Moto G100 Appraisal: Motorola’s Most Influential Reasonable Handset

Moto G100 is a snooping handset as you can’t get it alone. You have to get this handset together with a dock. However, it is an affordable handset, but with the port, you have to pay more. So, collectively, it comes at a comparatively high price point. The dock that comes with Moto G100 enables you to connect the handset to a TV or computer. Surefire, this feature is delightful to play about. However, the handset is more prominent in size and difficult to handle by one hand. Performance-wise, it is pretty prevailing too. But we can’t easily endorse it to the people who are in search of really cheap handsets.

Moto G100 Specifications

SpecificationsMoto G100
DesignMagnitudes: 168.4x74.0x9.7mm
Weight: 207g
Plastic body
DisplaySize: 6.7-inches
Resolution: FHD Plus
90Hz screen refresh rate,
Aspect ratio: 21:9
CameraFour rear and two front snappers
Rear snappers: 64MP main, 16MP ultra-wide,2MP depth sensor, (TOF)Time of Flight lens
Front snapper: 16MP main, 8MP ultra-wide camera
video recording at 6K@30fps, 4K@30/60fps
Chipset Snapdragon 870 5G chipset
BatteryLi-Po 5000 mAh, non-removable
charging: 20W
ColorIridescent Sky, Iridescent Ocean, Slate Grey

If you’re familiar with Motorola’s cheap handsets, then you’ll be surprised when you know more about Moto G100. It also offers you a cable and stands to use Ready for set up in a mid-range price tag. You will be curious about what is Ready For design? It’s a mode of using your phone along with a TV, monitor, or computer. Therefore, you can utilize the larger screen as a gaming platform, workstation, or mode to streaming media. Well, that’s a cool perception, in the manner of Huawei and Samsung’s substitutes. However, it’s shameful too that it forces you to buy a handset along with a stand. Without stand and cable, you can’t get the handset only.

Moto G100 review
Credit: Future

Just forget about the cable and dock for a while; the Moto G100 is Company’s most prevailing G-lineup handset ever. It comes with the top 870 Snapdragon chipset, a total of six snappers, and a massive display. However, the processor is very prodigious for gaming, streaming, and much more. The Moto G100 has more resemblance with the Moto One 5G and Moto G5G Plus. This looks right that Company’sCompany’s, another affordable 5G handset, has hordes of standard features with its primary handset. A few of the main irritating specs are, as it is like previous ones. For instance, the fingerprint scanner is challenging to use, and Google assistant key is annoying too. Though the Moto G100 is a pretty decent mid-range handset. Suppose you are not interested in Ready For setup, then we can’t endorse it to you.

Specs and Performance

  • Ready for setup: dock and cable
  • Qualcomm’s 870 Snapdragon
  • RAM: 8GB/12GB
  • Storage: 128GB or 256GB
moto G 100 appraisal
Picture source: Future

Typically, Motorola’s G-lineup handsets come with mid-range or low-end processors. But, this not the scene with Moto G100 as it houses a top-end Qualcomm’s 870 Snapdragon chipset. With this high-end processor, the handset can run all demanding games and challenging apps quickly. The RAM is also a high-end-8GB and 12GB variant. So the internet browsing and scrolling would be great with this RAM capacity. In addition to gaming, you’ll probably be utilizing the handset for its ‘Ready For’ setup. With this setup, you can plug your handset into your TV, monitor, or computer to acquire additional tasks. You can also cast the streaming options onto the larger display or use it for your office tasks. For storage, here it offers you a hefty 128GB or 256GB storage.

Moto G100 Release Date and Price

  • Declared but not released yet
  • Prices at just £450 (bumpily AU$820, $620)
  • It will be soon available in the UK and other regions
  • It will not land in the US

Though we don’t get an accurate release date for the Moto G100 handset, we know it will go for sale soon. The Moto G100 begins at just £450 (bumpily AU$820, $620). Although we don’t get about its obtainability in Australia, it’s undoubtedly not landing in the US. For that selling point, you’re receiving the handset on top of the Ready For setup. This setup comprises a connector cable and a dock too. It is a bit disappointing that you are unable to buy the phone alone. Provides that the Moto G 5G plus prices at £299 (around AU$535, $375). Whereas the Moto G30 begins at £159 (around $290, $220) in the UK. When we compare the handset with its precursors, we see that it is a bit expensive than the previous ones.

Moto G100 Design

  • Magnitudes: 168.4×74.0x9.7mm
  • Weight: 207g
  • Plastic body
  • Thick and Hefty to hold
  • Hard to reach the fingerprint scanner
  • Keeps 3.5mm earphone jack, Google assistant button
Motorola G100
Image credit: Future

The Moto G100 is a pretty big handset, so one can feel difficult to grip it comfortably with one hand. The phone is not thin and light as well; it’s dense and weighty, too, as the phone comes with hefty dimensions of 168.4×74.0x9.7mm and a weight of 207g. Overall, the handset comes with a plastic body. The handset comes with overall six snappers: four rear and two front snappers. It also offers you a 3.5mm earphone jack, USB-C port, a fingerprint sensor attached on the right unlock button. At the same time, the volume button is present just over the power button. On the left side, the Google Assistant button is present too. However, the fingerprint sensor is not easily reachable due to the enormous size of the handset. This scanner is a bit erratic too, and it frequently didn’t scan our finger at the first attempt. Overall the design is decent and quite virtuous too.


  • Size: 6.7-inches
  • Resolution: FHD Plus
  • 90Hz screen refresh rate,
  • Aspect ratio: 21:9
Display moto G100
Image source: Future

The Moto G100 comes with a large display of 6.7-inches. This display comes with a high FHD+ resolution and a 90Hz screen refresh rate. The panel also keeps a 21:9 feature ratio and favors HDR10 support. However, those features are bumpily suitable for a handset of its market sector. In contrast, most of the handset in this price tag offer a higher refresh rate of 120Hz. But this 90Hz refresh rate is also reasonable to provide you smooth display. Overall the Moto G100 delivers an excellent display to watch movies and play games at full brightness.

Moto G100 Cameras

  • Total six snappers: Four rear and Two front cameras
  • Rear snappers: 64MP main, 16MP ultra-wide,2MP depth sensor, (TOF)Time of Flight lens
  • Front snapper: 16MP main, 8MP ultra-wide camera
  • video recording at 4K and 6K resolution

Overall, the Moto G100 comes with six cameras that include four rear and two front snappers. The rear snappers comprise a 64MP primary, 2MP depth scanner, 16MP ultra-wide lens, and Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor. For selfies, you will get a 16MP primary selfie snapper with 8MP ultra-wide lens. During our routine testing, we found its camera very striking. It impressed us a lot with its upgrades that it comes with.

Motorola G 100 camera results
Source: Future

Photos appeared justly bright and lively with sufficient detail. The same case we viewed with the ultra-wide shots too. The selfie camera is also able to give bright and true-to-life selfies. Comes to video recording, Moto G100 can record video at 4K and 6K resolution. It records 4K video up to 60fps and 6K video at up to 30fps. We did not get in other top-ends as they offer 4K and 8K recording mainly. The photography and video recording specs look as upgraded well than previous handsets. That a good thing, by the way.

Battery Life

  • Battery: 5,000mAh
  • 20W wired charging
  • No wireless and reverse charging

The handset comes with an enormous battery of 5000mAh power. However, we did not yet test its battery performance. However, we can say with this massive battery it can last for long. For the charging, you get a 20W wired capacity here that charges the phone quite fast. However, it is not a super-fast 65W feature that many other top-ends offer. But for the price, it may work well to power up the handset. However, the handset doesn’t offer you reverse and wireless charging.


Q: What is Ready For setup?
A: Ready for setup consists of a dock and cable that comes with Moto G100 handset
Q: What is the purpose of ready for setup?
A: The ready-for setup offers you a cable and dock that enable you to connect your handset with your big screen TV, monitor and computers too.
Q: In how many colors the Moto G100 is available?
A: It is available in three color variants: Iridescent Sky, Iridescent Ocean, and Slate Grey.
Q: Can we get the Moto G100 alone?
A: No, it is not available alone.

The Moto G100 is a robust mid-range handset that offers you a big battery, highly upgraded camera, large screen, and top processor. We can recommend this handset for those who want a good camera and high-end power ability. Those who are not interested in Ready For setup should not go for this as this handset does not come alone.

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