Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Reviews: The Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is considered the world’s costlier plastic handset. It is cool to like the Note S20’s S pen and the amusing adaptability of its three-camera collection. But its low battery life is challenging.

Galaxy Note 20 Features and Specs

Quick Appraisal

The Galaxy Note 20 is a lesser-rate substitute to the Note 20 Ultra. It’s the best phone, if its price is not $1,300, like that of Note 20 Ultra. Here you get Samsung’s top CPU, an intrepid OLED screen, and a significant sign S-Pen probe. The Note 20 did not design with a glass back, an ultra-large-resolution display, or an edgy front. Though not any of these bungles have a mammoth influence on the Note 20’s specs and it’s working.

When you find so many specs in a desiring handset, you readily throw your credit card and buy it instantly. No matters how expensive it is, whether you spend $1000 on it. The Samsung did not make true development in rear cameras of Note 20 over the S20 series. This puts more burden on the S-Pen, as it has to show efficiency to vindicating Note 20’s higher cost. It’s an entertaining fixture, and still the top-end writing device you want for a handset. There’s one more issue, though. While the Galaxy Note 20 has normally effective display screens, But the UK model works on the Exynos 990 chipset.

This processor is not so easy to work with. Although, we doubt that due to this, the battery doesn’t standby as long as we want. It doesn’t show the durability to satisfy hefty operators, and we never see it last more than a day. For a moderate and budget phone user, the Galaxy Note 20 is pronounced. It has sufficient power, well-checked software, and decent rear cameras. Though the S-Pen truly provides somewhat you don’t find somewhere else.

Price and Obtainability

  • Galaxy Note 20 was hurled in August 2020
  • Available in All over the world including the UK and US

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was hurled in August 2020 along with the Note 20 Ultra and is much reasonable of the duos. The Note 20 is available in All over the world including the UK and US. In the US, the 5G version prices at $999 with 128GB of space. While the inexpensive 4G model isn’t obtainable in the US. In the UK the Note 20 with 4G model starts at £849 with 256GB of space. However, the 5G model’s price starts at £949. It means the Note 20 5G is $300 inexpensive than the main Note 20 Ultra in the United States.

Samsung Note 20 Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
Source: Forbes
  • Metallic edges Plastic backside,
  • Shorter than the base model- Note 20 Ultra
  • IP68 waterproofing specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 may be the most exclusive plastic handset you can purchase. Samsung designed its back with plastic to save on budget of edgy glass. Is it sassy to attempt to give us a $1,000 plastic handset? Undeniably. Conversely, Samsung made some effort into designing the Note 20’s backside feel as nigh on the Note 20 Ultra’s dull glass. It has a similar light-dispersal chic of texture, and it feels precisely like bumpy glass till you clutch the handset. When you hold this handset then it seems like plastic. That’s why Samsung calls this ‘Glasstic’. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is not made up of completely plastic though, as it has metallic sides.

The Note 20’s rear camera setup doesn’t poke out somewhere close as like the Ultra. Though, the handset is considerably small, which will gratify the users with smaller hands or pockets. Its size measure as 161.6 x 75.2 x 8.3mm makes the Note 20 part of a different group to the Ultra. It’s only faintly thinner than the iPhone11, larger than the Galaxy Note 10. The Galaxy Note 20 seems like a standard-size handset. The Note 20 is also designed with less plain curvatures than the main Note 20 Ultra, which moderates its looks. That’s why Note 20 appears more usual but in a pleasing mode.

Waterproofing and Unlocking Features

A uniform display is another gesture to the regular, and one more zone where Samsung economized on the project. Warped glass gives a smartphone a more luxurious appearance. But, as the Galaxy Note 20 still has tremendously tinny bezels, there’s no pronounced serviceable damage here. There are other best specs too. The Note 20 has a legitimately fast in-screen fingerprint sensor and a decent face unlock spec. It has an IP68 dust /waterproofing factor too. Due to this spec, it can submerge in 1.5 meters depth of water for up to 30 minutes. Note 20 has stereophonic speakers, both on the upper and bottom of the phone. These stereo speakers provide a loud and clear sound that one wishes to have in its phone.

S-Pen of the Note 20

Galaxy Note 20
Image Credit: Taskboot
  • S-Pen drawing and writing feels amazing
  • Air Movements Bluetooth sign gestures
  • 18ms dormancy

One of the top highlight features of the Galaxy Note 20 is its Samsung’s S-pen. While the probe itself is precisely similar to the Note 20 Ultra’s stylus. The S-pen’s slot is present on the left side at bottom of the phone. The S-Pen interface icon is present too. This is a meek menu of all shortcuts that provides you with all important S-Pen features. These features are comprised of the display-writing spec, the Notes, the doodler application PENUP, Live Messages, and paraphrases.

Doodler App PENUP

What is the feature of Live Messages? Note 20 can record a short video of writing on the camera vision, photo from gallery, or vibrant background. The doodler app PENUP is the actual room for drawing. It is basically Samsung’s own app that is designed for digital painting and drawing, with innovative tads like quasi-genuine sculpting. Drawing on Note 20 is entertaining, and the staple sense of outlining the S-Pen tip on the screen is amazing. It’s a very good way to spend a slothful 20 minutes than scroll down through Instagram or Twitter. However, PENUP does not work with layers –You have to use apps like SketchBook, Autodesk, or Adobe Sketch for anything.

Though these mutually deal with the S-Pen and its 4,096 stress sensitivity rank is just okay. The Note 20 S-Pen offers Samsung’s wireless regulator feature. The S Pen has a small battery and gesture sensors that can differentiate rings made in the air from downward and upward swipes. This permits for Samsung’s Air Movements signals. They can regulate the Audio and volume while frolicking music and other five signals can be encoded. There is also a side button of the S-Pen to stimulate the camera. Almost not anybody is probably to make complete usage of Note 20’s Air Movements. Though, the camera and music control may come inconveniently.  Due to the classic S-Pen, the buyer does prefer the Note series over Samsung’s S-series.

Galaxy Note 20 Display

Samsung Galaxy note 20
Credit: Forbes
  • 6.4 inches OLED display
  • AMOLED pane with 2400 x 1080 resolution
  • 60Hz revitalize level
  • 570nit intensity

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 comes with a 6.64-inches OLED display that, on the first peep, looks fairly the same as the Note 20 Ultra. Its OLED panel provides pronounced contrast, color, and pictures truly superficial. Here you can easily pick up either use the screen’s innate colors or the ultra-earmarked RGB. (Categorized as Natural in settings). It also provides HDR video.

The top refresh level is a noticeable one. This is the greatest observable modification in the handsets display technology of the last year.  The Ultra supports a 120Hz refresh rate while Note 20 offers a ‘normal’ 60Hz refresh level. The refresh rate of 60Hz is good for phones but 90Hz and 120Hz ones are flattering gradually communal. The 60 Hz refresh rate means it will refresh the display 60 times per second and provides you with a smoother display. You will easily notice the difference while scrolling down the tweets on social media or swapping down the apps. Even the POCO X3 NFC provides a refresh rate of 120Hz– and at a lesser price than Galaxy Note 20.

Screen Resolution and Brightness

Note 20 has a lower screen resolution than Ultra and Galaxy S20. It offers screen resolution 2400 x 1080 pixel, which offers Full HD extended to apt the 20:9 feature ratio. It’s simply higher-res sufficient to give a clear and sharp image. But, if you stare carefully you can feel the specific coarseness of the PenTile OLED pane design by Samsung.

We tested the brightness level of the Note 20 by SpyerX Pro colorimeter. At maximum brightness, it measures 370 nits. Though, after slating the screen with a 121-LED focus to pretend perky settings, this amplified to 568 nits. According to our testing, the Note 20 screen is less bright than the usual Galaxy S20’s. So, it is not a real top-end display of 2020, but a decent one.

Galaxy Note 20 Camera

Note 20
Source: Forbes
  • The main camera of 12MP, f/1.8
  • Ultra-wide snapper of 12MP f/2.2
  • 64MP/ 8K zooming camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 came with three rear-most cameras and one front-facing camera. The primary camera is 12MP with an f/1.8 lens. The drift off in astuteness at the surrounding turns is not too good but not so bad too. The ultra-wide snapper is also pronounced – it’s a somewhat small 12MP sensor with an f/2.2 lens. Take photos indoors with this snapper and you’ll get more blare than taken from the primary snapper. However, by using Note ’20s night mode the most of the coarseness will fall away. Again, it’s a robust operator.


There is a drawback in zooming, Note 20 does not provide actual ocular zooming. It’s a 64MP device with an only somewhat lengthier focal length of 27mm than the main snapper 26mm. Samsung claims it offers “3x hybrid zooming”, which is effectually a minute quantity of ocular zoom with crop into a sensor. The same tech is present in Galaxy S20 Plus and S20.

Though it’s not real optical zooming, it still works. Pixel-chirping feature isn’t the primacy with this snapper, leaving space for an enthusiastic high-resolution zoom device. Samsung allows you to take shots at up to 30x zooming, giving you the same suppleness as the Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra. Not amazingly, however, these photos seem awful – taking 30x images with a 1.1x lens needs a large cardinal zoom. Even 3x shots only seem decent if you don’t reviewing them downcast at pixel range.

Photoshoot and Videos

The Note 20 camera is also not good in macro image detail, for example, the good point in spider’s web or flowers. None of the three snappers will provide you predominantly close up shots. Though, the depth of the arena on the primary camera is actually too narrow for prominent close-ups with attractively blurred backgrounds. Note 20 offers Live Focus, the background blur mode which is quite good. It provides you to take arty feeling shots with almost-zero exertion. Its Night mode is prodigious too. But it is just a few stairs in arrears the Note 20 Ultra and amazing from the Huawei and Google ones. It upgrades the already decent dim-light enactment of the optically alleviated primary camera.

Note 20’s video proficiencies equal to the Galaxy S20’s. You can record video with higher resolution up to 8K and 8K resolution offer additional detail over 4K record. It utilizes the 64MP telephoto snapper because the 8K resolution of the video is extremely larger than 12MP. The Samsung Galaxy front-facing selfie camera is 10MP which offers quite good quality selfies.  In the dim light, it offers you to take clear bright selfies.

Specs of Galaxy Note 20

SpecificationSamsung Galaxy Note 20
DesignDimension:161.6 x 75.2 x 8.3 mm, Weight: 192g
Front Glass, Plastic Back,,IP68 water and Dust resistant
DisplaySuper AMOLED Plus, HDR, 6.64 inches display, 570 nits Resolution: 1080 x 2400 pixels
Storage128GB or 256GB
Camera12MP main,12MP Ultra-Wide,64MP Telephoto lens.
Selfie Camera: 10MP ,HDR, Dual video Recording, record video at 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30fps
Battery4300mAhBattery, 25W Fast charging, 4.5W reverse charging, 15W wireless charging
ChipsetQualcomm 865 plus Snapdragon, Exynos 990
ColorMystic Bronze, Mystic Gray, Mystic Blue, Mystic Green, Mystic Red
PriceIn UK For 5G model :£949
For 4G model:£849
In US For 5G: $999
4G not available
Samsung Note 20


  • 990 Exynos Processor in UK / 865 Plus Snapdragon in the US
  • 256GB ROM with 8GB RAM
  • 128GB in the UK
  • Very good for general performance and gaming purposes.

The Samsung Note 20 comes with the latest 865 Plus snapdragon chipset in the US while in the UK it comes with Exynos 990 processor. But we will pick up the snapdragon that has improved GPU and upright power efficacy. Note 20 designed is suitable for gaming purpose even you can play challenging games at 60fps. However, most handsets are plugged at 30fps. But it offers 60fps so, Note 20 is a perfect phone for arduous games. It is available with 256GB storage and 8GB RAM in the United States. But available with 128GB storage in the UK. While offering 5G connectivity, So, it will provide super-fast downloading.

Galaxy Note 20 Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
Image Credit: GSMarena
  • 4300mAh battery
  • 25W Fast Charger
  • Offers Wireless and Reverse charging too

The model with Exynos processor available in UK/Australia does not offer longer battery life. While the model with a snapdragon processor available in the US offers longer battery life The Note 20 comes with a 4300mAh battery, 200mAh reduced than the Note 20 Ultra.

The Note 20 disappointed us after switching from a cheaper POCO NFC phone that offers a longer battery. It can last a full day long but with lighter use. With heavy use, you have to charge it again. While watching a video of 90 minutes at full brightness it drained 11% of the battery. This is quite good. Note 20 comes with a 25W charger. This offers the fastest charging of 38% in 30 minutes. It offers wireless charging and reverses charging too.

Should I Purchase it or not?
Purchase it if:
  • Need a smaller, Affordable Note

The Galaxy Note 20 is a cheaper note than the Note Ultra and also smaller in size. If you want a smaller and cheaper note you should go for this smartphone.

  • Need to squiggle on the handset

Many companies make stylus like Galaxy Note but no one is parallel to the S-Pen. The S-Pen is an excellent little portrayal device that offers 4,096 stress levels. It feels awesome while screen dormancy is bigger than on the Note Ultra, the sense of drawing is natural yet.

Don’t Purchase it if:
  • You want a good battery Handset

Note 20’s battery can last a full day of lighter use. But with heavy use, you have to charge it again. If you want a good battery phone you should go for other top-end phones.

  • Want a classy Camera-phone

Note 20 came with three cameras but all of these do not provide extraordinary photos like other leading phones. If you want an outstanding camera phone you should go for other top phones that offer an outstanding camera at a lower price.

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