishly more from the iPhone SE 3. However, when you think that competitors like the OnePlus Nord have four rear cameras and dual on the front. So, you’d ponder an additional lens or two more wouldn’t be excessive to demand.

iPhone SE 3 rumors
Image source: Apple

5G Accessibility

At the moment of review, no existing iPhone offers 5G. That will probably modify with the unveiling of the iPhone 12. However, we actually expect Apple permits the technology filter down to this upcoming iPhone as it previously exists on a few of the SE (2020)’s opponents, remarkably Moto G 5G Plus and OnePlus Nord. We would love to see this 5G connectivity in this iPhone model.

A Bigger Screen Refresh Rate

Another spec presented by several opponents nowadays is a higher screen refresh rate. The iPhone SE (2020) comes with an average 60Hz refresh rate that comparatively all phones other than gaming handsets presented.  However, many typical handsets have display refresh rates of 90Hz or 120Hz. However, er it will be prodigious, i.e., Apple also offers a higher refresh rate in the upcoming iPhone SE model.

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