Nokia 10 Launch Date Leaks and Feature Rumors

Nokia 10 or Nokia 9.2 or 9.3 are expected names of the next Nokia smartphone to launch this year. Could the next Nokia handset recover on the previous flagship?  Will the Nokia 10 be Nokia’s first handset that is out in 2021?  It’s probable, and some admirers consider so, but these questions remain till its proper launch. Previously, we had to wait too long for the follow-up of the Nokia 9 Pure-View since 2019 as we heard that follow-up to Nokia 9 PureView would release in 2019.  However, with time, we have gradually been losing our hope of getting this rumored handset.

That addition was supposed to be named as Nokia 9.2, or 9.3, but Nokia 10 was a title we also heard of before. Moreover, the latest updates make it appear more probably that’ll be the ultimate release name of the handset. However, Nokia is usually a mid-ranger and reasonable handset victor. It also releases the peculiar leading handsets from time to time. And that’s precisely what we suppose the Nokia 10 to be: the latest out-class handset from the company.

Nokia 10 or 9.2 PureView Leaks and Expecting Specs

The Nokia’s venture into 5G handsets with the Nokia 8.3 5G gave us an adequate but dull handset. Positively the Nokia 10 will permit the company to boaster a few cool latest camera technology or other top specs. If you’re a Nokia buff or only interested in all the alleged handsets, we’ve collected the dripped info below. In addition to a demand list for what specs we wish to see in this handset.

Recent Update: A rumor suggests that the Nokia 10 may launch in the first half of 2021.

Points We Want to Know
  • What is this? The Nokia’s upcoming top-end handset
  • When is it releasing? Possibly in the first half of 2021
  • What will it cost? Expected at least £549 / $699/ AU$980

Expected Launch Date and Cost

We supposed the latest Nokia flagship to be boaster at MWC 2020 as HMD Global (the current owners of Nokia handsets) held a press conference on 23 February.  But due to Covid-19 terrors, the significant speech was null and void. Since then, as time passes gradually, many rumors and leaks appeared and gone. The newest leak about release suggests its launch in the first half of 2021. Though one more recent leak about the release date suggests, the handset will land in the second half of 2021. Therefore we may not get it anytime shortly.

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Nokia 10 leaks
Credit: GSMarena

It is quite noticeable that the handset could unveil as the Nokia 10. However, we’ve also got that we may find Nokia 9.2 or Nokia 9.3, upgraded models of Nokia 9 PureView. We’ve collected leaks of both in this review. But we probably may see the Nokia 9.2/9.3 and Nokia 10 released separately as two dissimilar handsets. Therefore, you must keep that in mind. Concerning the price, the Nokia 9 PureView was hurled for £549 / $699/ AU$980. We’d presume the latest ‘better’ handset to be priced at least in that range, if not further. Stating that, if it’s a great upgrade on the previous phone, we wouldn’t suppose it to price more.

What Will Be Its Name, Either Nokia 10 or 9.2 or 9.3?

We’re naming the latest handset the Nokia 10, for its precursor was the Nokia 9. Though, as noted overhead, we’ve got some diverse names that the company could use for its latest handset. The first tag is the Nokia 9.1, which seems right in an approach. It is because when Nokia releases an efficient handset, it uses a numbering scheme. For instance, the Nokia 7.1 got ahead by the Nokia 7.2. This title would propose that the latest flagship is just a somewhat upgraded model of the 9 PureView. However, it is not an exclusively innovative phone.

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Nokia 10 rumors
Photo Credit: Nokiamob

Then again, we’ve also got Nokia may bounce 9.1. It may leap directly to 9.2 names selected to pay back because it could be overdue later in 2020. Definitely, most freshly we’ve got it denoted to as the Nokia 9.3. Nokia 10 was suggested as a name since it’s a boost up from Nokia 9. All that names suggest the handset will be a minor boost from 9 PureView instead of an entirely new thing. The name ‘Nokia 10’ looks gradually probable as, in October 2020, a certified Nokia paper trickled that name-dropped the handset. Still, as listed, that could wind up being diverse to the Nokia 9.-something. That would be quite a strange jump, but doubtfully no further than like Samsung jump from S10 to S20.

Nokia’s Upcoming Handset Spec Rumors and Leaks

SpecificationNokia 10 or 9.2
Designindigo glassy display with stainless steel frames with corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection
Display6.29 or 6.3 inches OLED screen
CameraExpecting penta rear snapper with Ziess Optics with 64MP main, 8K video recoding capability
under display Selfie snapper of 32MP
Battery4500mah battery with Qi wireless charging
ChipsetSnapdragon 875 or snapdragon 865

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We’ve got a leak that the descendant to Nokia 9 Pureview would be a 5G handset. That would seem right, mainly that many phones are 5G comprising Nokia’s own leading Nokia 8.3 is 5G enable. We’d also got that Nokia’s next leading flagship will not launch at MWC 2020. To facilitate, it could have the top-end 865 Snapdragon chipset, as the Nokia 9 had a somewhat obsolete chipset. The abandoning of MWC 2020 made that slightly of a debatable point, though.

Though, the Snapdragon 865 has been obtainable for years now. We’re now getting that the Nokia 10 has been overdue further to add an 875 Snapdragon chipset. However, it has not been launched on the record still at the time of review. Along with that, it will apparently land with an indigo glassy display with stainless steel frames. You would get a large OLED screen of 6.29 inches with a 120 Hz screen refresh rate.

To protect the display, you will get Corning Gorilla Glass 6 on the front of the screen. We got a leak about the upcoming Nokia handset, probably the Nokia 10, which will possess under-display front snapper. It will not like the usual one situated in a notch or bezel. This superior spec could be somewhat inapt on the Nokia handset if it is a really top-end handset.

Nokia 10
Image source: Nokiamob

Apparently, this handset wouldn’t be a Nokia 9 PureView descendant, then, as that’s a high but not reasonably top-end handset. For this spec, we’d presume a really cutting-edge leading handset. Coming toward the cameras, a source Nokia Power User states Nokia 9.2 PureView will possess a very diverse camera format. The rear camera will be a Penta snapper setup with Zeiss optics. At the same time, the under-display selfie snapper will be 32MP with a front flash. Though the Nokia 10 will be capable of recording 8K video at 30fps.

As far as storage and RAM concern, you will get up to 256GB storage with 8GB RAM. While coming to battery here, you may find a large 4500mAh battery with Qi wireless charging. To conclude, we’ve got a rumor that Nokia is working on foldable handsets.  While it’s extremely doubtful the Nokia 9.1 or 9.2 or 10 would be this handset. Though it’s probable Nokia could declare this phone like the Nokia 10, setting it down as a big bound.

The Specs We Wish to See in Nokia 10 or 9.2 PureView

While we got many leaks and rumors about the upcoming Nokia handset, we still want some specs to see in the upcoming Flagship. So we design a demanding list of these specs. Here are few specs we’d wish to have in the upcoming Nokia leading handset. So that it will become a true challenger in the race full of top-ends in the marketplace, have a look!

A Multipurpose Camera

Nokia 9.2 or 10 spec leaks
Photo credit: Nokiamob

Whereas the Nokia 9 PureView came with a Penta rear snapper, but we truly found the snap-taking abilities weren’t prodigious. This is because, in the camera, all the lenses possessed the same resolution. But the difference is only black and white lenses here. The Nokia did this to make sure its handset took bizarre standard photos. Due to the absence of ultra-wide-angle and telephoto or depth lens, they did not show any versatility in photos. In the Nokia 10, or the upcoming Nokia flagship is named, we’d expect a few diverse lenses. Therefore we would be able to take good macro shots, zoomed-in photos, and many more. Higher-res lenses wouldn’t upset either.

A Prevailing Processor

Though the Nokia 9 PureView didn’t land with a dreadful chipset, its 845 Snapdragon chipset was the high-end piece of technology from last year. So from 2019, sufficient handset beat it in case of enactment. Meanwhile, one of the handset’s exclusive vending points was that it took five shots at once and transferred them as RAW files. In this case, a decent processor proves to be useful.

Nokia 9.3 or 10
Source: Nokiamob

We’d love to see the latest high-end chipset in the Nokia 9.2 or Nokia 10. This will almost surely be the 865 Snapdragon if the latest handset releases in 2021. This chipset would noticeably offer the handset sharp processing. However, it should be prodigious for taking shots, graphical interpreting for games, and even probably 5G connection. Meanwhile, that chipset has an integral 5G modem.

5G Connectivity

It looks like 2021 will be the year that 5G handsets truly start becoming reasonable as the 5G phones are considering expensive handsets and may be out of budget for someone. The phones like Samsung Galaxy S20, OnePlus 8 Pro, or Reno series are 5G with a high price tag. We’d love to see Nokia lead the inexpensive 5G handset control, with a phone that maximum people can pay for. However, a 5G strategy will still possibly be costly. The Nokia 10 could become the main contender for this if costs are maintained consistent with its precursor.

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A More Comfy Design

Nokia 10 or 9.2
Picture credit: Nokiamob

One thing we got about the Nokia 9 PureView is that it wasn’t precisely the most contented handset to grasp. The design comes with sharp angles on the boundaries and an entirely flat display. At the same time, many of the top flagships offered curved display designs. Resting on that, the handset didn’t look to have oleo-phobic covering. It means your fingerprints truly definitely reveal upon its body and display. If Nokia truly wants its leading handset to vie with other high-end smartphones, it should create an amazing-looking handset. As the first impression becomes the last one, HMD Global should design its upcoming handset with eye-catching looks.

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