Surface Pro 8 Release Date, Leaks and Specs Rumors

Surface Pro 8 Release date has leaked now and received by one of our very confidential resources. Though, most Microsoft buffs were zealously waiting for the latest edition in the Microsoft surface laptop series. Thus, it will be excellent news for the fans as another Microsoft surface Pro is coming soon. The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will get optimistically right the sequence after the shaky Microsoft Surface Pro 7 laptop. However, we have waited for the release of the latest window for a year. But, now the spanking new Intel Processor chipset is ready to run the latest version of Microsoft Surface Pro. Microsoft has already taken too much time to release the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus for the business troop. But then again, to this point, the brand has endured reticent about the prospect of Microsoft Surface Pro.

However, we did not get many leaks about the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 release date. But from some personal resources, we got a few rumours and leaks about the coming Microsoft Surface Pro. We have also received a few rumours and leaks about the Surface Pro 8 Price. Moreover, we can get a trustworthy leak about the Surface Pro 8 design from a very reliable resource. Though, it doesn’t matter when it will out. But, we can predict its launch by comparing it with the surface Pro7 launch date. By comparing the release dates of previous surface laptops, you will quickly estimate the Surface Pro 8 release date. In this article, we have provided all about surface pro 8 release date leaks and specs rumours. So, read the article till end thoroughly.

Release Date and Features Leaks in Detail

Further down, you will get all leaks and rumours about the surface pro 8 release date and expected features. Moreover, just below, we have also provided the changes to see the incoming surface laptop. Without wasting time, dive into the review.

Surface Pro 8 Features Leaks and Rumours

SpecificationSurface Pro 8
Design and DisplaySize: 12.3 inches or 13 inches
Design: Old design with quite thin bezels
CPUIntel Core i3 and Core i5
GPUIntegrated Xe Graphics
Storage and RAM256GB storage with 8GB or 32GB RAM
Expected Price$800 for base mode, $1199 for leading model

Microsoft is still thinking to change the Surface Pro 8 design. The Surface Pro 8 looks to be approaching its release as per FCC support. However, one of the leaks suggests that the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will come with a beginner level Intel Core i3 Processor. Though, an upgrade is possible with the 8GB of RAM capacity. However, LTE buffs are buckle-down and upset; as the latest leak states, the Intel Core i5 model will offer 4G accessibility. The Surface Go laptop features express that Microsoft can still get dependable durability from its beginner-level Surface device. However, the Surface Book 3 didn’t provide us more satisfaction in this regards.

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Microsoft surface 8 pro leaks
Credit: Laptop Mag

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will expectantly pick up some lessons to appear in our top laptops listings. Though, the Microsoft Surface Pro lies in the excellent spot of the Microsoft Surface device series. It’s more reasonable than the Surface Book, more prevailing than the Surface Go and sprightlier than the Surface Laptop.  Well, in 2019, Microsoft included a new partner to the series with the Surface Pro X. This model promised extraordinary battery life and a comfortable design. However, a meagre enactment and suitability issues with the extensive world of Windows 10 applications were the main shortcoming. We expect Microsoft surface pro 8 to make a better 2021 than 2020 for the Microsoft brand.

Surface Pro 8 Release Date Leaks

  • Surface Pro 8 release date may set in October 2021

A viral and authentic website, windows Central, suggests an H1 2021 release date for Microsoft Surface Pro 8. The hottest update we’ve got proposes that this surface laptop is coming very soon. The leaker is very sure about it as the FCC just permitted its Bluetooth, LTE and Wi-Fi 6 proficiencies. Though, that statement doesn’t seem apt with the report that comes from Windows Latest that sniffs Surface Pro 8 out this plunge. Meanwhile, the previous Microsoft Surface Pro was out in October 2019. It means that Microsoft has moved above a year without revitalizing the hardware-somewhat it hasn’t fixed since 2016. But bearing in mind, COVID has disordered the whole world, comprising industrial supply chains. So, it’s not surprising that Microsoft Surface Pro 8 had to move back for some months.

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Price and Configuration

  • Expected Surface Pro 8 Price: $800
  • Expected Surface Pro 8 Price for Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM: $1199

Just looking at the same price for years, the Surface Pro 8 price is not that tough to guess. We can easily predict Surface Pro 8 Price without getting any leak by comparing the previous Surface Laptop prices. Let’s begin with observing the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro 7. However, previous prices started at $749 for the Intel Core i3 variant. At the same time, the latter prices are beginning at $799 with an Intel Core i5 CPU. Thus, let’s suppose the Surface Pro 8 probably starts at about $800.

Surface Pro 8 release date rumors
Source Image: Toms guide

However, we’re closer to indorse a model with 8GB of RAM, a Core i5, and a 256GB SSD. The model having these specs has usually made the cost high up to $1,199. The Surface Pro 8 price doesn’t stay there, as many will modify the Tablet to change into a laptop. That prices at minimum $129 (simple Type Cover) and uphill of $159 (Sign Type Cover).  However, digital performers may toss an additional $99 for the Surface Pen. We suppose all of the mentioned above cost to remain at the range where it was last year.

 Design and Features Leaks

  • Display Size: Maybe 12.3 inches
  • RAM: 8GB or 32GB of RAM
  • CPU: Intel 11th generation CPU
  • GPU: Integrated xe graphics

Subsequently, a prototype claiming to be the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 leaked on eBay. Though, that prototype disappointed us very much due to the same chassis present on Surface Pro 7. So the people looking for the latest Tablet’s chassis may find it an old version without modification. This old Tablet’s chassis will restrict the conceivable hardware renovations to inner components. Despite the assumption that Microsoft Surface Pro 8 could add wild specs, Microsoft had cleared. These additional specs may comprise a kickstand decorated with solar panels.

The latest update indicates that Microsoft Surface Pro 8 may land with 11th generation CPU and 32GB of RAM. Moreover, it may come with integrated Iris Xe graphics for Gaming. Though, the Elective LTE will also be on the board. Two distinct leaks from Winfuture’s Roland Quandt suggest that Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will get an LTE connection. However, this feature may only present on the Intel Core i5 model. Nearly as a settlement, though, the Intel Core i7 model will obtain up to 1TB storage and 32GB of RAM. However, another two latest leaks also added the 8GB of RAM with Core i3 processor.

Microsoft 8 pro leaks
Picture source: Toms guide

We’d expected that Microsoft is observing how the marketplace is trending to thin bezels. Thus, it can get away to offer us a display that’s bigger than the 12.3-inches screen in the existing Surface laptop. Another boost up that Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will obtain is the Intel Processor. The Pro7 keeps Intel 10th Generation Ice Lake (10nm) CPU, switched by Intel 11th-gen ‘’tiger Lake” processors. Meanwhile, the Tiger Lake chipset is present here; it adds up for Microsoft to pick them in Surface Pro 8. In the end, the tablets could unveil early in 2021. So, there’s no purpose left behind not to use the newest and top chipset you can search out.

The Specs We Want to See

  • Hours of Extra Battery Life

Surface Pro 7‘s main fault was its 7 hours and 52 minutes battery life on web-browsing (over Wi-Fi) battery test. That was an enormous fall from Microsoft Surface Pro 6’s 9:20 run-time. The more reasonable Surface Go two hits it by more than 2 hours, recording battery life of 11:39. Moreover, it’s also not more than the 9:31 time we found on the MacBook Air 2020.  It is also less than the 12:39 battery life we got from the 1080p resolution Dell XPS 13. So we are hoping to see a good battery life in the coming surface device.

Surface pro 8 rumors and leaks
Photo source: Toms guide
  • Shrunk Bezels

Though, it is now becoming a trend of thin bezels surrounding the display of a laptop. So we are hoping to see the Microsoft surface laptop 8 have a narrow bezel or almost a bezel-less display. These bezel-less display will make the surface laptop very portable and easy to hold a computer.

  • Robust Sound

 As we stated above, the patent of a speaker in the kickstand is undoubtedly tempting. However, the Surface Pro 7’s sound production doesn’t inspire anybody. So, we honestly expect that Microsoft can improve the volume and good quality.

Q: what will be the price range of Microsoft Surface Pro 8, according to rumours?
A: According to our resources, it may lie in the range of $800 to $1000.
Q: What will be the processor in the following Microsoft Surface Pro?
A: Rendering to leaks, it may come with an 11th generation Intel Processor.
Q: What will be the storage capacity in the upcoming surface laptop?
A: According to one rumour, it may offer up to 1TB storage.

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