Lenovo Legion Phone Duel Appraisal: An Impeccable 5G Gaming Phone

Lenovo Legion duel phone is the perfect future-proof gaming handset with 5G connectivity. It is the best gaming device we have ever seen before. Though, many of latest competitor has moved in the gaming android market place. But the Lenovo Legion Dual Phone is the leader of its track; its presence isn’t entirely all of a sudden. Lenovo is the brand that advertises Motorola handsets, so it’s no foreigner to handsets, and Lenovo Legion is previously a series of gaming-based laptops and PCs.

So, this handset is a rational marriage of those invention lines. Surefire, the Legion Phone Duel takes the lead over Black Shark 4 in some respects. However, few might not consider that worth the additional price. However, the Legion Phone Duet is the prodigious handset for gaming. Still, it’s excellent for gaming and is an initial noble effort for the Lenovo Legion handset support.

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel Specs in Depth

Though, the Legion Phone Duel is possibly the top gaming handset we had got in 2020. It came with the high-end chipset accessible when it hurled, the 865 Plus Snapdragon joined with 12GB or 16GB RAM. The display here is a 144Hz refresh rate AMOLED screen. This high refresh rate offers super smoothness while scrolling, and the AMOLED screen gives bright colors for gaming.  It also provides you with dual forward-facing speakers for clear sound. The battery life is also inspiring well suitable for many hours of gaming.  These features put the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel on an equal footing with other gaming handsets.

Lenovo legion duel
Picture source: Future

The Lenovo Legion phone duel is an excellent regular phone as well as a good gaming phone. It is the 1st handset that offers super-fast charging with 9W power. It takes hardly less than 30 minutes to power up the handset from zero to 100%. The Lenovo Legion Phone Duet is also available in a more affordable variant with 12GB RAM that offers 65W fast charging. However, the Phone Duel cost seems like the expensive side as it is one of the marketplace’s pricy gaming handsets.

SpecificationLenovo legion phone duel
DesignDimensions: 169.2 x 78.5 x 9.9 mm
Weight: 239 g
Glass front, glass back, aluminum frame
DisplaySize: 6.65 inches
Resolution: 1080 x 2340 pixels
AMOLED, 144Hz, HDR10+
CameraDual rear: 64MP main, 16MP ultra-wide
Front: Motorized pop-up 20 MP
Video recording: 4K@30fps
BatteryLi-Po 5000 mAh, non-removable
charging 90W, 50% in 10 min, 100% in 30 min (512GB 16GB RAM model)
Fast charging 65W, (128GB 12GB RAM, 256GB 12GB RAM models)

Performance and Specs

  • 865 Plus Snapdragon processor,
  • RAM: 12GB or 16GB
  • 256GB/512GB storage

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is the gaming handset with the most prevailing chipset to rung demanding games. It offers you a high-end 865 Plus chipset with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage. You can also get relatively low 12GB RAM with a 256GB storage variant with the same incorporated chipset. However, the 865 Plus Snapdragon chipset is the perfect gaming-adjusted chipset available for Android at the time of its announcement.

lenovo legion
Picture source: Future

Performance-wise it is the beast of running demanding games smoothly without any delay or pause. While testing its performance, we conclude that the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is as quick and prevailing as one could wish. We played almost all types of famous titles to judge their performance. We never bump into stumbling or any lag, even in comparatively rigorous tags.

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel Cost and Obtainability

  • Two variants, with different storage, RAM, and charging haste
  • Begins at just £799 (bumpily AU$1,440,$1,060)
  • Obtainable in Europe and UK

You can choose up the Lenovo legion phone duet in Europe and the UK right away. At the same time, this handset is not coming to Australia or the US. But as Lenovo usually operates in those states, we won’t forget it about. The handset with 12GB RAM / 256GB internal space-variant comes at £799 (bumpily AU$1,440, $1,060). You can also get a 16GB RAM / 512GB storage option, which presents those mentioned above 90W extra fast charging speed. That variant will charge you £899 (around AU$1,620, $1,200). For that, fast charging speed isn’t obtainable only yet, and some folks will truly escalate the additional RAM. However, we’d stated the standard model is possibly suitable for many people. But contended gamers, or folks who need the out-and-out maximum storage capacity possible, may favor the costlier variant.

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel Design

  • Confident ‘gamer’ build
  • Intended for use in the countryside
  • Huge, but simple to use by one hand
  • Dimensions:169.2 x 78.5 x 9.9mm
  • Weight: 239g

You’re not heading for looking at the Legion Phone Duel and complicate it with a regular non-gaming phone. Though, its form factor isn’t as outspoken as that of few other gaming handsets. It has a somewhat worn and brutal appearance, with bright LED ‘Y’ and holographic ‘X’ on the rear. It’s not a gigantic handset as gaming phones go, with 169.2 x 78.5 x 9.9mm build dimensions. Whereas, somebody who’s fallow to phones in this marketplace would probably get that pretty significant. It offers a bodyweight of 239g, which is undoubtedly on the bumpy stage of the scales. On the right side, you will get a side-fixed lock button located at the downside. Thus, we suppose that many folks will get it easy to approach.

lenovo legion phone duel
Credit: Future

A more prominent volume button is present on the left side, which isn’t reachable, though.  The phone comprises two ports: also with one on the bottom, here is a second on underneath of volume button. This additional port permits you to hook up a second fixture or power up the phone faster from these ports simultaneously. Legion phone is a gaming device, so it means you’re receiving bright LED arrangements on the rear. Some may dislike it, others love it paradoxically, and some folks sincerely do love handsets that seem like it. On the rear side, you will get two rear snappers flush with glassy rear. While on the front, a selfie snapper is present on the upper side of the handset. The overall design looks amazing while clutching in hand.

Legion Phone Dual Display

  • Massive 144Hz screen refresh rate
  • 65-inches screen
  • FHD+ Resolution
  • AMOLED screen

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel land with a 6.65-inches screen – a somewhat slighter than the displays on few other gaming handsets. Though, here is the AMOLED screen that comes with an FHD+ HDR10+ resolution. Therefore, the picture looks justly greatly clear with effective colors. This display can show any demanding game with maximum brightness. The video streaming is fantastic here too. The legion Phone Duel offers a maximum 144Hz screen refresh rate, just like many other gaming handsets.

lenovo phone duel
Source Image: Future

This considerable refresh rate ensures a buttery smooth display while scrolling the browser or swapping down the apps. This refresh rate is excellent for a gaming phone. To enhance your battery life, you can easily switch to 120Hz, 90Hz, or 60Hz display refresh rate settings. Gamers will like that the display does not keep a punch-hole, notch, or cut-out. As the Legion Duel comes with pop-up selfie snapper. So, it does not sit on the show in notch or cut-out. Conversely, this display is one of the best displays out there.

Legion Duel Cameras

  • Dual rear snapper, single pop-up front snapper
  • 64MP primary, 16MP ultra-wide lens
  • The photo looks decent but not magnificent
  • 20MP pop-up front snapper lack portrait mode

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel offers two rear snappers: a 64MP primary and 16MP ultra-wide sensor. They both work exceptionally, even though you won’t be taking mainly striking shots with this handset. We got that our photos appeared well, but run of the mill. Inclusive quality was appreciable, with sufficient detail, but the pictures didn’t offer an extensive, vibrant range. However, our many shots appeared with a yellowish cast – that was almost palpable in dim-light setups, adding most insides. However, it is evident in exterior photos too.

Lenovo legion duel pop camera
Picture source: Future

Dim-light pictures and dimmer chunks of images tended to appear a bit granular and missing detail. The front pop-up snapper is 20MP, and we were capable of getting few somewhat decent selfies. However, the absence of a Portrait mode can be a problem for someone. This snapper also offers you a beauty mode that you can squeeze but lack background blurring or Bokeh effect. You can also record video at 4K, but just at 30fps.

Battery Life

  • 5,000mAh large battery
  • Easily standby a full day
  • Charging speed: 65W in reasonable 90W in costlier model
lenovo legion phone duel
Photo credit: Future

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel impressed us with its battery life as it comes with a massive 5000mAh battery that can easily last for one day with a single charge. While playing games or internet browsing, you may need it to charge before going to bed. But if you use it without playing or with light use, it may go another day. It also inspires us with super-fast 65W in proper or 90W extra-fast charging in costly variant speeds. The expensive variant offers a 90W charging unit that is the fastest on the marketplace. It enables you to charge the handset from zero to 100% in less than 30 minutes. That wonderful enough!

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