Sony Xperia Compact Launch Date, Cost, Specs Rumors and Leaks

Sony Xperia Compact expects to land with a small body design as its name refers to Compact itself. However, we have collected so many leaks and rumors about Sony Xperia Compact from 2018. Most folks are supposing this mini-body handset to emerge out together with Sony Xperia 1 III series in mid-of-2021. But it is also expecting that this mini body design handset will offer buyers high-end specs.

But the Xperia fans may be a let-down if one leak we have got proves correct. As a leaker reflects, the Sony Xperia Compact will hurl just in Japan under a diverse name. So, it may prove bad news for folks who wish for the latest easily-to-table handset. It seems like we’ve done this before – there was no compacted Xperia 1II and Xperia 1. But, that hasn’t clogged few leakers receiving enthusiasm by the outlook of the handset. We’ve composed all the updates underneath. Therefore, you can read what folks are talking about the Sony Xperia Compact.

Points We Want to Know

  • What is this? A trivial flagship handset from Sony.
  • When is it coming? We got no indication – perhaps never.
  • What will the price be? Conjecture varies from economical to exceptional price tag.

Sony Xperia Compact Launch and Cost Leaks

  • Perhaps it will be just available in Japan
  • It may unveil in mid of 2021

We’ve been getting leaks about the Sony Xperia Compact handset from 2018. Every year the viewpoint backs its nut, only to eventually not work out. Intrinsically, we can’t tell you with even a scrap of cert that it’ll emerge out any time. Though the latest rumor proposes it could appear in common with the Sony Xperia 1 III. It will about to declare in March or April 2021 and will out in the months later. But it generally looks like a deduction. We don’t even know a bumpy cost either, as few rumors make the handset seems like a leading handset. However, it is because of its trivial body design or compact size. However, other words depict the handset as a reasonable device with feeble specs, so it isn’t easy to know right away.

Sony Xperia compact leaks
Image source: Sony

Sony Xperia Compact Spec Leaks and Rumors

Expected specificationSony Xperia compact
Expected ReleaseMay land in June 2021 or months later
May just available in japan
Display5.5 inches compact screen
cracked by droplet notch
DesignTiny design factor
May be a slim body, fingerprint mount on the power button
CameraMay be dual rear and single front snapper
13MP main rear and unknown other ,
8MP front snapper
BatteryMay be long lasting battery unit

Sony Xperia Compact rumors may upset the users if they are expecting a top-end mini handset. According to our leaks, it will be tiny in design, but it will keep a mid-range handset’s features as we have collected so many rumors about Sony Xperia Compact for years.  We suppose it as a premium landing. However, rumors suggest this model will possess relatively low specs than leading handsets. So, it may disappoint the Xperia buffs expecting a premium mini handset from Sony. Prevalent leaker OnLeaks has leaked sufficient facts on the upcoming Sony Xperia Compact, as they’re naming it.

Sony xperia compact
Credit: Techradar

It is comprising features and renders information. This name suggests it may not link to Xperia 1 III, as preceding updates-termed it Xperia 1 III Compact.  Therefore, we have to wait to get for surefire. Manifold Sony Xperia Compact leaks point out its display coming with 5.5 inches screen cracked up by a ‘droplet’ notch. Though our source proposes it’ll come with a 700 series Snapdragon chipset. It also offers a slim design, a 3.5mm earphone jack, and a 21:9 feature ratio.  About the camera, we got a leak that Xperia Compact will land with a dual- rear camera that makes the handset a mid-range.

xperia compact
Image source: Techradar

It will come with a single front-facing selfie snapper too.  This forward-facing snapper will seemingly 8MP, whereas, on the rear, the primary snapper will be 13MP and indefinite subordinate camera. The point of having just two back cameras is an indication of the cheap or mid-range type of the handset. Few Sony clips look to coming back here, as the rumor proposes the handset to keep a fingerprint sensor. This fingerprint sensor will mount on the power key in addition to a modified snapper button. Though, these are two features that Sony is likely to use in its smart handsets.

Our chief indication of the mid-range type of this handset arrives from the snappers. Though, distinctly-leaked Chipset leaks also point out the same way. It looks on top of being tiny than its flagship colleague; the Sony Xperia Compact may also be feebler. One report relates the future tiny Sony handset to Xperia 1 III series, naming Sony Xperia 1 III compact. However, it is claiming that it will come together with a Premium-suffix complement. So, these are the whole rumors we’ve got about the Sony Xperia Compact that may prove correct or wrong. Let’s see!

The Specs We Wish to See

Here are few things we wish to see in the coming Sony Xperia Compact. It is comprising probable specs and modes it could stick out from other handsets.

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Worth for Price
Sony xperia compact leaks
Image credit: Techradar

Whether you’re a buff of Sony handset or not, it’s difficult to strike down that Sony’s phones are pretty costly. A top-end tiny phone from Sony would contend with just one mini handset on the marketplace right away. We are talking about iPhone 12 mini that itself is somewhat costly too. Therefore, if Sony presents its Xperia Compact for a lower cost, it would be massively modest. It will then become an alluring Sony handset and the top-value mini-display handset on the marketplace. But it doesn’t mean we wish Sony to hold back on specs, get modes to provide at less cost.


Decent back snappers
Xperia compact rumors
Picture credit: Techradar

Sony handset doesn’t frequently appear in our best camera phone range, but the cameras aren’t awful either. Conversely, for the Xperia Compact having a mini body design, it would drop a few internals and specs. It likely comprises few back cameras. Albeit, Sony possibly can’t set a triple-snapper primary, telephoto, and ultra-wide combination on its Compact handset. We’d expect shooting power is still reserved as far as thinkable, whether that’s from enhanced handling power or utilizing prodigious sensors.


Top Battery Life

Meanwhile, a tiny handset would come with a compact screen; its credible battery life would be heavenly. So, quite big displays frequently drain juice faster. Consequently, it’s probably the Sony Xperia Compact that will come up with the best battery life.  However, we expect it still lands with a big battery so that the handset could standby for two days or more.

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