Galaxy Note 21 Release Date Rumors and Specs Leaks

Galaxy Note 21 will release or not? Do you also want to know about the next edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note series? If yes, then this review will offer you everything you want to know about Galaxy Note 21. Though Samsung Galaxy Note 21 family has a giant question mark dangling over it, it could be one of the premium pieces of news of this Year: Samsung’s CEO stated that the next Note launch could be cancelled, with ideas to out one 2022 instead of 2021. Generally, the Note series trails the S line bumpily six months after the last unveiling. But whereas the Samsung Galaxy S21 series plunged as per standard, we may not wind up watching Galaxy Note 21 whatsoever. However, there are some cases it could be the situation, which we’ll discover below.

Samsung galaxy note 21 release date
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But it trails few months of the assumption that ‘the next Galaxy Note series has annulled.’ This determined idea was not assisted by the datum the Galaxy S21 Ultra had established to support the S pen stylus. Thus, folks have been building the Galaxy Note 21’s tomb for a long time. Rendering to Samsung’s CEO statement, we will not see Galaxy Note 21 this year. But we could see the next member of the Galaxy Note Series in 2022. Perhaps, it will not be Galaxy Note 21, but it could be a Galaxy Note 22 in 2022, conferring to the company. Plus, we may yet view stylus-carrying Samsung handsets in 2021: the Galaxy Note 20FE, a cheap model of Note 20, has been alleged. It is also a rumour that Galaxy Z Fold 3 could support the S Pen or Galaxy flip3.

Latest Update: Samsung is going to release the next Samsung handsets on August 11, 2021.

Specs and Release Date Leaks in Detail

Just down, we have provided everything we know about Galaxy Note 21 that we know up to now. It includes its expected released date, price, and specs rumours. So if you are curious about the Next arrival in the Galaxy Note series, swipe down to read this article thoroughly.

SpecsGalaxy Note 21
Expected Release DateIn 2022 as rumored
SpecsGlass rear with S Pen stylus
Expected PriceMore than (£849/ $999 / AU$1,199

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Galaxy Note 21 Price and Release Date

  • What is this? The next comrade of the Galaxy Note Series
  • When is it coming? Perhaps by no means
  • What will be its price? If it comes about, suppose a high price tag.

If a Galaxy Note 21 take place, presume to pay a premium amount for this handset. In the new Year, Samsung has constantly declared new Note variants in early August and sent them bumpily two weeks late. Thus, the same schedule is again thinkable for the Galaxy Note 21. That stated while Samsung is extensively alleged to hold launching event on August 11 to announce numerous products. However, the Galaxy Note 21 isn’t supposed to be between them. Therefore, a promotion in August seems greatly in doubt. Though, at this stage, we do not think about the Galaxy Note 21 at all.

Release date of galaxy note 21
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The price is somewhat difficult to estimate as that does vary Year to Year. However, the previous model Galaxy Note 20 began at £849/ $999 / AU$1,199. Thus, we’d suppose the Galaxy Note 21 will price not less than that much. We’ll discover the probability of the Galaxy Note 21 highlighted in the next section. However, if it does get a launch, when could we assume it? Well, Samsung generally launches the Note phones around August, so we’d presume the same release schedule to repeat.

Cancellation of Galaxy Note 21 Launch

Samsung’s CEO has deeply proposed the company won’t be offering the latest Galaxy Note phone in 2021. DJ Koh, Samsung’s CEO, stated, “It is not that we do not offer new handsets. The scheduling may differ, but succeeding Year, we are fixing to continue to do so.” Koh stated Bloomberg, “Note series is stood as a top-end variant in our commercial portfolio. It could be a load to reveal two leading models in one Year.  Thus, it may be hard to release the Note model in 2H.”

Galaxy Note 21 rumors
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It possibly means you’ll need to wait until next Year for S Pen-toting leading smartphone from the brand. Imagine that to be baptized the Galaxy Note 22 too, as Samsung now relates launch years with its variant numbers. However, we’ve frequently heard that there won’t be a Galaxy Note 21 this year. Therefore, this info from DJ Koh relates previous rumours from definite sources. Though we can’t ratify it is the case, it seems there won’t be a novel Note line flagship until 2022.

Galaxy Note 21 Rumours and Leaks

Though, we did not get enough about Galaxy Note 21. That is because Samsung is waiting till 2022 to revive its high-end Note line. What can we assume from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy phone? For instance, the Galaxy Note 21 is definite to come with and support the S Pen stylus. Meanwhile, it’s the key selling point of the Note line. There will also be manifold models as Galaxy Note Ultra or Plus that may join the standard version. However, this Note line is also probable to possess high-end power. Particularly, US consumers are probably receiving the top and latest Qualcomm chipset. At the same time, most other states may receive Samsung’s top Exynos chipset. Although, we’ve also heard that Samsung is preparing an under-display camera for its Note line, and it can appear in the next Galaxy Note series.

Features We Want to See

However, we look forward to more Galaxy Note 21 leaks to roll up; we’ve turned up a list of what features we are hoping for in the next Note phone.


Snapdragon for Each Model

Samsung naturally stores diverse chipsets into its Galaxy Note series for various states. The US Note line receives a Snapdragon chipset, whereas the UK and the remaining states receive an Exynos one. The main issue with this is that the two chipsets are not ever alike. Thus, one version of the handset is generally superior to the other. In current years it’s inclined to be the Snapdragon 888 that houses in US note line. Therefore, we’d love all versions of the Galaxy Note 21 to use the top Snapdragon chipset of that time.

A Glass Rear

Though the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes with a glass rear, the standard Galaxy Note 20 is wedged with plastic. It is quite astonishing to assume how much the phone prices. Thus, for Galaxy Note 21, we wish all versions to come with a glass back or some superior material as metal. But please, no more plastic.

120Hz Refresh Rate on All Versions

The Galaxy Note 20 only possesses a 60Hz refresh rate, which is quite less for a leading phone.  Whereas the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra lands with 120Hz, but it descents the display resolution in this way. Thereby, you must choose between a high resolution and a high refresh rate.  So, for Galaxy Note 21 line, we want all versions to keep a 120Hz refresh rate without dropping screen resolution.

Improved Camera

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a prodigious handset, but its camera is not that level best, particularly in dim-light situations. As with the handset resorting to feeling smooth to recompense for noise. It fallouts in less comprehensive pictures than recent handsets from Google and Apple. Thus, we wish to see this better for the Galaxy Note 21. We also wouldn’t refuse additional lenses; both Samsung Note 20 versions possess a triple-lens back snapper. In contrast, the high-end standard is progressively quad-lens.

Galaxy note 21 leaks and rumors
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Faster Charging

Both Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the Note 20 possess 25W fast charging, which isn’t ruthless. But it faded in contrast to the 65W charging on the OnePlus 8T. It’s also strangely very much slower than the 45W charging obtainable by the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Thus, we want as a minimum a reappearance to 45W with Galaxy Note 21 range, and preferably more.

General FAQs

Q: Is Samsung is releasing the next Note line this Year?
A: No, Samsung is going to release Samsung products other than the Galaxy Note series.
Q: When would Samsung's next launch of 2021 be expected?
A: Relating to Samsung’s yearly launch schedules, Samsung’s 2021 handsets launch is expected on August 11, 2021.
Q: Which type of handsets are predictable to release on August 11, 2021?
A: It may release the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3, or Galaxy Z flip 3 on August 11, 2021.
Q: Do you get any leaks or rumours about the release of the next Galaxy Note line?
A: Yes, we have got leaks and rumours that the next Galaxy note line will be out in 2022 instead of 2021.
Q: How much will the next Samsung Galaxy Note phone cost?
A: By looking at the previous Galaxy Note 20 prices (£849/ $999 / AU$1,199), we could expect the next Note phone will price more than Note 20

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