Motorola One 5G Specifications and Review

The Motorola One 5G is the best all-rounder with a longer battery life upgraded chipset and high-quality display than many other top rivals at its rate. It also comes with a larger screen than its brethren. The datum that it also offers 5G accessibility which makes it yet more alluring deal.  At launching time, Motorola claims that it is an inexpensive 5G phone. Although as with all Moto handsets it has its just part of irritating oddities. It is decent, particularly as an inexpensive 5G phone, but not game-fluctuating.

Motorola One 5G Features

Quick Review

The question arises here: What type of handset is, the Motorola One 5G? It is the handset known as Moto G 5G Plus (out in many other counties) with a changed name. It’s the best reasonable 5G phone Motorola has set out. But it is similar to Motorola Edge lite in working and other specs. It’s difficult to get this handset as fitting to the similar series as moto G power and G8. This is probably why Motorola picked to change its title to place it in the ‘Motorola One’ series in the US.

The fingerprint scanner is located sideways, instead of back, and it is entrenched into the power key. However, the handset is designed with a carnal Google Associate key, with a larger 21:9 screen, and two selfie cameras on the front. All these things are absent in its forerunners. Motorola One 5G offers the largest screen display that we have never seen in other Motorola phones.

Upgraded Processor

Well, it is good enough than its formers, but it is not a game-changer like the rival leading phones. However, it’s just a decent handset that won’t dishearten those searching for an inexpensive 5G phone. Nonetheless, it is improbably to setback anybody away either. The Motorola One 5G is designed with a much upgraded Snapdragon 765G chipset that is inspiring for a reasonable handset. It means the handset looks suave to use. It offers a maximum of 90Hz screen refresh rate that is very impressive at this price.

Talking about the display, the refresh ratio is 21:9 on the screen resolution of a 1080 x 2520 display. The phone looks a bit longer and shrill, but it’s slightly easy to hold in hands. The Motorola One 5G offers 6.75 inches large display which makes it more-classy than its other siblings.

Fingerprint Sensor

About the fingerprint scanner, the side-attached fingerprint scanners are too high to suitably approach. So, you can’t be able to press the power key easily as the sensor is fixed on either. On top of that, some characteristic Motorola concerns are present too. The camera is not bizarre, in particular – It comes with four rear cameras and two front-facing selfie snappers. With these specs, it seems like an example of an amount over excellence. One snapper on each side can probably take much improved shots with some active handling.

Most of the specs including strengths and issues of the Motorola One 5G are also available in Motorola edge. While using the Edge feels like a section of bent in its design, makes it an enticing preference for someone. However, the Motorola One 5G seems just ‘okay’ – a seamlessly comprehensive choice for spontaneous buyers, but eventually apathetic.

Obtainability and Cost

  • Priced at £349, $444.99, and approximately AU$635
  • Available in Europe, US and UK

The Motorola One 5G is out now and obtainable in the US. It’s also available in the Europe and UK with a changed name say as the Moto G 5G Plus. There’s the only model of the handset which is 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. This version is available at the cost of £349, $444.99, and approximately AU$635. The Motorola G 5G Plus also comes with a version with the 64GB ROM, but that is not obtainable on the One 5G. At that rate, the phone challenges many of the other 5G phone contenders, though you could get one or two for a cheaper price.

Motorola One 5G Design

Motorola One 5G
Image credit: gizmochina
  • Dimensions of 168 x 74 x 9mm
  • Weight of 207g
  • The back of the phone is made up of plastic
  • 3.5mm earphone jack with a USB-C port

The Motorola One 5G is forcefully a larger-size device, even when matched to the Moto G8 Plus. It’s larger than its brethren, with a bigger display but the One 5G isn’t too much catholic. So, it will not be much of a bounce to clutch it restfully for many folks. The Motorola One 5G offers dimensions of 168 x 74 x 9mm. So, it’s as lengthy and dense as your regular smartphone, but not as catholic. It exhibits a weight of 207g, so, at this weight, it’s slightly heavier than your usual phone, but not more.

In the front-side of the One 5G, the screen occupies most of the place, shifting only by a justly negligible bezel.  On the same side, there is a dual blow-hole safety device for the two cameras. In the rear of the phone, a square camera shunt is present. The back of the phone is made up of plastic but it seems robust. Although it is still not as cheap as some other plastic phones. An astonishing specs on the Motorola One 5G is the lateral-attached fingerprint sensor.

Fingerprint Sensor and Earphone Jack

While on the Moto G handsets, the fingerprint sensor is present on the back. This is located on the power key on the right verge, just beneath the volume button. We got it a bit difficult to reach, assumed how we certainly hold a handset. We have to bounce to touch it, which made it complicated to touch the fingerprint sensor with our thumb. However, you should only tad it with help of your thumb to wake up the smartphone.

On the left corner of the handset, at the upper side, is a Google Assistant key –By pressing this your phone’s AI chum will come up. Like other Moto phones, the Motorola One 5G has a 3.5mm earphone jack with a USB-C port, so admirers of wired Audio are gratified. The phone arrives only in Blue shade. Like other rivals’ phones, it does not have a variant of shades.

Motorola One 5G Display

Motorola One 5G
Photo: 9to5Ggoogle
  • Motorola One 5G screen is 6.7 inches
  • screen resolution of 1080 x 2520
  • 90Hz screen refresh rate

The Motorola One has shortcomings communal to all 21:9 phones, it’s pretty large and difficult to apt into a pocket. But it has the benefits too, it’s comparatively shrill and so justly simple to grip. You can also get enough storage to watch two apps in the chorus. Motorola One 5G screen is 6.7 inches transversely, makes it one of Motorola’s largest phones. The Motorola One 5G offers a screen resolution of 1080 x 2520.

Usually, the screen is good to gaze at, which has an HDR10 score confirming a good energetic array. This is the first inexpensive Moto phone to have a 90Hz screen refresh rate which offers you smooth scrolling of the screen. To save your battery you can switch from a 90 to 60Hz refresh rate. This 90Hz refresh rate means it can refresh the screen 90 per second which is very fast and impressive at this price rate.

Motorola One 5G Cameras

Motorola One 5G
Credit: CNET


  • Six Cameras-two front-facing cameras and four on the back
  • 48MP f/1.7 primary, 8MP f/2.2 ultra-wide, 2MP f/2.2 depth, and 5MP f/2.2macro snapper
  • Selfie Camera: 16MP wide, 8MP Ultra-wide
  •  Video recording up to 4K

The Motorola One 5G has a massive six cameras – two front-facing cameras and four on the back. It is fairly the heave when you get that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has only four cameras though. However, the amount isn’t essentially symptomatic of excellence, and the handset is just okay for camera work, not awesome. On the front, the main selfie camera is 16MP, which is combined with 8MP ultra-wide snapper for group photography. Photos appear pretty decent when taken in a well-lighted environment, though they’re maybe a little gritty when the light falls.

There’s a sufficient factor in selfies, particularly when you utilize the primary snapper. The Bokeh effects mostly seem amazing in Portrait mode. The rear collection includes 48MP f/1.7 primary, 8MP f/2.2 ultra-wide, 2MP f/2.2 depth, and 5MP f/2.2 macro snapper. The beauty mode is also accessible for both usual and ultra-wide snapper that takes pretty good photos. Photos taken with the primary camera appears good in case of aspect, but not amazing for contrast or shade. Snaps seemed a little blurry with the low vibrant array. Regions of dark or shadow appeared misty, photos of foliage tended to show the similar shadow of green all over.

Optical zooming

There’s no ocular zooming here, but the 8x cardinal zooming truly a bit improved than we estimated. However, highly zoom photos didn’t appear as gritty and horrifying as they occasionally can. Some vibrancy issues arise when photos are taken from an ultra-wide camera. The primary camera also causes the same issue but at snaps, doesn’t show too many brink alterations like ultra-wide shots.

Video Recording

As far as video recording is concerned, The Motorola One 5G can record video up to 4K, like many other top-end handsets. But, it’s quite unusual in that, you can make a video in the 21:9 feature ratio, as not all handsets propose that capability. And if they offer then it is not for that resolution. Motorola smartphones normally don’t have remarkable camera proficiencies. This is because the AI post-processing is a bit lighter in weight. If you purchase the Motorola One 5G, we’ll endorse you to download a photo editing app for best shots.

Specs of Motorola One 5G

SpecificationMotorola One 5G
DisplayLTPS IPS LCD, 90Hz, HDR10
Size: 6.7 inches
Water-repellent coating
Designweight: 207g
Front Glass, Plastic Back, Plastic Frame
ChipsetQualcomm 765 Snapdragon chipset
Adreno 620 GPU
Rear Camera48MP main,8MP ultra wide,5MP macro, 2MP depth
Dual Flash, Ring Flash
Selfie CameraDual camera: 16MP wide
8MP Ultra-wide
ColorOxford Blue
Battery5000mAh battery
20W fast charging
Price£349, $444.99
Motorola One5G
Image Credit: Moto


  • 765G Snapdragon chipset
  • Download apps quickly and play games smoothly
  • Fast downloading along with faster internet browsing

The Motorola One 5G works on the 765G Snapdragon chipset – that’s the technology you’ll normally get in a top mid-array handset. With this latest chipset, you can download apps quickly and play games smoothly. But, you can browse between apps with a bit of interval pause. Though it isn’t a high-end processor, sometimes an app will work sluggishly or smash unpredictably, but it is a rare case. While checking battery life with this chipset performance, we found its longer battery life.

This Motorola One is available with 5G connectivity which offers super-fast downloading along with faster internet browsing.  This handset offers pretty good hardware for gaming and internet browsing. If you want a large screen for gaming or streaming movies this chipset is best for you. Audio is coming from a depressed firing speaker, so you can use headphones while gaming or playing audio.

Battery Life

  • 5,000mAh battery pack
  • Charging speed up to 20W
  • Does not offer wireless charging
  • The battery can last for a whole day of regular use

As Motorola always packs large batteries in its every releasing handset. So, this is not as surprising that the Motorola One 5G has a large 5,000mAh battery pack. The Motorola One 5G battery can last for a whole day of regular use. While just scrolling social media, playing regular games, or watching Netflix it can standby a full day easily. It offers a charging speed of up to 20W, which is much better than many Moto G handsets. While it is not fast as many other leading phones that offer up to 30-65W fast charging. It takes 2 hours to charge up to 100% and it does not offer wireless charging.

Factors Regarding Buying Decision
Purchase it if:
  • Want an affordable 5G phone

The Motorola One 5G offers 5G connectivity at a very reasonable price. If you want a 5G affordable phone you should go for it.

  • Longer battery life

It is very impressive to know that Motorola One 5G offers longer battery life that can last for a full day of regular use.

Don’t buy it if:
  • Premium camera proficiency

The Motorola One 5G camera is not bizarre like other top-end’s smartphones. So, if you want a top-quality camera phone you should go for others.

  • You want the top-quality design

The Motorola One 5G does not have the classy appearance as other premium handsets. If you want an awesome looking phone in your hands you should go for other leading phones.

  • Want wireless charging

Motorola One 5G lacks wireless charging. if you want to charge the phone wirelessly then you should go for other top-end handsets that offer wireless charging at a reasonable price.

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