iPhone 12 Pro Max will be Released in Stores on November 13, 2020

iPhone 12 pro max having 5G technology with A14 bionic chip will be released in the markets on November 13, 2020. It has an IOS14 operating system. It is more secure, having a robust design to protect customer privacy.

Its stainless steel design with the ceramic shield having Silver, Graphite, Gold, and pacific blue colors make it attractive. It has over 3.4 million pixels. Its features are listed below:

Apple iPhone 12 Pro colorways
Credit: Apple

Features are Listed Below

  • RAM 6 GB
  • Internal storage 128, 256, 512 GB
  • IOS 14 operating system
  • Display: 6.7 inches super retina XDR Display
  • Accessibility: Beneficial for people having disabilities as built-in support for vision, hearing, mobility, and listening
  • Colors: Silver, Graphite, Gold, and Pacific blue
  • A 14 bionic chip
  • It has Three cameras wide, Ultra-wide, and Telephoto.
  • Sleeker designs
  • Ceramic shield
  • Water, splash, and dust resistant
  • Environment friendly
  • Wireless chargers will be sold separately
  • Price: $ 1099

pro max features

Credit: Apple

There are some of the essential changes made by Apple on the iPhone this year. Apple will launch iPhone 12 pro max with a more improved camera that supports photography in low light, a faster chip, Dolby video vision, LIDAR scanner, 5G connectivity, and a built-in magnet to connect the wireless charger with the phone.  A14 Bionic chip in pro max is a faster processor inside.

Here is something that iPhone 12 pro max has for those who seem to be lost in it after seeing its specification and images.

5G Connectivity

iPhone 12 pro max supports 5G as custom antennas, and radio components are designed efficiently to provide high sensitivity and incredible efficiency. Most 5G bands of smartphones are given to pro max to get 5G in more places.

Fewer Features Regarding 5G in iPhone are Listed Below

  • It will be blazing fast as it will be ten times faster than your home WI FI.
  • Smart Data Mode will help switch the iPhones 12 pro max to an LTE connection when 5G is not working to save battery life.
  • 5G availability in selective cities and not across the globe.
  • A costly data plan will be purchased to experience 5G, but you shall enjoy 5G availability in limited areas.
  • Carriers are required to develop more 5G networks to explore 5G features across the globe.
Apple iPhone12 pro 5g
Credit: Apple


iPhone 12 pro max supports 5G that helps in enjoying high-speed internet depending on the availability of 5G. 5G coverage is available in selective cities, thus all customers will not enjoy the same speed by buying this phone.

If you have a 5G connection and are not working, you can automatically switch from 5G to LTE through smart data mode built-in.
Carriers must continue building and extending their networks as buying a new iPhone 12 pro max required more 5G networks investment. A data plan for 5G will be costly. It will not hurt those customers who take the iPhone as a status symbol.

Improvement in Cameras of Pro Max

iPhone 12 pro max has three cameras (wide, Ultra-wide, and Telephoto). Its camera lens has a larger aperture for taking photographs in low light. It has a larger sensor such that 47 percent and larger pixels enhance the light on the wide camera. Now, for the first time, a front-facing selfie camera can take a clear photo using ‘Night Mode’ in dark situations without a flash. LIDAR scanner makes it possible to take a clear picture in low light. The most significant change in this cell phone is that it has a LIDAR scanner on board. The scanner measures the time of reflection of light from objects. It can scan the surface of Mars, and now you can monitor your living room. iPhone pro max has a 65mm telephoto camera having zoom with an optical zoom range of 5X.

Apple iPhone Pro Max Camera
Courtesy: Apple

Snapshot of Camera

Ultra-Wide Wide Telephoto
13 mm focal length 26 mm focal length 65 mm focal length
f/2.4 aperture f/1.6 aperture f/2.2 aperture
120 Field of view 1.7 um pixels Focus pixels
Five elements 100% focused pixels Six elements
Lens correction Sensor shift OIS OIS

Using the iPhone 12 pro max, you can make and edit the videos in Dolby’s vision used by a film studio to produce movies. Here are fewer features of the camera:

iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

  • The camera lens has a larger aperture for taking photographs in low light.
  • LIDAR scanner
  • Optimal zoom range 5x
  • Dolby vision for making videos
  • 47 Percent large pixels and sensor
  • Over 3.4 million pixels
  • Wide, Ultra-wide, and Telephoto camera
  • 8-10 bit HDR recording
  • Clear Selfie using Night Mode without flash
  • True depth camera
  • OIS-Optimal image stabilization

Thinner Design

The iPhone 12 pro max has a rounded corner having a beautiful curved design. The corners are within a standard rectangle. Its screen is 6.68 in a standard rectangular shape. Notches still exist on the smartphone. These notches help to accommodate the antenna array useful for 5G and more.
It has high-contrast OLED screens. These screens were previously exclusive to Apple’s most expensive iPhones. The new iPhone 12 pro max model has larger displays, i.e., 6.7 Inches. It has a bezel screen with thinner edges.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Designs
Image Credit: Apple

In fact, across the board, it is a thinner 5G cellular phone. It has a ceramic shield that protects it against splash, water, and dust. It has a metal glass back and stainless steel design.

Size and Weight

6.33 inches3.07 inches0.29 inches8.03 ounces

The iPhone 12 pro max is a beautiful device that will be released in November 2020.

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Glimpses of a Sleeker Design

  • OLED screen
  • Ceramic shield
  • Bezel screen
  • Thinner in size
  • 2778 by 1284 pixels resolution at 458 PPI
  • Rounded corner having the curved design
  • Splash, water, and dust resistant
  • Metal glass back
  • Large display


Apple has not reported improvement regarding the battery of the iPhone 12 pro max. This is a matter of concern. 5G consumes more battery power than 4G. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Apple says that it has 20 hours of video playback and 12 hours of video playback streamed. It has 80 hours of audio playback. By using a wireless charger, its battery will be charged 50% in 30 minutes. In a nutshell, apple needs to improve the battery of iPhones.

Battery: Salient Features

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Audio playback of 80 hours
  • Video playback 20 hours
  • Video playback (Streamed) 12 hours
  • Wireless charging
  • MagSafe wireless charging up to 15 w
  • Qi Wireless charging up to 7.5 w

MagSafe Accessories: iPhone Pro Max

iPhone 12 pro max will be shipped without earbuds or power adapters. The users have to purchase it separately. It’s a matter of concern that creates disappointment amongst the users of iPhones. In accordance to the sustainability chief of apple, Lisa Jackson, she says that it has a significant impact on the environment. It will be like removing 4 lac 50 thousand cars per year and eliminating 2 million metric tons of carbon emission annually.

The USB-C to lightning cable is packed in the box. It comes with MagSafe, a magnets array embedded on the cell phone’s back to charge it. It’s environment-friendly and eliminates millions of metric tons of carbon emissions annually.
The phone will be placed in the right spot for efficient charging, yielding a flaw in wireless charging.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Magsafe
Picture Credit: Apple

Magsafe chargers costing $39, and MagSafe-enabled cases start at $49. iPhone 12 pro max and apple watch have the same charger, or both required a different charger; it’s a point of concern. This model will work with other standard Qi-enabled chargers, and the MagSafe charger will power other Qi-enabled devices.

Highlights of MagSafe Accessories

  • It will not be shipped with earbuds or adapters
  • Environment-friendly features
  • Eliminating two million metric ton emission of carbons
  • Magnet array is connected to the back of the phone for fast charging.
  • Earbuds and charger cost falls on the customer’s shoulder separately.

Release Date and Expectations

Its availability in stores will be on November 13, 2020. From my point of view, Apple will be succeeded in its mission if:

  • Someone is looking for premium features.
  • looking for a high-end camera and visual options
  • anyone having a 5G tower in their locality, and he is waiting for a 5G iPhone 12 pro max.