Best Lightweight Tripod: Portable Tripod for Traveling Photographer

Best lightweight tripod offers high-end portability with small size and low- weight for a travelling photographer. Thus, a travelling photographer can take them anywhere without feeling any burden. Though, people fond of shooting while travelling need a tripod offering different specs. Generally, they want the best lightweight tripod that they can easily carry with them without getting any burden or stress. They also wish small size tripod kits to put in their bags while hiking or mountain climbing quickly.  And, preferably, they want to do all that while doing what you’d imagine from the best tripod for travelling: being robust, easy to arrange, multipurpose, adaptable, and sturdy enough to bear the weight of your camera setup. Therefore, as you may suppose, there are negotiations to be made.

Best lightweight tripod for travel
Credit: Guiding tech

A good tripod for travelling will be capable of doing all of those specs mentioned above. But it might not grasp a similar maximum height as a more orthodox tripod. Mostly, you will find many tripods for travelling made up of Aluminum or carbon fibre on the marketplace. But, a carbon fibre travel tripod offers more superior build to an Aluminum made tripod. It indeed permits for sturdier and lighter design, but prices more. However, the trick while choosing the best lightweight tripod is to understand which specs you need, and your budget supports them. Thus, for your assistance, we have designed the best lightweight tripod user guide. So that you easily choose the best lightweight tripod that you feel is suitable according to your budget.

Best Lightweight Tripod: In the Detailed User Guide

If you are a professional traveller and want the best lightweight tripod for travelling, you must read this article. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best lightweight tripod comprised of the lightweight, sturdy and portable tripod for travelling. These lightweight travel tripods in our list offer different versatile specs that appeal to a travelling photographer. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and catch on the best lightweight tripod you find suitable for you.

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Vanguard VEO 2 Go 204 CB: Best Lightweight Tripod

Best lightweight and small-sized tripod for travelling

SpecsVanguard Veo2 Geo
MaterialCarbon fiber
DimensionsWeight: 0.77kg
Extended height: 130cm
Leg sections4
Max load (legs, head)3kg
Folded height32.5cm
Reasons to purchase
  • Very lightweight, under 1kg
  • Small enough to keep on a backpack
  • Quick to arrange
Reasons to Evade
  • Non-retracting midpoint column
  • Retiring 3kg payload
  • Not very tall

A ‘ tripod for travel’ must be as steady as the systematic sort for few professional photographers but only pack away a bit slighter. For others, a ‘tripod for travel’ must be sufficiently small to put in a bag, else it does not argue. The Vanguard Veo 2 Go 204CB lies into the second class! It is not very tall; it feels weaker than higher rivals. However, it is tiny, lightweight, and easy to use. Though, it’s also tiny enough when bent to slide into the bottom section of Vanguard’s shrewd dual-decker Veo Messenger Bags. How arranged is that? The Veo 2 Go 204CB is spread out to a suitable maximum height, particularly if your camera has an oriented back display.

Tripod for travel photography
Source Image: Vanguard

Although it’s a bit disturbing that the centre column is fixed in its drawn-out position, there’s not much tremble. Plus, there’s an additional section inside it to extend more height. It comes with a maximum height of 130cm. However, you wouldn’t buy Veo 2 Go 204CB for firmness or large payloads as it offers a 3K maximum load capacity. But, if you love to travel light, it may be the best lightweight tripod you’re ready to carry with you. Though it is a carbon fibre travel tripod comes at a relatively high price tag. But there is an inexpensive aluminium version named Veo 2 Go 204AB that you can think to buy. At the same time, some orifices possess a Veo 3 Go version with separable selfie stick/monopod leg, smartphone container, and Bluetooth remote involved. Conclusively, it is the best lightweight tripod that you can buy for your travelling photography.

Benro GoPlus Travel FGP18A: Robust Tripod

It is the best tripod for professional photography, but it’s not trivial

SpecsBenro GoPlus Travel FGP18A
DimensionsWeight: 1.95kg
Extended height: 165cm
Folded height46cm
Leg sections4
Max load (legs, head)10kg, 8kg
Reasons to Purchase
  • Good bent length
  • Heavy maximum load capacity
  • Incorporated monopod
Reason to Evade
  • Need to buy ball head alone

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Portable tripod for travelling
Image credit: Benro

The Benro GoPlus has a meek bent length and great maximum height, together with a heavy maximum load capacity. Tripods rarely offer a turning centre column that enables various leg locks through a whole 180-degree arc. Benro Go Plus is one of them offering turning centre column. Moreover, its bubble levels are fixed to the tripod stage for easy smoothing. Furthermore, it lands with exchangeable rubber feet and spikes together with an expanded soft case. Though, one leg can be detached to use as a separate monopod. At the same time, it was formerly sold as a tripod kit with a ball head. But now, you’ll need to buy a ball head to go along with it (if you don’t possess one previously). Although it is not tiny, it is the best lightweight tripod offering a robust build with a maximum load capacity of 10kg. Generally, it is one of the best lightweight tripods you can buy right now.

Peak Design Travel Tripod: Best Tripod Kit

Remarkable for both its build and its bent size, but not cut-rate!

SpecsPeak Design travel tripod
MaterialCarbon fiber or aluminum alloy
Extended height: 153cm
Folded height39cm
Leg sections5
Max load9kg
Reasons to purchase
  • Extremely portable
  • Ultra-low-contour ball head
  • Built-in Phone stand and bag
Reasons to Evade
  • Costly carbon fibre version
  • Not the highest
  • Some jinx key piddling

It’s the primary tripod Peak Design has released, and it comes in two versions based on build factor. One is an Aluminum build called the Aluminum version, and the other is a Carbon fibre build called the Carbon fibre version. Though, the carbon fibre version is quite expensive than the Aluminum version. Although its aluminium version is 40% inexpensive and has similar design specs, it provides less vibration resistance. However, tripods here will go taller, but the Peak Design travel tripod will stay at eye level for a normal-height person.

lightweight tripod
Picture source: Peak Design

Moreover, it comes with just a 39cm folded height. It’s aimed to remove the ‘dead volume’ between the column and the leg angles when folded. Though, it means it’s not only small when bent but very thin too. Thus, you could place it in your camera setup bags or lodge bag, in addition, to strip it to the outside. Well, its low-contour ball head is modest but excellent. Furthermore, it also offers a phone pouch concealed inside the midpoint column, and, best of all, it seems incredibly stiff. Overall, it is the best lightweight tripod that you can buy for travel photography.

Manfrotto Element Traveller Big: Affordable Tripod

Most reasonable and features packed tripod for travelling

SpecsManfrotto Element Travel big
DimensionsWeight: 1.62kg
Extended height: 165cm
Folded height42cm
Leg sections5
Max load (legs, head) 8kg, 8kg
Reasons to Purchase
  • Good versatile build
  • Fast and easy to arrange with the camera setup
Reasons to Evade
  • Lack removable leg for monopod
  • No head resistance check
Very lightweight tripods
Image Source: Manfrotto

Manfrotto Element offers a tripod series for travelling, including carbon fibre travel tripod and aluminium version tripod. The ‘big’ aluminium version we’ve placed here is still compact with a 42cm bent height and 165cm of maximum height. Yet, it comes with a solid build with an 8kg maximum load capacity. However, its ‘small’ version offers just a 4kg maximum load capacity and lacks monopod conformation. Despite being relatively cheap, the Element Traveller Big isn’t certainly missing in specs. However, the absence of a telescopic midpoint column in the bigger edition pays extras when it goes to firmness. It is portable too with a weight of 1.62kg. You can take it anywhere with you. Overall, it’s a decent performer and relatively simple to use. Thus, it’s one of the best lightweight tripods in this value bracket.

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General FAQs

Q: Is there any lightweight tripod under 1kg weight that we can buy for travelling?
A: Yes, you can buy Vanguard VEO 2 Go 204 CB, a very lightweight tripod having just 0.77kg weight.
Q: Can you refer us to any lightweight but affordable tripod for travel?
A: Yes, you can go for the Manfrotto Element traveller big tripod that is affordable and lightweight.
Q: Is there any lightweight tripod that offers heavy maximum load capacity?
A: Yes, the Benro GoPlus Travel FGP18A tripod offers a hefty maximum load capacity of 10kg.
Q: Can you recommend any small size tripod that we can put in our shoulder bags while hiking?
A: Yes, you can go for Vanguard VEO 2 Go 204 CB tripod that is smaller enough to keep in your shoulder bags while hiking.
Q: Which tripod offers extreme firmness and robust build?
A: Peak Design travel tripod offers robust build and extreme firmness.