Oppo A53: The Full Phone Specification, Price, and Review

The OPPO A53 is truly an inexpensive phone with a 90Hz screen refresh rate and longer battery life. It sticks out a bit from its rival leading phones. It’s not miraculous but you can assume it a proficient phone at this price.

Oppo A53 Full Features

Quick Review

OPPO isn’t an enormously distinguished name still, despite having a wide variety of handsets plod along, The OPPO A53 is unanimously the latest budget phone. That is not bad news but it means that we need to expect less from this. The OPPO A53 is not a revolutionary phone in the market but no one should imagine this from such a cheap handset. On the positive side, OPPO A53 offers some additional features at a lower price. These specs and lower prices are the actual selling point of this phone. It comes with a 90Hz display refresh ratio, which isn’t utterly exclusive in this arena.

As Realme 6 also offers the same refresh ratio but is still a comfy accumulation to smarten up its justly usual handset. Moreover, the stylish display of the OPPO A53 seems fairly good at this price. It has a classy look redolent of the Huawei 10 Lite with a warped back that is slightly noticeable. It ensures that you are not jammed with the similar hoary boring back that many handsets are stuck with. However, it’s probably more ordinary in appearance, with the usual pack of keys and a suitably located fingerprint sensor.

Image Credit: Mobigyaan

The OPPO A53 is fairly bulky with a weight of 186g and 8.4mm thickness. However, the above-mentioned warped back is easy to handle which means it sets securely in one’s hand at best, even suitable for small hand users. We did some tests to check its processor performance. In our testing, it marginally outclassed the same cost handset calls Redmi Note 7 in case of its multi-core enactment. However, in single-core performance, it was a few steps behind it. In regular use, The OPPO A53 did not irritate the user by its performance but it was not too magical at all.

Processor and Camera Flaws

This is the overall development with the Oppo A53. It does good enough but it deprives of a little mystic. In regular use, it runs very smoothly, letting you simply shift between games and apps without any slowdown trouble. However, it’s not precisely a rebellion in design. While checking out the camera, it’s one more practical jiffy for the OPPO A53. It is just okay but doesn’t presume something more radical than a macro approach. Even this handset is not recommended for dim light shots as it lacks a nigh mode feature too. Again though, it is reasonably good at this price.

Trimming down on specs is a crucial configuration here, with other deficiencies waterproofing and wireless charging is absent here too. Though due to the lack of these specs its price is low. Fast charging is a preference though and we were amusingly astonished to know about the battery life of the OPPO A53. It’s quite modish in appearances and has a loftier display.

Cost and Obtainability

  • Obtainable in Australia at AU$299 and the UK at the cost of £159.99
  • Not presently obtainable in the United States
  • Obtainable at a cut-rate at some stores.

With a commended selling price of £159.99 in the United Kingdom, the OPPO A53 is available at a discount rate of £129.99. It is SIM-free at most Android stores. At present, the OPPO A53 isn’t obtainable in the United States, but if it will come up in the US, then expected a lumpy exchange price of approximately $200. Whatever way you gaze at it, this is a reasonable handset.

OPPO A53 Design

OPPO A53 back
Image source: GSMarena
  • Cool design
  • Four different color variant
  • Reasonably located fingerprint scanner

The OPPO A53 instantaneously recapped us of the handset Honor 10 Lite and that’s surely a noble thing. Our evaluation unit had the Electric Black shade arrangement and the back of the component wedged our eye fairly well. Instead of merely having a deep black shade, it has a sparkle to it that feels somewhat tempting. Although, it is susceptible to appealing fingerprints and blotches.

In UK markets, there is a choice of Electric Black or Mint Cream versions. In other markets, it comes with Fancy Blue and Fairy White, where white looks like to avoid the marks. The OPPO A53 is a bit on the lumpy side at 8.4mm thickness. However, the arched ends and curves mean it still seems practically relax in one’s hands. A fingerprint scanner placed on the backside of the handset just beneath the camera is preferably suitable for unlocking the handset.

The 6.5-inch display screen is depressed somewhat to provide it with a little fortification, with a tiny cut for selfie cam. Oppo A53 small extent of display space and it all seems sensibly robust. The covering doesn’t show any sense of an economical phone. Although, it’s top memorizing that this handset isn’t valued as water or dust resistant. Alongside the bottommost, you’ll get a 3.5mm earphone jack, a USB-C port, and one and only speaker fence.

OPPO A53 Display

  • 5-inch large screen
  • 720 x 1600 Resolution
  • 90Hz screen refresh ratio
    OPPO A53 display
    Source: Mobigyaan

It’s a sundry sack for the OPPO A53’s screen. On the one side, it has a higher display refresh ratio of 90Hz. It means it will refresh the display 90 times in one second instead of 60 times that most other phones offer. It is a plus point of this phone that it provides smoother scrolling while playing games or swapping Twitter feeds.

Though, the phone does not provide a Full HD display at the resolution of 720 x 1600p which is not prodigious. However, in some cases, that text and videos will not appear as bright and you’ll perhaps demand to prefer resolution over refresh ratio. Expectedly it’s an LCD more willingly than OLED. Well, this isn’t a dreadful display in anyways but it’s not awesome either. You’ll need to put up the brightness to 100% if you need to work with OPPO A53 efficiently in sunlight.

OPPO A53 Camera

  • Three rear cameras
  • 13MP Primary camera + 2MP macro  + 2MP  depth sensors
  • selfie snapper of 16MP
  • No night Mode feature
    OPPO A53 camera
    Credit: tech reviews

The OPPO A53 is not designed for shutterbugs. Its camera is just okay and handy but it is not so impressive. The rearmost camera comprises a 13MP main lens, 2MP depth, and 2MP macro device. It deprives of the ultra-wide lens too. The primary camera of 13MP with f/2.2 is fair good, with fine shots but nothing excellent. It’s a bit slow to capture. However, it lacks some details when you take close-ups of shots. Same case with the macro camera. Light is significant to the decent macro photos if you don’t want any blare on your photos.

Camera Sample

A digital zoom up to 5x sounds tempting but the images just get a little blur with more zoom. So, we will not endorse you to use it until you completely have to. Night shots in the meantime are mainly inadequate here with no enthusiastic night mode and very disappointing fallouts. For selfie buffs, the 16MP selfie cam is one of the superior chunks of the camera here with good color faux. Although, it does not provide as much detail as we want to see. Also, it’s worth noticing that turn off the AI prettification mode usually develops outcomes.

OPPO A53 Specs

SpecificationOPPO A53
DisplayIPS LCD 90Hz
size: 6.5 inches
Resolution:720 x 1600 pixels
corning Gorilla Glass3
DesignDimensions:163.9 x 75.1 x 8.4 mm
186g weight
Four different colors
Battery Life5000mAH Battery
18W fast charging
Rear Cameratriple rear camera
13MP main, 2MP depth,2MP macro lens
Selfie Camera16MP Selfie Camera
HDR Feature
Video recording
VariantsFairy white, Electric Black, Fancy Blue
ChipsetQualcomm 460 Snapdragon
Photo Credit: Mobigyaan


  • Normal performance
  • Extendable Storage
  • 460 Snapdragon processor

The Oppo A53 motorized with Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor, which is the beginner stuff. It comes with 4GB of RAM which means it can’t depend deeply on memory to drum up for any deficiencies. To check its performance we played heavy games like Call of Duty on it. It was fine while playing but load a bit slowly. Eventually, it will not make any trouble to you until you feel irritation with it. The OPPO A53 is designed with 64GB of in-house space, with extendable space up to 256GB for a choice. Android 10 already-installed here and the Oppo A53 isn’t very hefty on already installed apps.

Yonder the usual gear, there’s merely Facebook, WPS Office, and OPPO’s Game Space app that you may like to remove. To increase gaming performance you should clear cache to speed up RAM before playing games. It possibly develops enactment ever so faintly but you’ll perhaps overlook all about it while using it soon enough. As an inexpensive handset, the OPPO A53 retains things meek somewhere else, so of course, it is not 5G. But 4G available.

Battery Life

  • 5,000mAh larger battery
  • 18W fast charge
  • Decent battery life

The OPPO A53 has a larger battery of 5000mAh which lasts more than a day. With regular use, extensive gamming, and social media scrolling it can easily stand by a full day. However, when you use OPPO A53 a bit less, it can easily stay for some days. It does not offer wireless charging but it charges up to 100% in two hours which is amazingly good. Super power-saving mode and power stabilizing optimization help to enhance battery life.

Should I Purchase the Oppo A53?
Get it if:
  • You want a budget phone

The Oppo A53 is a joyful and cheap phone too. It has a longer battery with a large display at an affordable price. If you want a reasonable phone then you should choose OPPO A53 to buy.

  • You want an elegant looking phone

The OPPO A53 comes with its classy appearance that looks premium in the hands. If you want a premium-looking phone you should pick this up.

  • You want smooth scrolling phone

OPPO A53 comes with a 90Hz screen refresh rate which offers smoother scrolling via internet browsing or app menu. If you want a smooth screen display you should buy OPPO A53

Don’t get it if:
  • You want a high-quality camera phone

The Oppo A53 does not have a high-quality camera for photography. It lacks night mode and macro imaging mode. There are many top leading phones with quality cameras you should go for them.

  • You can afford an expensive phone

The OPPO A53 is just okay for budget users. But if you have a bigger budget and can afford more then you should go for top leading phones with super specs and high price.


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