Kids GPS Watch: Best Way to Monitor Location of Children

Kids GPS watch offers the best tracking features that allow you to monitor your child’s location. In this way, you can keep an eye on each activity of your kid. Moreover, a kids GPS watch can also help you find your lost child with the help of GPs tracking. The kids’ GPS Watch has been specially designed to provide composure about a kid’s whereabouts to parents. It’s not ever simple to keep checking on active kids.

Thus, GPS tracking is the following-best mode of keep observing them and certifying their security.  Well, there are a lot of tracing devices obtainable that have been intended with kids in mind. However, they usually take the type of wristband or a pin connected to your child’s dressing.

Best GPs for kids
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They use kids GPS and other setups to trace your child and mainly allow you to arrange geo-hedged ‘safe zones’. Moreover, the kids’ GPS watch is usually simple to wear, sliding simply onto a wrist and let you identify locations.  The best kids GPS watch can even convey an SOS alert to you and other care-donors if there’s a problem in some conditions.

Though, all of this info can derive in handy whether your child moves to school or shuttle among after-school events. We reflect all these features to get the best kids GPS Watch. Plus, there is a different variation if you want the GPS watch for older or youngsters, not for kids. So, you can get other GPS trackers for other age groups. But, in this article, we have some of the best kids GPS watches that you may

How to Select Kids GPS Watch

Here are the standards we reflect when defining the kids’ GPS watch.

Features: On top of tracking location, the GPS watch also provides a mass of elements. These features include one- and two-mode voice call and the capacity to arrange geo-fenced zones that sends SOS alert.  While getting the GPS watch, you search this feature too to locate your child is lost.

Performance: You want a kid’s GPS watch that precisely shows a person’s location, with regular updates when a kid is on the move. We’ve seen that GPS trackers usually run better in vast open areas with less precise signals. So, the performance also matters to select the best GPS tracker watch for kids.

Design: We reflected the size of GPS trackers and whether a child could wear them around. We also observed sturdiness: Could the GPS watch survive rough-and-flip trips to the schoolyard?

Price: Along with paying sincerely for a GPS watch, there are monthly subscriptions fees. We reflected on what every GPS watch will charge you per month and whether you need to sign a subscription contract. Well, these are the factors you have to reflect on while picking the best GPS phone watch for kids.

Best Kids GPS Watch: User Guide in detail

Further down, we have our top pick of the best kids GPS watch that you can choose for your kids. Have a look!

Tinitell: Best Kids GPS Watch

SpecsTinitell Watch
DesignTracking watch with wrist band
ConnectivityTinitell App with tablet handset and PC
Additional features2G SIM Card for calls
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  • Sim Card slot
  • Can make or receive calls
  • Best GPS tracking
  • Easy to use set up

Tinitell is the best kids smartwatch and our top pick as the best kids GPS Watch you can buy.  It comes with decent features of GPS tracking that allow you to locate your child quickly. Though, it permits you to trace your child easily wherever in the sphere. The Tinitell GPs watch is also the best GPs phone watch for kids as it comes with a SIM slot. So, you can insert a 2G SIM card in it.  . This SIM card also allows Tinitell to work as a wearable cell phone. So with this, your child can make voice calls through a simple large-button interface on the watch.

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best tracker for kids
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Furthermore, the Tinitell comes with some intelligent apps and Tinitell’s own App that displays your kid’s location every time. Plus, you can fix it up with 12 contacts between reliable friends and family. Thus, your kid will never feel out of touch if they’ve misplaced it. On top of all, the wristband is resilient to dirt and harm. Moreover, this GPS watch comes with big buttons design which means that the smallest kid can make out what’s happening. Conclusively, it is the best kids GPS watch that you can buy for your kids.

Filip: Best Gps Tracking

SpecsFiLip Watch
DesignGPS tracker with band.
Big calling button for calls
ConnectivityFilip app for connectivity
Additional featuresCall recording , SOS alerts for emergency
  • Send or receive Voice messages
  • Best GPS phone watch
  • Manages through App
  • Safe zone alerts

The Filip GPs watch has been designed to keep your child secure with some independent features. The Filip watch is a wearable wristband that operates as a partial cell phone, something like Tinitell. Additionally, it runs with the peculiar app that parents can activate through their IOS and Android phones.  So, the parents can convey one-way voice messages to their kid’s FiLIP GPS watch. Plus, they can regulate who their kid can call from the device.

Top kids GPs watch
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The Filip GPS trackers are exclusively valuable due to their ability to make safe zones. In this feature, the caretakers can get an SOS alert if their kids misplace specific locations. It could be used to watch the child’s school presence closely or to check the kid’s presence at Native Park. Moreover, an emergency calling button permits the kids to communicate with the primary account owner. Then it will record voice calls, comprising background sounds. But it is pretty disappointing that FiLIP is just obtainable in the US right now. Overall, it is one of the best GPS phone watches for kids.

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PocketFinder: Backpack GPS Trackers

DesignPocket sized Robust, waterproof build, without band
Connectivity App link with Pc or handset
Additional features, SOS alerts, Monthly subscription plan
View on Amazon
  • Pocket-sized tracker
  • Subscription Plan along with device price
  • SOS Alerts
  • Robust build

Pocket Finder is the best pocket-sized GPS tracker that can easily place in your kid’s pocket or backpack. It is an ideal GPS tracking device for kids who don’t wish to wear a wristwatch. With this, parents can watch their child’s location on Google Maps while using their handsets, PC, or tablet. Moreover, the GPS location updates here every two minutes, and like the FiLIP, you can arrange geo-fenced zones. So, with this, you can get SOS alerts when your child misplaces from supposed locations.

Best location tracer for kids
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An emergency SOS alert activates by thumping the clip touching a solid surface three times. Furthermore, this GPs tracking device is strong enough to endure day-to-day use. But, it should be noticed that you need to get a subscription to the service plan along with the tracker price. So, you will have to pay $12.95 per month in the US for this subscription while $29.95 per month somewhere else. Overall, it is the best GPS tracking device for your kids.

HereO: GPS Tracker for Young Children

DesignGPS tracker with waterproof build with big panic button for emergency
ConnectivityApp manages through handset
Additional Features, SOS alerts, Integral SIM card that can run over 20 countries
View on Amazon
  • For younger kids
  • Waterproof build
  • In-built SIM card
  • Fastest GPS tracking

Hero GPS tracker comes with a very colorful and robust design that attracts the younger child. Indeed, it is the ideal GPS watch for younger kids. It lands with a sturdy build and water-resistant case, which means it can endure everything youngster casts while tracking activities. The parents can observe important locations for their kids on top of their present position with safe zones.

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GPs watch
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Moreover, the HereO GPS watch will also convey to you the wildest route to the child’s existing location. Plus, you will find a panic button here that will be aware of all family fellows to the child’s locations. The outstanding feature includes its integral SIM card that allows you to receive calls or voice messages. The plus point of the SIM card is that it’ll operate in more than 120 countries without extra purchases. Overall, it is the best kids’ GPS watch that you can purchase for younger kids.

Weenect kids: Handy GPS Trackers

SpecsWeenect kids Watch
DesignBumpier tracker for backpacks
ConnectivityThrough App
Additional FeaturesMap, Radar and Compass tracking with SOS alerts
View on Amazon
  • Bumpier device
  • Three real-time tracking modes
  • SOS alert

Weenect is a bumpier-looking device than all of the others mentioned above, but it is suitable for those having a more inept child. Though this GPs tracking device is quite handy, that can easily connect to their dress or bag. Moreover, this device is perfect for keeping an eye on kids’ activities. If they go out of a specific safe zone, an alert pop up, then send it your way. Moreover, your kid will also be able to convey you an alert in case of a disaster.

Best tracking device for kids
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Though, the Weenect reverses up these abilities with an option of three real-time tracing modes. On top of that, the Map, radar, and compass options certify that you can trace your kid down. Furthermore, it comes with seven days of prolonging battery life which is an additional boon. Conclusively, this is the best kids GPS watch you can buy to trace your kid’s location.

General FAQs

Q: Can you refer us to any device that we can use to trace kid location?
A: Yes, you can buy kids a GPS watch for this.
Q: Which tracking watch is best for kids?
A: Tinitell is the best GPS watch for kids.
Q: Can you refer us to any GPS watch for younger kids?
A: yes, you can buy a Hero GPS watch for younger kids.
Q: Is there any tracking device for kids with a more extended battery?
A: Yes, Weenect kids is the best tracking device that offers 7 days battery life.
Q: Is there any tracking device that we can put in the kid's bag?
A: yes, you can buy Pocket Finder that is the best pocket-sized GPS tracker.

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