Dell XPS 13 Appraisal: Dell’s Late 2020 Edition

Dell XPS 13 is Dell’s most premium device with a unique thin design and powerful software. When it comes to Ultra-books, there are just one or two that are really noticeable pieces of kit. The latest Dell XPS 13 is one of these premium Ultra-books. Corresponding to some prevailing internals with a beautiful design make it truly the single competitor to the MacBook Air. This is debatably one of the top laptops of the year and definitely, one of the top ultra-Books available there.

Dell XPS 13 specifications

Quick Appraisal

This newest repetition of the XPS 13 is a chunk of the Intel Evo database, containing an 11th-generation Intel Tiger Lake CPU. It is co-designed with Intel to develop efficacy, speed, and graphic enactment. It certainly brings on this with a closely bezel-less design with a 16:10 full HD screen up to 4K resolution.  As coming to storage and RAM, you will find up to 2TB SSD with 16GB of RAM.

Dell XPS 13 late 2020

Source: DellYet, to obtain those advanced specs, you have to pay more cash. Though the Dell XPS 13 is not the most reasonable device out there. The main problem of note is our perpetual criticism with Ultra-book, the descending-attached speakers that can mute the sound. Laptop speakers are now arriving at a drawback. With meager location is constantly going to trouble us, which supposed that Dell is barely the only offender here and quality of sound isn’t the vilest crook we’ve heard. However, we’d truly like to get an improved one on the front for the high asking price.

Price Tag and Obtainability

  • The Dell XPS 13 priced at $1,499 /£1,399/AU$2,399
  • It has a 16:10 screen with a 4K display.
  • RAM of 16GB and a 2TB SSD

The Dell XPS 13 begins at $1,499 /£1,399/AU$2,399. This is the version’s price with Intel Core i5 11th-generation and 512GB SSD with 8GB RAM. Though that’s only the base conformation, you have sufficient choices if you need to develop. You can obtain a 16:10 screen with a 4K display, RAM of 16GB, and a 2TB SSD for the top-end features. This version is available in Frost White inner color and an i7 CPU 11th-generation. This conformation is about $1,000 more, though, pricing you $2,399 (around AU$3,360 / £1,870). Receiving extra pre-installed software will price you even more.

However, if you’re an Australian or UK resident, the Dell XPS 13 comes out with a 1TB SSD. You will find some features in the US model too. This laptop model will hold you up at AU$3,799 in Australia and £1,968 in the UK. All said it’s a costly device; we’re not heading for a lie – particularly for the status of hardware. At this price, you generally get a devoted Nvidia RTX GPU instead of incorporated Intel Iris visuals. Those who wish all the grace of a MacBook with a Windows 10 – this device undeniably provides all that.

Specs of Dell XPS 13

SpecificationsDell XPS 13 Late 2020
DesignDimensions: 1.6 x 7.8 x 0.6 inches
Almost Bezel-less design thin and light
Display13 inches display Full HD screen with 4K resolution
CPUIntel Core i7-1165G7
Storage512GB to 2TB

Performance of Dell XPS 13

  • It packs with an Intel Core i7 processor
  • The Intel Iris graphics and Core i7 11th-gen.

The Dell XPS 13 we appraised packs with an Intel Core i7 processor and Intel Evo accreditation. It means that Dell runs with Intel to adjust the hardware for efficacy, speed, and graphics enactment. The preceding repetition of the Dell XPS 13 was really similar to this one. Apart from the 10th-generation i7 processor and the Intel Iris+ visuals, the enactment was noteworthy.

Dell XPS13 late 2020
Photo credit: Dell

The Intel Iris graphics and Core i7 11th-gen, the newest XPS 13, recorded a 1,539 single-core enactment in Geekbench 5. In multi-core enactment, the novel XPS 13 enhanced to 5,432 from 4,781. However, the enactment jump was still more obvious in 3D bench-marks, where the newest XPS 13 recorded a 1,547. Obviously, the cutting-edge XPS 13 isn’t only a beauty but also a little beast on top.

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Dell XPS 13 Design

  • The XPS 13 is extremely light.
  • It comes for just 2.8 pounds.
  • At a thickness of just 0.58 inches
  • Bezel-less screen crushes a 13.4-inches.
  • Its 11.6-inches width and 7.8-inches length

This is the thing where the Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020) definitely sheens. With a framework and lid cut from two distinct chunks of aluminum, the XPS 13 is extremely light. However, it comes with just 2.8 pounds, more or less a couple of grains relying on the confirmation. That supposed it’s quite robust – nothing seems cut-rate about these dimensions. At a thickness of just 0.58 inches, the XPS 13 is amazingly shrill. However, its 11.6-inches width and 7.8-inches length making it remarkably moveable.

Dell Xps 13 late 2020
Image credit: Dell

So it’s a perfect Ultra-book to slip in the bag when you’re on the move. It’ll be as simple to bring in the house with you from one place to another place. The laptop gets the full benefit from each feature of its design too. The almost bezel-less screen crushes a 13.4-inches 16:10 screen into an 11.6-inches border. It offers a 91.5% display-to-body ratio, which is approximately 7.8% upgrading over previous generations. The keyboard here is a chicklet-key format that your normal laptop possesses. The keyboard is backlit with a lenient-white light, and all keys are receptive enough.

Dell XPS 13
Picture credit: Slashgear

The trackpad also seems very first-class. It is very receptive and has a lustrous feel that sticks out well from the merged glass palm surrounds it. In the Dell XPS 13, you get only 4 in total ports. Two USB Type-C Thunderbolt 4 ports for charging and Display Port for two outside displays, an earphone jack, and a microSD slot. However, the speakers are downwards on the chassis framework, which we’re supposed to make for meager sound quality usually. This is actually the only problem we found with the design of Dell XPS 13. This laptop is designed for folks who wish for an extremely convenient device to get over-all computing and multi-tasking.

Battery Life

  • The Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020) comes with 4-cell.
  • 52 WHr large battery
  • Dell XPS 13 battery stayed 11 hours and one minute.

The Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020) comes with 4-cell, 52 WHr large battery. Owing to Intel Evo, it achieves to do slightly better than its instant precursor in case of battery life. Our battery test, namely PC-Mark 10, achieved to crush 11 hours and 47 minutes with a single charge. Generally, it is almost twice providing the preceding XPS 13 achieved to standby in the PCMark 8 battery test. To judge it better, we did an HD movie test. In that test, Dell XPS 13 stayed 11 hours and one minute. That’s closely the length of a normal rom-com, so holding one more opinion out of battery manifests progress.

XPS 13 late 2020
Source: Dell
Should I purchase it or not?

Purchase it if:

  • You want a first-class Ultra-book
    The Dell XPS 13 Late 2020 is a top-end device; it looks cool in appearance with an almost bezel-less design. It is combined with some powerful hardware. So it’s one of the first-class Ultra-books you’re heading for getting on the marketplace right away.
  • You want a nice display laptop.
    With the picture clearness and the super-thin bezels, the display on Dell XPS 13 is remarkable. If you go for the 4K display, then this laptop is perfect for you.
  • You want a longer battery laptop.
    For an Intel Core-motorized laptop, we were extremely mesmerized by the battery life. Noticeably, your range will diverge, but you will definitely get it more than one day of regular use. It is perfect for those who want a longer battery life laptop.

Don’t Purchase it if:

  • You’re searching for a reasonable laptop.
    Dell XPS 13 is a premium laptop and, of course, costly too. So, if you want a laptop but within budget then you should visit the market for others.
  • You want a good sound on a laptop.
    If you need remarkable sound quality, this laptop is not for you instead of using a set of earphones. You will be disappointed with poor quality downward mounted speakers.

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