Oppo A15 Review: Oppo’s Latest Super Budget Handset with Negotiations

At the end of an immensely creative 2020, OPPO released an extremely affordable smart handset in the form of OPPO A15. It comes with reliable battery life and a large display but numerous negotiations are also here. It catches the attention of its lower price tag, here it also disappoints users with its poor performance. The display here comes with low resolution and the camera is sub-par here that diminishes the sense of getting a cheap handset.

OPPO A15 Full Phone Specifications

Quick Review

At the End of tiring 2020, the OPPO A15 was the company’s most inexpensive Western handset. For itself, you should make your anticipations consequently. OPPO A15 comes with an entirely plastic body that gives it a solid appearance. The entry of a micro USB port is such a blasting thing here. Though its rear-located fingerprint scanner isn’t precisely forward-looking, it’s pleasantly dependable and fast. Going to the front side of the handset, such a huge sized display on a cheaper device isn’t usual. At 6.52-inches display, and with comparatively max peak brightness, it positively makes a good impression.

However, it is just shameful that this display comes with a lower resolution of 720 pixels which does not cover the deal. Web contents and other Media appear grainier than we preferred before. Discussing media content, passionate gamers should shun this phone. The OPPO A15’s MediaTek MT6765 processor is one of the modest on the marketplace. It also pairs with a negligible RAM of 3GB. Because of these meek components, even common navigation takes a little of a hit.

OPPO has picked up for a properly scant camera format in the A15. Though, A15’s camera does not have flexibility. Due to this, the daylight shots appear very poor. However, here is a Night mode too, which truly doesn’t feel to do much well in dim-light settings. Talking about the battery life of OPPO A15, it comes with a 4230mAh battery. Its larger battery life takes you to the second day easily with regular use. Though it’s appealing to ponder such an inexpensive, firmly built handset from this reliable company. It is worth having a handset at this price. However, here are quite better handsets obtainable for a similar price or more, including OPPO A5 2002 or Moto G8.

OPPO A15 Release Date and Costs

  • Prices at £119 around AU$210/$162
  • Obtainable now in the UK
  • No signs of releasing in Australia or the US

The OPPO A15 was released in the UK on 26 November 2020, for £119 about $162/ AU$210. There’s no update on an extensive unveiling in the US or Australia so far, but we’ll keep you update. This UK cost makes it the most reasonable handset the Chinese company has released on the Western side. Its price is much lesser than OPPO A53 (£159) and OPPO A72 (£219) which was also released in the same year. Handsets like the Alcatel 3L and Nokia 3.4 both have made the same tough negotiations to strike their sub-£130 asking price.

OPPO A15 Design

  • All Glossy-plastic body
  • Micro USB port and 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Hefty with having 175g weight
Credit: OPPO

There’s no escape from the point that the OPPO A15 is an extremely cheap handset. It landed with a totally plastic design without any elaboration. The back of the phone is a mainly unimaginative area of plastic. It is glossy exact up to the point at which it will conceal with slimy fingerprints. You will find a square camera bump in the upper-left corner, which is surrounded by false metal frames. Here is a physical fingerprint scanner just below the camera which is another indication that it isn’t a top-end phone. However, the important thing is that it is both sensibly quick and dependable. You may imagine the OPPO A15 to be a little lightweight assuming all that fairly thin 7.9mm plastic body. But it is quite hefty with having 175g weight.

That isn’t unsuitably hefty, in any way, but you’ll know you’re holding it. The front of OPPO A15 surrounds by some fairly bumpy bezels. The phone’s top and bottom are larger than we’ve usually seen before. In the meantime, a tear notch makes the handset feel a bit outmoded. At the same time, the blow-hole notches have become more usual in the economical sector. The budget selections linger as we shift our attention to the bottom of the handset, where a micro-USB port places. Together with this, a 3.5mm earphone jack is also available. Though the same priced Alcatel 3L also comprises a firm micro-USB port. The Nokia 3.4 achieves a USB-C port so it is imaginable too.

OPPO A15 Display

  • 6.52-inches large display
  • IPS LCD screen
  • Just HD+
  • 720 x 1600 pixels resolution
  • The refresh rate of 60Hz
Source: OPPO

OPPO Mobiles UK states that the OPPO A15 has been manufactured by keeping in mind the users’ entertainment and social networking. Thus, it comes with a large 6.52-inches IPS LCD. It becomes comparatively bright for the cost at 480nits.  Here, the colors are quite well-adjusted too. But the display’s level of acuity doesn’t favor any media content. At just 720 x 1600 pixels resolution, this is HD plus as against FHD+/1080p resolution that many handsets shoot for. You will not be able to watch full HD video content here. The photos and web content will not precisely pop here with a pixel density of just 269ppi.

It does not come with the topmost refresh rate like other top-ends (120 or 90Hz). It has a regular refresh rate of 60Hz. We wouldn’t imagine high display refresh rates from such an inexpensive handset, However, we have found a 120Hz refresh level in sub £200 handset such as POCO X3 NFC, So it’s worth stating. It is not so rare to get such a low-resolution display at this rate, obviously. The Alcatel 3L, Moto E7 Plus, and the Nokia 3.4 also share this specific spec.

OPPO A15 Camera

OPPO A15 camera
Image source: GSMarena
  • Comes with a triple rare camera bump
  • Primary 13-megapixel, 2-megapixel macro sensor, 2-megapixel depth sensor
  • Just okay in daylight; dreadful at night

The OPPO A15 comes with a superficial triple camera format. It has a main 13-megapixel camera paired with a 2-megapixel depth and a 2-megapixel macro scanner. This is a used system for economical groups and again the low megapixel macro lens is difficult to justify. Extreme zooms appear so rough and dreadful. It’s worth noticing that the Alcatel 3L and Nokia 3.4 both squash in an ultra-wide sensor. Though, it’s right to say that cheap ultra-wide are not ever mainly impressive. With keeping this in mind, asking for a solo, the decent wide sensor is durable at this end of the marketplace.

Anyways, the obligation here is exclusively for that primary lens to prove good. However, the OPPO A15 takes well-balanced shots by its customary Color science. Though we noticed a nod off in feature towards the verge of the image captured with the phone. Things containing stacks of tricky detail like bushes and trees would take on a grainy, deeply managed look. You really don’t need to focus on any picture captured with the OPPO A15, as they don’t perform well to zoom scrutiny.

We got that zoom portrait shots, tried to get the object in full focus both in normal shooting or portrait mode. The camera also tries with HDR conditions, overexposing basics, for example, the sky in the blue background. Thus, it’s possible to get amazing photos in daylight in good environments. On the other hand, dim-light shooting is totally dismissed. We demand the presence of the devoted Night mode here which does just okay. It does not work amazingly as seen in other expensive phones. Talking about the front-facing selfie camera which is 5 megapixels here. The front-facing selfie cam is not so much appealing. It tends to blotch skin tones, even though the Beauty slider apparently fixes to zero.

Specs and Enactment

SpecificationsOPPO A15
DisplaySize: 6.52 inches
Resolution: 720 x 1600 pixel
IPS LCD display
DesignDimensions: 164 x 75.4 x 7.9 mm
Front glass, Plastic frames and back
Storage32GB internal storage
CameraTriple rare camera: 13MP wide, 2MP macro, 2MP depth
Video record at 1080p@30fps
Selfie Camera: 5MP
ProcessorMediatek MT6765 Helio
Battery4230mAh battery, lasts for a full day
10W fast charging
ColorsDynamic Black, Mystery Blue
Price£119 around AU$210/$162
Image credit: Gsm arena

Performance of OPPO A15

  • Media Tek MT6765 processor
  • CPU is quite slow
  • Insufficient storage of 32GB
  • 3GB RAM

With an asking price of £120, we wouldn’t suppose the OPPO A15 to give an extraordinary performance. But if there’s a definite least standard you’d imagine from a handset, the A15 only hardly meets it. It comes with a modest Media-Tek MT6765 processor with a worthless 3GB of RAM assisting it. In the performance test Geekbench 5 multicore, it scores 930 points which are too low when matched with other inexpensive handsets.

Of course, the Benchmarks don’t express a complete story but they tried to offer a hint of what can be estimated. And definitely using the OPPO A15 is a far away from a smooth experience. It gives trivial but repeated delays when going through apps and scrolling down web pages. Online Apps like Netflix can take a minute to open up and run. Even though OPPO’s own distinct Settings menus take extra time to load.

Gaming is quite feasible on the OPPO A15. In PUBG Mobile, the graphical situations don’t go any advanced than Medium / Balanced. Even then the performance is away from silky suave. Even a low potency, well-boosted game such as Bullet Boy stutters does not run smoother here. Once again, we need to prompt you that this is a handset that prices a meager £120. Elsewhere, you find 32GB of internal space, which truly isn’t a great deal when £200 handset are packing 128GB storage. You can also increase this by up to 256GB through the built-in microSD card slot.

The OPPO A15 lands with Color OS 7.2 which is a norm skin working on top of Android 10. It’s a sensibly smooth and clean deal with Google’s OS, even though it undergoes icons and slightly messy menus. It can be a bit irritating, too, such as with the incapability to uninstall apps right from the home display. While going into the Settings menu to indicate your lasting battery percentage is also an obstinate problem here.

Battery Life

  • 4,230mAh larger battery
  • 10W charging
  • It takes 90 minutes going from 17% to 91%

The OPPO A15 comes with a 4,230mAh battery, which is sufficient for a handset at this end of the marketplace. You’re cynical from spoiling in hours of gaming given that modest processor. Even though if you’re a serious video-streaming hound, the 720p yield shouldn’t prove so demanding. On average use, you’ll easily go through a full day with a single charge. It quite probably goes through to a second day too. Media content will take an additional hunk out of your battery timing, but not as great as you may assume.

In our tests, the battery exhausted between 5%-8% while streaming on Netflix for half an hour with full-screen brightness. It is bizarrely adaptable, but usually quite robust. The Sony Xperia L4 drains 12% below similar situations. It does not come with rapid charging accessories like its top-end precursors. Charging using the shoved 10W charger and that stiff micro USB port isn’t too speedy. It takes 90 minutes going from 17% to 91% in our practice. We also found that a quick 30-minute refill from zero only gets an increase of 27%. Though it is not so appealing at all.

Should I get OPPO A15 or not?

Get it if:

  • You have a low budget

The leading cause for purchasing the OPPO A15 is that you’re reluctant to expend more than £120 on your handset. Most supposed budget handsets come in between £150 and £250 spanking new, which is a significant shunt fraction-wise. You can get OPPO A15 under your lower budget deal for just £120.

  • You want a reasonable phone with good battery life

To save money is all well and good though. But, if you want to confirm that your inexpensive handset lasts over a day, the OPPO A15 is a reasonable bet. A comparatively larger 4,230mAh battery, in combination with a low-resolution display and low-power processor, confirms generous stamina. The phone with the battery life that lasts a day or goes to second is amazing at this price.

  • You want a bright, large display

Amazingly-cheap handsets tend to come with comparatively small and low-quality displays. This isn’t the scene with the OPPO A15, which lands with a large 6.5-inches display that gets amply bright.

Don’t Get it if:

  • You want speedy performance

Though you might not imagine intense speed from a budget phone, the OPPO A15 is rather slow by someone’s criteria. Its low-end CPU leads to frequent delays and break in proceedings and top-end 3D games don’t run gently.

  • You want a Full HD display

That display may be bright and big, but that only attends to highpoint, its scanty 720p/HD+ resolution. You will not get those Netflix videos at their peak with the OPPO A15.

  • You want a flexible, strong camera

Even though at this end of the marketplace, it’s likely to get a supple camera setup with ultra-wide preferences. The OPPO A15 lands with only a single prime camera, and it isn’t a so-called cracker– particularly in dim light. The photos in dim light appear grainy and close-ups here look dreadful. If you want a flexible camera phone you should go for its siblings like OPPO A53 or OPPO A72.

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