Nokia 3.4: Nokia’s Hottest Budget Smartphone Review

The Nokia 3.4 is an affordable handset with a longer battery that can stand by for two days or many. It has fresh software that ensures updates. It comes with limited RAM due to which it works slower than the other leading phones. So, it is difficult to endorse even at less price.

Eye Catching Nokia 3.4

Quick Appraisal

The Nokia 3.4 is a reasonable handset surefire to demand to those considering for somewhat they can purchase out-and-out. It is good in the first impression. It seems a little inexpensive, but the screen is seamlessly compact. The interface Android One has a spotless appearance same as we see with Google Pixel 4a. It comes with 3GB RAM and 32 GB of storage that is low as compared to other top leading handsets. Most of you will consume up the 32GB of ROM almost promptly. Especially, when you install a few heavy games and apps alongside fill your gallery with a large number of photos.

The handset befits unpredictable when space runs too low. It makes available some more storage and things develop, but still, the Nokia 3.4 is sluggish. There are ordered gap beforehand the keyboard comes up, as app interfaces arise, and as you go through between apps. The Nokia 3.4 is not designed as a gaming phone. Its processor is quite good but not faster than gaming phones. You don’t even ponder about play Fortnite or other challenging games.

The Nokia 3.4 comes with three rear cameras which give average outcomes. It has a 13MP primary camera, 5MP ultra-wide, and 2MP depth which is not so awesome as top leading phones. Photography is just okay here. We shouldn’t presume extravagantly from the Nokia 3.4. Although it comes with longer battery life but having average performance, we endorse OPPO A5, Realme 6, or Moto G8 instead.

Specs of Nokia 3.4

SpecificationNokia 3.4
DisplayIPS LCD 400 nits
Size 6.39 inches
Resolution: 720 x 1560 pixels
DesignDimension: 161 x 76 x 8.7 mm
weight: 180g
Plastic back
Storage32GB storage with 460 Snapdragon.
Camera13MP main,5GB ultra wide, 2GB depth
8MP Selfie camera video record at
FeaturesFingerprint sensor, accelerometer, proximity
Battery 4000mAh battery
10W charging
ColorsFjord, Dusk, Charcoal
Price£130 / AU$249/ $ 179
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Release Date and Cost

  • Available now in the UK, US, and Australia
  • Prices at £130 / AU$249/ $ 179

The Nokia 3.4 is available now in the US, Australia, and the UK, at the cost of $179/ AU$249/ £130. That places it at the small end of smartphone rating as compared to other top leading phones.

Nokia 3.4 Design

Nokia 3.4
Source: Nokia
  • The blow-hole display feels decent
  • Comes with a Plastic back
  • Average speaker

If you are going to buy a budget phone the Nokia 3.4, then you have to know a few things. This phone is not as classy in looks as top leading phones like OPPO or Huawei handsets. You will not get a handset designed with Glass back with metallic edges like other premium phones. It has a plastic back that is why it is cheap too. Its fingerprint scanner is not so fancy at all. However, it does not seem cheap in appearance.

The Nokia 3.4 comes up with a few amusing touches. Its blow-hole display is considered as insignia of a top-end handset. The display edges are the same as those of a much costlier standard-range handset. And the screen is big enough for snug video playing. It has a sensibly eye-catching round camera lodging on the backside.

Still, “this seems sort of low-cost” was the primary contemplation we made on choosing the Nokia 3.4 up. Many companies use suave warped plastic to design the back of inexpensive handsets. It’s intended to feel and look similar to glass, though it is not. The Nokia 3.4 is made up of engraved plastic. We have to congratulate Nokia for not falsifying it by conjuring up glass or aluminium, some suave-backed competitors feel superior.

Fingerprint Scanner

The handset has a back fingerprint sensor instead of a more-trendy in-screen or side one. However, it’s slow to unlock the handset though, it takes a couple of seconds to unlock the screen. But, it is okay for normal use without causing any reliability problems. A somewhat stress-free unlock is superior to one that rejects to identify your finger most of the time. There is a Google Assistant key on the flank, but you are more probable to press it fortuitously than purposely.

The Nokia 3.4 owns a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is communal in inexpensive handsets. However, the speaker is puny. It’s shrill and does not provide a loud sound, and utilizes just a mono driver. Motorola’s G-series are much better phones that provide stereo sound.

Nokia 3.4 Display

  • The large LCD screen of 6.39-inch
  • 720 x 1560 Screen resolution
  • Good in this price
    Nokia 3.4
    Image credit: Nokia

The Nokia 3.4 has a large LCD screen of 6.39-inches and it is one of its public attractive features. The huge display is seamlessly well, contrast is fine and maximum intensity is prevailing enough that makes the screen justly clear outside. The display is bigger enough to watch videos on YouTube or Netflix, without it appearing as a distracted concession. Of course, you can find better if you have more money. The screen resolution is 720 x 1560 pixels, a big rung lower than the Full HD display of a handset like the Realme 6. Though, it is fairly not that blatant.

There is another noticeable emblem, it is not a high-quality display. The bottommost display is brighter enough than the rest because here backlight LEDs are located. Some of the Nokia 3.4’s features disturbed us, but the display is not included in them. As you may predict, the handset does not work with HDR, but once more it is not a great problem at the cost.

Nokia 3.4 Camera

  • Comprises of three rear cameras
  • 13MP main, 5MP ultra-wide, 2MP depth
  • Mediocre results
    Nokia 3.4
    Photo credit: GSMarena

The Nokia 3.4 comes with three rear cameras. It has a main 13MP camera, a 5MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP depth sensor. This is useful to make Portrait shots with blur backgrounds. However, in good lighting, photos appear a bit frothy and ambiguous up close. The vibrant range is just fine even with decent HDR handling. The shots in which Dynamic array optimization is used frequently show ‘ghosting’. The term ghosting means the dual revelation of moving things, due to the pause among the random shots to compose images.

Night Mode

There is a Night Mode though but the Nokia 3.4 is poor in low light photography.  However, Night Mode tries to vivify the scene. We are liable to prefer photos taken by Standard Auto Mode. Taking shots looks slow, mainly if you, for instance, take a photo from WhatsApp Camera instead of the main camera app. The camera focus is dubious as well. On appraising the load of photos taken with the Nokia 3.4, a few were not appropriately focused.

The Nokia 3.4’s camera works at an entry-level that we can assume for this price. However, it does not mean that the handset can’t take worthy photos for Instagram. Shots taken against a lovely sparkling blue sky can appear lively and punchy. Another field of sight, the ultra-wide lens, is comfy too, though its 5MP shots are average.

Video Capability

Nokia 3.4’s video is meek. It can record video up to a resolution of 1080p, 30 frames in a second. It does not offer 4k recording or 60fps like other high-end phones. And, a most important one, it lacks a stabilization feature. It means your video recording will look unprofessional and wobbly. The selfie camera is 8MP which is purely reputable. Photos appear soft in dim light. But this is not an extraordinary selfie camera as well.

Nokia 3.4
Source: advance telecom

Performance of Nokia 3.4

  • Snapdragon 460 processor
  • 3GB of RAM with 32GB space
  • Slow performance
  • Arises with Android One software and the capability of upgrades

The Nokia 3.4 arises with a Snapdragon 460 chipset processor paired with 3GB of RAM. This is a beginner-range CPU with only sufficient RAM to get along in Android 10 software. This phone is slightly slow. We can ignore bad performance in very demanding apps or games on reasonable phones, however, it disappoints every deal. The leading keyboard often takes a few seconds to arrive, and details of apps crop up more slowly than other phones.

The Nokia 3.4 has 32GB storage that is not sufficient like other leading handsets that offer up to 256GB. Apps can also clatter if the Nokia 3.4 is low on storage. That’s why RAM is also low so that it forces the Android to use 32GB of space for work. Truthfully bad enactment in an Android phone makes using the device a nightmare. The Nokia 3.4 does not perform badly in most cases, but it is remarkably sluggish than Moto G8 power or Moto G8.

Gaming in Nokia 3.4 is not as good as other top leading phones. Due to its 3GB of RAM, you can only play low graphics games. However, Nokia 3.4 is not compatible with challenging games like Fortnite.

Nokia 3.4 Battery Life

  • Battery 4,000mAh
  • It lasts for a full day or more
  • Offers charging of 10W which is slow

Nokia 3.4 comes with some issues, but battery life is not included in them. It has a justly normal-sounding battery of 4,000mAh, but we got it outlives most handsets with this capability.

It’s probably aided here by the low-resolution display and less-power processor. Even on much browsing of social media, and playing audio for many hours, it shows 30% left in the tank. With light use, it can stand by for two days or more. Battery life is the Nokia 3.4’s sturdiest feature, along with the attractive screen. This phone is different from only as a long-term inexpensive mobile. However, the price zone is where you get some of the biggest batteries.

However, Battery charging is not so extraordinary. The Nokia 3.4 comes with a stunted 10W charger. It charges the phone from zero to 16% in 30 minutes. That’s Rubbish.

Should I Purchase the Nokia 3.4?

Purchase it if:
  • You want an inexpensive handset

The Nokia 3.4 is an inexpensive phone which is its selling point too. It comes with a good display and a longer battery. If you want a phone with these specs at a reasonable price you should pick it up.

  • You need a good battery life

The Nokia 3.4 has a larger battery of 4000 mAh that can last a full day. With lighter use, it can last two days or more. If you want a long-lasting battery phone at an affordable price you should go for this.

  • You need ordinary software

The Nokia 3.4 belongs to the Android One database. It means the Nokia 3.4 frequently comes with unscathed Android software. It gives you two years of main software upgrades and three years of safety upgrades. That’s amazing for an inexpensive phone.

Don’t purchase it if:
  • You want developed software

The Nokia 3.4 comes with a 460 snapdragon chipset with 3GB RAM that does not perform well like other top leading phones. Gaming is affordable only in low graphics. It causes many issues from unlocking the phone to WhatsApp checking or browsing through social media. If you want a swift processor with 6GB RAM or more then you should pick other top leading phones.

  • You want to take great photos

The Nokia 3.4’s three-camera arrangement feels remarkable for a cheap handset, but the outcomes are not so amazing. Night Mode is poor too, the camera is a little slow. Even when you take close-ups the images look a bit fizzy or vague. If you are fond of great photography, you should go for other top leading phones.

  • You want to play challenging games like Fortnite

Nokia 3.4 is not a gaming phone. The phone speaker is also week. You can only play games with low graphics at 0fps. If you want to play challenging games like Fortnite you should choose other top-end phones with high performance.

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