Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro: Poco’s Mid-Range Handset with Top-end Specs

The Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro is a decent mid-range handset with a diversity of specs at a less asking price. It comes with a bold looking display with good quality cameras and quite a decent processor we have seen in the latest smartphones. Though it is not designed for everyone particularly if you have money to buy a top-end handset. It is certainly one valuable thinking if it is in your money range. The Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro is a phone with top-end features available for a mid-range budget. The same features are present in other POCO phones too. That’s all good but Poco F1, its precursor, was a much inexpensive handset, designed for an entirely different market sector. So it seems as the Poco F2 Pro lands with something diverse to its precursor.

Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro’s Premium Specification

Quick Review

The Poco F2 Pro is the first Poco handset range that was declared outside Asia.  Xiaomi has converted into a public figure in the west in the meantime. We’d predict that Xiaomi is going to use the new handset to fill a crack in its handset line-up. The Mi-series are mid-rangers till the Xiaomi Mi 10 that hit the best handset rank. Thus, the Poco handsets can fill up that role now. One clear spec here is that the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro possesses a pop-up camera. Though these cameras were in trend in 2019, we’ve hardly seen somewhat in 2020. It lacks minimal bezels and notch on the display of the handset.  Actually, there is no need for big bezels to cover the camera if the snapper is concealed inside the handset. In such a way the Poco F2 Pro provides you with a whole-display experience.

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro
Image credit: Blog Mi

The handset also comes with quite top-end features across the board. It has an 865 Snapdragon processor, which is indeed a first-class you could get on an Android handset. It comes up with a 64MP primary camera, a 4,700mAh battery, 30W of fast charging, and a bigger FHD+ display. Therefore here’s a great deal to appreciate whether someone a fan of good photography or somebody who wants quick performance. The Poco F2 Pro is one of the greatest handsets we’ve verified for processing strength.

Still, the phone isn’t impeccable, particularly in the design zone. The handsets are quite large and massive, become hot swiftly. It has an earphone jack that looks to prefer being packed with fluff than auditory cables. Handsets with mid-range costs and top-end specs are never impeccable, as some compromises are there to keep the less price. So, it’s clear that the Poco F2 Pro keeps its quite share of issues. Though, some users won’t even bother about these problems.

 Obtainability and Cost

The Poco F2 Pro was declared in May and out in June 2020. The handset prices £549 in the UK, which changes to approximately AU$990 or $680. We wouldn’t suppose the handset to arrive in the US, as Xiaomi usually doesn’t retail handset there. However, it sells them in Australia, though the phone hasn’t been declared there at the time of review. At that cost, it’s competing with Mi Note 10 at £459, Motorola edge at £549, and OnePlus 8 at $699.That’s a quite cheap cost point. For-itself the Poco F2 Pro will probably attract people seeking high specs who don’t bother one or two deficiencies.

Poco F2 Pro Design

  • Dimensions: 163.3 x 75.4 x 8.9 mm
  • Weight: 219g
  • 5mm earphone jack on top-edge of phone

The Poco F2 Pro comes with dimensions of 163.3 x 75.4 x 8.9 mm. However, there comes some bit larger and denser handsets than Poco F2 Pro. It’s a bit hefty at a weight of 219g, once again there is a heavier handset out there in the marketplace. You may sometimes find trouble getting the side keys and the top of the screen with average-sized hands. So, folks with shorter hands will only be capable of using this handset with two-hands. The Poco F2 Pro comes with a glass front and glass rear side surrounds by aluminium frames. On the right verge, there’s a volume key and a bright red control key. On the bottom edge, there’s a USB-C port for quick charging and data transfer.

Xiaomi Poco F2 pro
Source: POCO Global Home

A 3.5mm earphone jack on the upper edge of the handset. There is an issue with a top-edge headphone jack. It mostly fills up itself with the fluff in your pockets if you put it with top-edge pointing down. If you get this phone you’ll rapidly become proficient at eliminating fluff from the jack, Poco F2 Pro lands with a pop-up camera setup – it’s a short rectangle having the same spec as other Xiaomi phones. When you pop up the snapper, it glosses and plays a lurid tune. Relying on your patience for this kind of thing, you may like the loud pop-up or dislike it. While setting your handset on silent mode halts the sound happening.

Xiamoi Poco F2 Pro
Credit: Xiaomi Planet

The pop-up feels robust – there’s auto fall exposure here so it flights into the handset when dropping the handset. It doesn’t vibrate or jiggle a little when you move the handset during the pop-up camera. Though we can’t predict anything about all handsets having such a camera. The rear of the handset has a round camera shunt embedded in the Poco logo.  It pokes out quite a little from the back, which is somewhat we regularly notice for Xiaomi handsets. The Poco F2 Pro endures more similarity to a Huawei Mate handset.


  • Size: 6.67 inches with AMOLED screen
  • Aspect ratio: 20:9
  • Resolution: 1080 x 2400 pixels

The Poco F2 Pro’s display looks pretty typical for a handset at this price tag. It’s not staggering, but it’s definitely suitable for regular use and won’t let you be frustrated. The display size is 6.67 inches and it possesses a 20:9 feature ratio, so it’s quite long. Xiaomi used this 6.67-inches display in many of its handsets including the Redmi Note 9 Pro and Mi 10. Maybe the company thought that it’s the impeccable size of the display.

Poco F2 Pro display
Picture source: Poco Global Home

The display comes with a resolution of 1080 x 2400pixel- the handset has HDR10+ technology too, so usually, content appears well. Colors can appear quite bold and bright. The Poco F2 Pro has an AMOLED screen, thus the darks appear too dark. You won’t be upset while watching movies or TV shows. Nowadays, many phones even mid-rangers have a 90Hz or above 120Hz refresh rate. But the Poco F2 Pro is fixed at 60Hz, which is a usual rate though. High display refresh levels make display smoother while swiping, scrolling, and watching Netflix movies or playing games. So, a lot of people may favor them.


  • Tetra Rear Camera setup
  • 64MP Main, 13MP Ultra-wide, 5MP telephoto macro, 2MP depth lens
  • Rear Camera sets in round bump
  • 20MP Front Facing snapper

The Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro houses a tetra camera suit in a large circle on the rear of the phone. They comprise a 64MP primary camera, 5MP telephoto macro lens for close-ups, 13MP ultra-wide lens, and 2MP depth shooter. We got the Poco F2 Pro that can take pretty well photos, thanks to the photo post-handling software. Photos pinched to make them vibrant and lively, although maybe not as lively as photos on iPhone or Samsung. However, we were usually fascinated with photos taken using the primary snapper.

Whereas, in our testing, we noticed that autofocus wasn’t much active each time. We got ourselves physically bolting focus to be capable of taking photos of definite subjects. The ‘telephoto macro’ lens here is dragging dual weight, as it enables both zoomed pics. It facilitates 10x digital and 2x optical zoom and close-up or macro, pictures. It’s good in both aspects, but we do hope the sensor was a bit higher resolution. Snaps taken at 2x zoom appeared quite colorful, but many features were absent, mostly in dark zones of the image. The 10x photos seem foggy, but that’s constantly the scene with digital zooming. We weren’t upset by ultra-wide images, and they seemed similar to photos taken with the primary camera.

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro
Image credit: Poco Global Home

Lastly, the depth snapper is apparently for better depth-of-pitch in photos, which arises into performance in portrait mode. There was a few false Bokeh background blur in portrait mode, but it didn’t look precise or gradate. It doesn’t mean that portrait snaps appear bad, but quite weaker than Mi 10 Pro and Mi Note 10.  Both of them have devoted portrait modes that take photos with truly precise blur and additional photo optimization.

The handset can records video up to 8K at 30fps or up to 4K at 60fps. It also offers slow-mo mode at 720p or 1080p at a diversity of frame rates. It’s amazing to have a variety of choices as most handsets just offer solo slow-mo rate. The front-selfie snapper comes with a 20MP lens with an f/2.2 gap, and selfies usually appeared decent. However, the photo optimization that gives optimizes the shots taken by the main snapper didn’t work well here.

Specs of Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

SpecificationXiaomi Poco F2 Pro
Displaysize: 6.67 inches AMOLED
Corning Gorilla Glass 5 front and back
Resolution: 2400×1080 FHD+
DesignDimensions: 163.3 x 75.4 x 8.9 mm
Weight: 219g
Storage128Gb or 256GB
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 865 Chipset
CamerasTetra Quad Rear setup
64MP main, 13MP ultra-wide, 5MP telephoto macro, 2MP depth
Record video at 8K or 4K
Selfie Camera: 20MP pop up Camera,
Slow motion spec from both front and rear camera
Battery4700mAh Battery
30W fast charging, Charges from zero to full in 60 minutes.
ColorCyber Grey,
Phantom White,
Neon Blue,
Electric Purple.


  • Snapdragon 865 Chipset
  • 6GB or 8GB RAM
  • 128GB or 256GB storage

The Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro land with a Snapdragon 865processor combined with RAM of 8GB. The model we tested had 6GB of RAM, but Xiaomi’s official website confirms this model exists. However, we can’t get it in the stores. It comes with 128GB or 256GB storage which usually enough for most people in 2020, a few of the latest handsets released with the Snapdragon 865 chipset. However, the Poco F2 Pro has few of the top processing strength total. When we tested it through the Geekbench 5 test, it repaid a multi-core score of 3367 points. It’s a top score that hits the Moto Edge Plus, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and OPPO Find X2 Pro.

Xiaomi PocoF2 Pro
Picture credit: Blog Mi

Hence the handset is quite prevailing. We have tested its performance while playing many high graphic games and loading apps. Likewise, rigorous chores like image editing proved comparatively rapid. Over and above the apps runs and loads well. The interface itself seemed sharp to scroll on, the apps loaded rapidly too. The handset could run multiple tasks simultaneously without slowing up.

Battery Life

  • 4700mAh battery
  • 30W fast charging
  • Takes 60 minutes to charge from dead to full
  • No wireless charging here

The Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro packs a 4,700mAh battery, which is quite standard for a mid-range handset. As it has an average battery its battery timing is average too. The handset lasts for around a day among charges. Though, it won’t go to another day with much charge. However, it should be capable of surviving a full day even with hefty use. That’s good most of the time. Xiaomi phones tend to do quite fast charging.  The Poco F2 Pro is not different from them, as it gives 30W of fast charging. This will charge up your handset pretty fast.

Xiaomi claims that it will take 60 minutes to charge your handset from the dead to full.  You can easily plug in the phone for a few minutes to switch it on for your work. It is perfect for folks who don’t want overnight charging. Plugging in the handset while you get prepared for the office is all you should want to go through a day. Though, it does not offer wireless charging. However, such a spec is indeed not assured in a mid-range phone.

Should I Get the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro?
Get it if:
  • You want a ‘steady’ screen
    Due to its pop-up camera, the display of the Poco F2 Pro is almost totally on screen. Thus no irritating notches or cut-outs climb on the way of your TV show, game, or movie.
  • You don’t need a first-class handset
    The Poco F2 Pro has a reasonable price tag that should attract a comprehensive range of users. Surefire, getting a top-end handset will offer you some more specs.  However, if you don’t want them then the Poco F2 Pro won’t upset you.
  • You like the concepts of a pop-up snapper
    The pop-up camera point has mostly been approved. We don’t find too many latest handsets with this casual design twist. If you want a snapper that pops up at your expertise, you won’t have lots of choices yonder the Poco F2 Pro.
Don’t get it if:
  • You want high photography strength
    Although, the photos taken with the Poco F2 Pro are decent but not extraordinary. If you want top-class photos, zoomed shots then you should go for other top phones in the market.
  • You need a reasonable handset
     The Poco F2 Pro is quite an expensive handset with top-end specs. However, if you want a reasonable handset then Poco F2 Pro is not for you. You should go for other Xiaomi Redmi or Moto Series that offer good specs at a low price.
  • You want a small display handset

The Poco F2 Pro comes with a large display and hefty dimensions. People with small hands feel difficulty reaching the power button or volume rocker. Thus, if you are small-handed then this Poco phone is not for you.

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