OnePlus9 Leaks: Everything We Know so Far Including Price and Releasing Date

OnePlus9 and 9-Pro are supposing to become the next top phones launching from the company. Oneplus8 and 8Pro were good phones recently launched by the company but not the impeccable ones. That’s why few updates, official news, and unofficial rumors come up from Oneplus company.

All You Want to Know About OnePlus9

Quick Review

  • What is the device? OnePlus9 is the leading phone in 2021
  • When is it Launching? Probably around March or April in 2021
  • What’s the price? Most likely up to $699 / £599 (likely AU$1,100)

Releasing Date

We haven’t perceived much release data for the OnePlus9.However, like various phone creators OnePlus is a company of convention. So, we are expecting the inauguration to be around April or May 2021. It is also expecting that the launching of the OnePlus9 is to be in March 2021. After the launch, it will be set to release for public use in the Market. The OnePlus9 will likely to be released a week or two after the launch.

From another source Android central told that the OnePlus9 will be launching earlier than estimated in March 2021. An exact date of launching is still not announced, but this is the top information yet. From another source, we got information that March is gonna be in the cards for release.

As far as price concerns, that’s difficult to tell, especially because each successive OnePlus phone sneaks into the best pricing zone more and more.

The OnePlus 8 began at $699 / £599 (likely around AU$1,100) and left up to $799 / £699 (around AU$1,372) for more RAM and storage, and the OnePlus 8 Pro began at $899 / £799 and left up to $999 / £899. These are some great prices – not Samsung Galaxy S-level extensive costs, but expensive than OnePlus phones used to be.

Rumors and Leaks

Credit: GSMarena

A rumor and leak reach to us in the screen shorts captured and real-world photos show the appearance of OnePlus9. Rendering to these rumors, it is going to have Snapdragon 888 running processor, 128GB internal storage, and 8GB RAM. The screen size is speciously going to be greater than that of the OnePlus 8T which is 6.55 inches, but the exact size is not predictable yet. It has a quad lens camera. It is also its specification that its main camera is 48MP (yielding 12mP images), a 48MP ultra-wide one, and an unknown third one.

Oneplus9 is going to have a snapdragon 888 running processor with 8GB RAM  with 128GB internal storage The scores attained in the yardstick are also a mixed bag, with a high single-core product but a slightly low multi-core one. Still, supposing the yardstick is even genuine, Oneplus has sufficient time to develop the phone’s performance.


Source: Mashable

It is also leak information that Oneplus9E may land alongside the OnePlus9 and 9-Pro. However, it may be cheaper than both. If you want a water resistance feature in the Oneplus range then you can find it only in one model that is the Oneplus 9 pro. Which can submerge in the deep-sea beneath 1.5-meter depth for 30 minutes. This feature is not present in Oneplus 9 and Oneplus 9E.

StatusComing soon
DesignDimension: 160.7 x 74.1 x 8.4 mm
Weight: 188g
Displaysize: 6.7inches
1080 x 2400 pixels
Fluid AMOLED Capacitive touchscreen
Corning Gorilla Glass
HardwareCPU: Snapdragon 188 Soc
GPU: Adreno 660
Storage128GB 256GB
RAM8GB or 12GB
Rear Camera64MP Wide
Video record at 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/240fps, Auto HDR
Selfie Camera16MP wide
Dual Flash, Panorama
Battery5000mah battery

The Things We Want To Have

  1. Charge wirelessly in non-pro mobiles

Wireless charging is the main feature of Oneplus8, but this feature is absent in pro mobiles. So, this is not good for the people who want an affordable device with wireless charging. Oneplus 8 pro was the only featured phone that came with wireless charging tech. So this feature is also establishing in Pro mobiles now. Therefore Oneplus 9 and its pro siblings will have wireless charging.

Image credit: Phonearena
  1. Non-Pro OnePlus has a telephoto lens

Another feature that Oneplus 8 lacks did not have but Oneplus 8 pro did- a telephoto lens that helps to take optical zoom images. Without losing resolution, it helps in closing the distances.

Zoomed-in shots are possibly more valuable than ultra-wide ones, Many companies including Oneplus prefer ultra-wide lenses instead of a telephoto premium lens. For sake of potential photography, Oneplus 9 having both ultra-wide and a telephoto camera. In case if one or another drift off it will keep at least a telephoto camera.

  1. Main camera with high resolution
Image credit: GSMarena

Oneplus 8 and 8pro has a 48MP main camera with high resolution. Many companies develop Cameras of 64MP or even 108MP but fail in providing high resolution. Oneplus pro having a camera with high resolution. Not only resolution is important for a good photo but also pixel size matters. Oneplus8 pro did not have a good pixel with 48MP resolution. However, we will find a good quality image with Oneplus9 that has a 48MP high-resolution camera with the primary pixel image.

  1. Two Selfies Camera
Image credit: Phonearena

Oneplus Nord contains two selfies cameras that can take standard and wide-angle selfies. Oneplus 9 also contain two selfies camera and will provide you versatilities in selfies. The second front camera would not need to have a clear wide field of view. Some dual Selfie cameras help in managing Bokeh or background effects

  1. Pro model have A 4K screen
OnePlus8 pro
Credit: Phonearena

Many phones contain 4K screens with high resolution but those were from Sony company. Oneplus 8pro has a 4K screen but was not enough for some people. Now 5G streaming, gaming, and large-high-quality display are providing by Oneplus 9 pro phone with 4K screen.

  1. Palm rejection technology

Palm rejection technology was not present in Oneplus 8 and 8pro  which considered an issue in these sets. This technology certifies that, when the phone screen accidentally locked by palm, the phone understands that you do not mean it. It was happening by mistake. This stops you from accidentally swiping the apps and resolve the issue.

  1. Battery Timing
Credit: AndroidAuthority

Oneplus 8 has a battery of 4300mAh, while the Oneplus 8 pro has a 4510mAh battery. The 5000mah battery is also very common which ensures that it will keep the phone as long as it keeps a charge. Even if the phone doesn’t end up having these top specs, larger is ever better for batteries, as it mostly upturns life.

  1. Comparison of OnePlus with Oppo Find X2 Pro

OnePlus and OPPO both are well Known and best devices and also consider cousins in a way .we are going to compare both of these devices as both Oneplus and OPPO are owned by BBK Electronics, That’s why their technology shares one from the other. In the past, Oneplus and Oppo looked so similar. The Front side of both looks almost the same but a little bit different from the Backside. The hardware panel is different But the display is alike. Some of the specs are also the same.

Source: Google

There are few differences Between OnePlus and OPPO. So We can compare both of them based on these differences so that it can help you to pick one from the to buy.


The front side of both is identical but the backside is different OPPO findX2 Pro arrives in more than one variation. So, you can choose between ceramic back and leatherback. The leatherback is lighter while the ceramic back looks superior to some. In any case, the OnePlus 8 Pro is in glass and metal mishmash only.


The Oneplus8 pro has 4 cameras on the back which are balance and vertically align. While Oppo FindX2 Pro cameras are located in the top left corner of its back in vertical alignment. OnePlus8 pro and Oppo findX2 Pro have a 48MP ultra-wide main camera. Both can shoot good photos in good light with white balance and profusely of sharpness. But in low light, Oneplus gives better results than Oppo Find x2 Pro. Both phones have good quality video content as well as selfie cameras.


Oneplus 8 Pro has a longer battery of 4510mAh than OPPO Find X2 pro which has a 4260mAh battery. OnePlus8 Pro does offer 30W wired charging while Oppo Find X2 Pro offer 65W wired charging. However, OnePlus also support wireless charging which is an extra feature of OnePlus.

No matter which phone you pick, both are the same in performance. Both can make you happy, it’s up to you.

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