OnePlus 9 Specs Contrast with Google Pixel 5

OnePlus 9 handsets are out now, after a few months of leaks, gossips, and rumors about them. The standard OnePlus 9 shakes a cost beginning at $729 for a massive 128GB variant. However, that is there or thereabouts a similar cost as the Google Pixel 5. However, the latest development arises here with the latest partnership of OnePlus with the Hasselblad camera brand. Coming with Hassel-blad camera features in the OnePlus 9 handsets, its camera capability has been much improved than previous ones. This upgrade in the camera enables the OnePlus 9 phones to compete with the top-end brand handsets easily. Here is one of its top rival, the Google Pixel 5 that seems to have a high-quality image capturing abilities.

OnePlus9 and Google Pixel 5 Specs Difference

Here and now, you might be speculating which one of two handsets to pick up for as both of these handsets offer powerful performance with the prodigious camera. In this review, we discover all the dissimilarities they keep in all main categories. These include design, performance, hardware, battery life, and cameras to assist you with your choice.

SpecificationsGoogle Pixel 5OnePlus 9
FHD+ (1080 x 2340) Flexible OLED
19.5:9 aspect ratio
432 ppi pixel density
HDR support
90Hz refresh rate
Size: 6.55” AMOLED
2400x1080pixels at 402 ppi
Storage128 GB storage128GB / 256GB UFS 3.1
ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 765GQualcomm Snapdragon 888
CameraRear: 12.2MP primary camera
16MP ultra-wide camera
Selfie camera: 8MP
Rear: 48MP main,
50MP ultra-wide
2MP monochrome,
Selfie: 16MP
Battery4080 mAh
18W fast charging
Qi wireless charging
Reverse wireless charging
Warp Charge 65T
15W Qi wireless charging

OnePlus 9 and Google Pixel 5 Colours and Design

  • OnePlus 9 colors: Winter Mist, Astral Black, and Arctic Sky
  • Google Pixel 5 colors: Sorta Sage and Just Black

Firstly, let’s discover how both of these two handsets appear like—the OnePlus 9 lands with a large 6.55-inches screen with flat ends. Surrounding the display is very shrill bezels with a small blow-hole selfie snapper at the upper left. On the rear, the handset is composed of glass with an ever-so-small arc for a comfy hold. In the case of color, the OnePlus 9 lands in three color variants: Winter Mist, Astral Black, and Arctic Sky (not obtainable in the States as of today).

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Oneplus9 v/s Pixel 5
Credit: Phonearena

The OnePlus 9 looks easy to hold and not very hefty or very light, despite having a big display. The Pixel 5 also seems sturdy and solid in hand, so no qualms there.
Going for the Pixel, we should notice that it favors a minimal design with a metallic build. It is only available in two color variants to pick from – Sorta Sage and Just Black. Though, these shades are to be predictable from Google’s standard modest tactic to smartphone build. The Pixel 5 offers wireless charging and also has an IP68 rating for water resistance. However, both specs someway predictable for a leading phone.

OnePlus 9 and Google Pixel 5 Display

  • OnePlus9: 6.55-inches, 120Hz screen refresh rate, OLED
  • Pixel 5: 6.0-inches, 90hz screen refresh rate, OLED

One clear difference between the Pixel 5 and the OnePlus 9 is the dimensions of the display. The OnePlus 9 lands with a larger display at the size of 6.5-inches transversely. It also offers a 2,400 x 1080p resolution with a pixel thickness of about 402 PPI. While the Google Pixel 5 favors a similar resolution but in a pretty compact display. Thus, its picture on the screen should precisely be crunchier. Though, the change in some of the pixels will remains overlooked by the uncovered eye. Overall, both displays are charming to watch movies or play games at high brightness.

Dimensions Differences

  • OnePlus9 Display: 20:9 ratio, 120Hz refresh rate
  • Google Pixel 5 Display: 19:9 ratio, 90Hx refresh rate

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Though both displays come with slightly different refresh rates and the performance is also negligible to notice. Even though a dissimilarity among 60Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz is visible. But the one among 90Hz and 120Hz is scarcely obvious with a bare eye. It means that, in any case, for the normal user, both handsets should appear smooth and watery. The enormous chipset is concealed beneath the OnePlus 9’s exceptional design. It might influence how those handsets appear in smoothness, but more on the CPUs far along.

Oneplus 9 and Goggle pixel 5 rear
Source image: Phonearena

Though the Pixel 5’s screen is indeed a pleasure to view with bright and crisp colors and divergence, the OnePlus 9 display is also prodigious to look at, thanks to its fantastic OLED screen that offers a great view. Undeniably, one dissimilarity worth attentive is the screen ratio of the two handsets. Though the OnePlus 9 is the thinner handset with a ratio of 20:9. It makes it comfier for scrolling and swapping on social media. Whereas the Pixel 5’s slight 19:9 knockouts the good middle-ground for both widescreen browsing and video watching. Generally, both handsets offer the exceptional feel of watching a leading handset’s display.

Performance Differences

  • Google Pixel 5 chipset: Snapdragon 765G
  • OnePlus9 chipset: Snapdragon 888
  • 8GB RAM
  • OnePlus 9 storage: 128GB or 256GB
  • Google Pixel 5 storage: 128GB

We found a significant change between the two handsets in the performance and hardware sectors. Though in 2020, Google did not announce a true leading as such. Assumed the fact it certain to provide the Pixel 5 with more of a top-midrange chipset, the 765G Snapdragon. On another side, the OnePlus is going with a leading-grade, 5nm chipset: the Snapdragon 888. The quicker and huger Snapdragon 888 chipset gives a benefit to the OnePlus 9.

Pixel 5 verses OnePlus 9
Picture credit: Phonearena

It’s much faster and powerful enough to run almost all hefty software and games as coming with a high chipset. Though in our benchmark test, the OnePlus shows a higher score than Pixel 5. However, the Pixel 5 is not a sluggish handset. While in our testing, we found it a pretty high performer than many in the marketplace. It may be satisfactory for many users. Conversely, if you genuinely want those furious-fast speeds and an ultra-prevailing chipset, the OnePlus 9 has enough to offer.

OnePlus 9 and Google Pixel 5 Snapper

  • Pixel 5 camera: Dual rear12MP main, 16MP ultra-wide
  • OnePlus 9 camera: Triple rear 48MP main, 50MP ultra-wide, the 2MP monochrome sensor
  • Pixel 5 selfie camera: 8MP
  • OnePlus 9 selfie snapper: 16MP

As we well know that the Pixel handsets are eminent for their camera expertise. And the Pixel 5 doesn’t upset us in this section either, aside from its meek-looking camera feature sheet. Well-found with a double-cam format, the Google Pixel 5 keeps a 12.2MP primary lens and a 16MP ultra-wide snapper. On the facade, the handset favors an 8MP selfie snapper. On the other side, there’s OnePlus’ latest corporation with top camera brand Hassel-blad. The handset has a 48MP primary snapper, a 50MP ultra-wide norm sensor, just like on the OnePlus 9 Pro, and a 3rd lens working as a monochrome lens.

Oneplus 9 verses Pixel 5 design
Photo credit: Phonearena

The latest ultra-wide lens does assist the OnePlus 9 evade deviations and distortions usual for a wide sensor. However, it is a fact that the Pixel 5 provides noticeable photo quality in several exciting situations. It also produces detailed pictures with realistic colors and an outstanding vibrant range. Selfies appear well-exposed with precise, bright skin tone.
With the Hasselblad technology, the OnePlus9 camera is more proficient in taking bright pictures with details than previous models.

Battery Difference

  • OnePlus 9 battery: 4,500mAh
  • Pixel 5 Battery: 4,080mAh
  • Pixel 5 charging: 45W
  • OnePlus9 charging:18W

The OnePlus 9 has a strong benefit here with its large 4,500mAh battery unit. That’s an improvement over the previous year’s 4,300mAh present on the OnePlus 8. Though coming with the larger battery the OnePlus 9 offers, the enactment is identical, apart from the 120Hz screen refresh rate. The OnePlus 9 keep dependable battery life. Though with hefty usage, it might not be capable of going for two days. The positive thing here is that it comes with Warp Charge. The handset inspires with rapid charging.

On the other side, the Pixel 5 comes with a slighter battery (larger than previous Pixel variants). This battery can go for about one and half days with a single charge with less to normal usage. However, the light users must get 48h power with a solo charge. The OnePlus succeeds here with super-fast charging of 65W, whereas the Pixel 5 reaches its peak at 18W fast charging.


Mentioned above are our most significant pick-up differences between the OnePlus 9 and Pixel 5. Both of the phones are amazing to use and leading ones of their brands presently. But in our opinion, the OnePlus 9 is best if you want a top-end camera, but the Pixel 5 is incredible for the battery. Though, going for fast charging and top-chipset, the OnePlus is best here. Overall, it’s up to you for whom you go for or what your pocket allows for.

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