Xiaomi Mi Note 11 Unveiling Date and Specs Rumors

Xiaomi Mi Note 11 may be Xiaomi’s next mid-range phone to be unveiled this year. We were expecting this handset from 2020. While its precursor, the Mi Note 10, come to light in November, its unveil anniversary came without any follow-up. The Mi Note 10 was a bizarre mid-range handset with many amazing specs. The Xiaomi can also include some specs from its following handsets like Poco F2 Pro and Mi 10 T.

The Redmi Note 8T appears out with the Mi Note 10 but its descendant, the Note 9T, got released in January 2021. Therefore, it’s quite possible the Mi Note 11 was deferred. The Xiaomi Mi 11 was hurled way sooner than we anticipated, in December 2020. So it’s expecting that the company’s release arrangement is undergoing some deviations. We’d love to see Mi Note 11, as Mi Note 10 is a prodigious handset you can get right away.

As Mi Note 10 keeps a bizarre camera setup, exclusive looking design, and most outstandingly, an astoundingly low cost. We haven’t got any news and rumors about the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 up till now. There are a few leaks and updates that weren’t credited to any specific handset that we’ll list further down. Below you will find all rumors about Xiaomi Mi Note 11 that we collected for you.  Here you will also get a wish list of specs we want to see in the upcoming Mi note 11.

Xiaomi Mi Note 11 Leaks in Detail

Come to The Point

  • What is this? Xiaomi’s upcoming predictable mid-range handset
  • When is it releasing? No words about this
  • What will it price? Maybe about AU$888 / £459 approximately $590

Launch Date and Cost

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 was hurled in November 2019. However, November of 2020 arrived and went with no follow-up of the Mi Note series. There’s no hint of when it’ll show its face, or albeit it will at all. Concerning the cost, the Mi Note 10 priced AU$888 / £459 (approximately $590) for its top reasonable model. Therefore it’s likely the Mi Note 11 will price that much or maybe a bit more. Stating that, the Xiaomi Mi 10 was quite a little costlier than the Mi 9. The company will probably repeat this jump in the Mi Note series. However, we’d not expect it as the less cost was the Mi Note 10’s true power.

Mi Note 11 leaks
Credit: XDA developer

Mi Note 11 Specs

SpecificationXiaomi Mi note 11
Design More modify than Mi Note 10,
May be in screen fingerprint scanner, 3.5mm headphone jack, stereophonic speakers
ChipsetSnapdragon 865 or Dimensity 1000 Plus
CameraMay be under screen front camera,
rear108MP with 30x optical zoom,
DisplayMay be 120Hz or 144Hz screen refresh rate
BatteryMay be larger than Mi Note 10
May be 120W fast charger

Mi Note 11 Updates and Leaks

We know well that Xiaomi is functioning on the latest flagship intended to appear out near the end of 2020. Xiaomi’s CEO officially confirmed a few of its specs. Seemingly the handset will possess a 3.5mm earphone jack, in-display fingerprint scanner, stereophonic speakers, and zoom camera up to 30x. A rumor also suggests it will possess a high-end 865 Snapdragon chipset though this can allude to a diverse handset. It’s worth indicating that info doesn’t denote the Xiaomi Mi 10T, out in September 2020. Though the Mi 10T had a side-fixed fingerprint scanner with no earphone jack, however, the 30x zooming is present.

Xiaomi Mi Note 11
Credit: Android PIT

Instead of that we haven’t got a single leak or news about the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 right away. However, we have got about many latest Xiaomi technologies that did not point towards a specific smartphone. Therefore it could unveil in the Mi Note 11 – this is the only gossip, though. For instance, Xiaomi has designed an under-screen camera for selfies. It would permit a handset to have a full display without any apparatus to ensure there is still front snapper. We’d suppose a mid-range processor in the Xiaomi Mi Note 11, and it is supposing that Company is functioning on a smartphone with Dimensity 1000 Plus MediaTek chipset.

This will make the handset 5G-attuned, and will also permit for a 144Hz display refresh rate. Stating that, Xiaomi has also apparently planes of using Samsung’s Exynos Processor in its handsets too. In the case of snapper abilities, it looks Xiaomi is working on a phone with 108MP main snapper with 120x of zooming. Probably through a distinct telephoto sensor, it would knock-back all opponents out of water. It is also a leak that Xiaomi is designing a reasonable handset with a 108MP camera. Though we thought that it can be a Redmi handset or Xiaomi Mi Note 11.

Mi Note 11 leaks
Source: CineD

Meanwhile, this Extra-powerful snapper handset is known as a Mi CC handset. It can be Xiaomi Mi Note 11 as in China Mi Note 10 called as Mi CC 9 Pro. In conclusion, we’ve got a rumor that Xiaomi is also designing a phone with a 120W charger. It would charge up a handset from zero to full in few minutes. Though the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 may not be the one, as this handset is set as a mid-range phone. That’s a distinctly first-class spec. However, the Mi Note 10 was Xiaomi’s first handset with a 108MP snapper so it’s imaginable.

The Specs We Want to See in Mi Note 11

These are all the specs and features we wish the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 to land with.

An Upgraded ‘Main’ Telephoto Snapper

Xiaomi Mi note 11 rumors
Image credit: Android Authority

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 land with five back cameras, but just three were truly inspiring or worthwhile. One bad thing was the 8MP telephoto lens. Ideally, it was suitable, with 5x ocular zoom, but due to the less-res lens, pictures appeared a bit vague. You can get better photos by taking 108MP shots and cropping them down by hand. We’d love to see the Mi Note 11 store an improved sensor with a periscope or telephoto sensor for zoom photos. So there was a cause to close the space with the snappers.

A Longer Battery Life

Xiaomi Mi handsets usually have decent battery lives, but we’re seldom as mesmerized by how long they could standby. However, the Mi handset will standby a day, okay, but you’ll face trouble running them for a second day.  We’d wish the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 to standby longer without getting another charge, either with an improved battery. Perhaps an improved option – with few software optimizations which means it pushes juice slowly.

A Batter Processor

Xiaomi mi Note11 leaks
Photo source: Trust reviews

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 didn’t offer a high-end chipset – in its place, it utilizes a mid-ranger 730 Snapdragon. This was a verdict, we originally got somewhat curious about. But after using the handset we didn’t notice the absence of working power too much. The Mi Note 11requires a batter chipset though. The 730 Snapdragon had quite a little of woe taking and treating 108MP shots. If the latest handset is buckling down to improve or keep on this camera, it needs to tackle photos better. Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon 765G previously. Though it is a prodigious chipset for watching video or gaming. It offers a longer battery life and is also 5G compatible. It would be a noticeable option, but many others can do the same job decently.

A Cheaper Handset

Xiaomi Mi Note 11
Picture source: Android Authority

Xiaomi recognizes as the founder of reasonable handsets and the Mi Note 10 definitely is one of them. However, the Mi 10 line-up that hurled later wasn’t.  As the Mi 10 Pro prices double that of the Mi Note 10 did. Obviously, Xiaomi understood it could snuff out costlier handsets as well. We’d love to see the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 remain reasonable though, not have a bloated cost like Mi 10. So that with reasonable price and good specs it will enter in the race of top mid-rangers.

Quicker Charging Abilities

Xiaomi handsets normally have quick charging speeds, few of the top obtainable perchance. However, every year the top obtainable charging technology gets faster and faster. We’d love to see the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 stay forward of the turn. Though the Mi Note 10 offered 30W fast charging, that is faster than most of the opposition by now.  Conceivably Xiaomi could shunt the Note 11 equal to 50W or even 65W to truly surpass its competitors. Xiaomi has boaster 100W quick charging technology earlier, so it’s not that arbitrary either.

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