OnePlus 10: Release Date Rumors and Thrilling Spec Leaks

OnePlus 10 will rock the stage in 2022 as we have many early rumours about this premium beast. Though OnePlus buffs were desperately hoping for the OnePlus 9T release, we’re announcing that the OnePlus 9T is no more. Therefore, the OnePlus will land with the latest OnePlus flagship.  You would think that is why we are saying the OnePlus 9 is no more. Well, it is because there is no possibility of the latest OnePlus leading phone until the arrival of the OnePlus next year. However, we don’t know accurately why the OnePlus 9T isn’t landing, but we know it isn’t coming.

OnePlus 10 leaks review
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The OnePlus 9 is one of the premium devices hurled in March 2021, and OnePlus buffs were expecting to get the OnePlus 9T. But from our resources, it seems as though there may not be the OnePlus 9T at all. So, it provides a straightforward way for us to start guessing what the OnePlus 10 will bring with it. It also means we need to look ahead and find what OnePlus could release along with the OnePlus 10. Well, the details about it are still unknown. But in this article, we’ve provided everything that we know about the OnePlus 10 up till now.

OnePlus 10 Rumors and Spec Leaks in Detail

Further down, we have provided everything that we know about the OnePlus 10 until now. So, scroll down if you want to know about the OnePlus 10 rumours and Spec leaks in detail. And read this review thoroughly.

SpecsOnePlus 10
Expected launchMay launch in March 2022
Expected DesignSomething more refined than OnePlus 9
CameraMay be two camera setup in standard model and three rear cameras in Ultra-Wide
ProcessorCombination of colorOS and Oxygen OC Processor
PriceMay be 1000$ or more
Early Rumours

Though, well-known advisor Yogesh Berar revealed that the OnePlus 10 handsets are “being inclined as refined series nine versions. It also suggests that OnePlus will not make a huge amount of changes in terms of the aesthetics of devices. However, it’s still too early period for the next OnePlus rumours. But keep in mind that this info from this specific source isn’t always correct. At this phase, it does appear likely that we’ll see a base model and a Pro version as usual. Though the Brar also exposed that a “group” of Nord-branded handsets are just on the way. Plus, “few latest accessories” are in the same channel too, going to be revealed at the next device unveiling. OnePlus wireless earbuds and smartwatches have also been unveiled in recent months.

OnePlus accessories
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But some new devices along the OnePlus 10 are also going to land in 2022. So, we can say that 2022 may be the busy year for OnePlus in terms of unveilings.  However, the OnePlus has been varying into other products in coming years with the OnePlus Watch, for instance. Though, it is the very early leak we’ve got concerning the next OnePlus. Therefore, we can’t convey to you much more regarding the handset at this stage. Moreover, few upgrades in camera and performance that we typically get year on year can also be expected in the OnePlus 10.  But, it doesn’t seem like a significant upgrade in the next OnePlus model that will land in 2022.

OnePlus 10 Release date: Authentic Speculation

Though we haven’t got anything about the OnePlus 10 release date, it will probably land in early 2022. The OnePlus 9 lineup was hurled in March, approximately a month before the OnePlus 8 lineup arrived last year. So, we can estimate that OnePlus will cling to the same release door as the OnePlus 10. So, the people fond of getting the latest OnePlus handsets would see the next OnePlus handset in March 2022 or mid-2022.
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OnePlus 10 release date and rumors
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OnePlus 10 Build Rumors

Concerning one early OnePlus rumour, the OnePlus 10 is heading for becoming a Refined 9 lineup. It suggests that the handsets wouldn’t appear to change from the OnePlus 9 Pro and standard OnePlus 9. Generally, that type of explanation is what we’d imagine from a T lineup handset. However, now that the OnePlus 9T has null and void officially. Hence, it adds up that OnePlus may reutilize this procedure for the OnePlus 10 lineup.

OnePlus 10 Processor

OnePlus 10 leaks
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The OnePlus 10 is heading for watching a significant modification for the OnePlus series, as the company has a handier link with OPPO. Both brands are buckle down to combine particular flavours of Android, Color OS, and OxygenOS into the sole unified operating system. However, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau declared that the next OnePlus would be the primary OnePlus handset to use the latest operating system. It also announced that elder OnePlus devices included the OnePlus 8, will be capable of upgrade ultimately. Lau also said, “By merging our software resources, we will syndicate the powers into one even more prevailing OS.  He elaborated that the OnePlus OS will come with smooth and fast, load fewer OxygenOS, and rich specs of ColorOS.” It means that the still nameless OS will offer the same neat near-stock Android practice of OxygenOS. In this way, the OnePlus will provide relief to the OnePlus buffs.

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OnePlus 10 Camera Leaks

We haven’t received anything related to the OnePlus 10 camera till now. Though based on previous handsets, we can make few cognizant deductions about what may be about to happen. However, the primary thing we recognize is that the handset will probably land with Hasselblad exclusive cameras. As we found, the OnePlus 9 lineup came up with top Hasselblad Lens Cameras that offered excellent photography results. A three years partnership contract has been signed between OnePlus and Hasselblad and from focusing on camera software. That’s why the OnePlus 9 turned out as the first handset having possess Hasselblad camera features offering colour tuning and sensor correction.  Therefore, it’s virtually definite that the OnePlus 10 lineup and even the OnePlus 11 will also possess the same.

Camera leaks of upcoming OnePlus phone
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Afterwards? Who will be familiar with it? However, we won’t see what occurs there till 2024. It’s also likely that the OnePlus 10 will land with a triple camera setup, as we found the same case with OnePlus 7T, 9, 8T, and 8. In the meantime, we’d suppose the OnePlus Pro to land with tetra camera setup as OnePlus 8 Pro and 9 Pro.  Though, it’s imprecise about what those lenses would be as OnePlus has been a bit unpredictable about it. However, we can indeed imagine seeing ultra-wide and wide-angle lenses on both versions. Perhaps on the Pro model, there would be a telephoto lens with optical zoom. Sources from LetsGoDigital exposed the OnePlus model with a round camera setup and reasonably large camera lenses. Well, it’s unclear what these sources have centered. But, probably, the OnePlus 10 that will land for sale won’t appear like this.

Features We Want to See

  • Authorized water resistance feature: OnePlus has never chiefly taken with IP water resilient ratings, only presenting two handsets with one over its lifespan: these two handsets were OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 8 Pro. Therefore, we want OnePlus to offer an authorized Waterproof IP rating in its coming OnePlus 10 models.
  • Quicker wireless charging: OnePlus was constantly sluggish to go in for wireless charging, and the primary non-Pro handset to acquire it was the standard OnePlus9. Unluckily, it offered 15W wireless charging speeds, which is relatively lower than the OnePlus 9 Pro’s 50W. However, if the OnePlus 10 isn’t relatively as quick as the premium 10 Pro, we still want above a stingy 15W.
Next OnePlus series on the way
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  • No gimmicky Snappers: Whether it’s a monochrome lens, macro lens, or something else, OnePlus has a record of bungling cameras with additional lenses. But unluckily, that extra lens doesn’t work significantly. It’s shoddier when the sincerely convenient telephoto lens has forfeited as a result. Therefore, we are just hoping the OnePlus 10 series doesn’t plunge into a similar trap.
  • More camera upgrades: Although the OnePlus 9 series made massive advances in camera enactment. But, the OnePlus is still dropping back the models of Apple and Google. We expect that the OnePlus 10 retains that momentum on the move and makes equally large bounds in post-snap camera handling.
  • Keep the cost less: Leading handsets appear getting more and more costly, and OnePlus is on no concession. However, the brand has ever offered much more things at lesser price points.  We’d wish to see that carry on. Indeed, the iPhone 13 Pro may become at the $999 price range. But it doesn’t mean the OnePlus 10 Pro will follow the same way.

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General FAQs

Q: Will OnePlus release OnePlus 9T to continue the OnePlus 9 series?
According to our sources, OnePlus will no longer release OnePlus 9T to continue the OnePlus 9 lineup.
Q: Is this true that the OnePlus 9T will not release?
A: Yes, it’s true because OnePlus has officially canceled the release of the OnePlus 9T.
Q: Is the OnePlus going to release the new OnePlus series next year?
A: Yes, According to our trusted leaker, OnePlus will release its new series in 2022.
Q: Do you know about the OnePlus 10 release date?
A: We don’t know precisely about it, but we can predict that OnePlus may release the OnePlus 10 in March 2022 or mid-2022.
Q: What will be the price of the OnePlus 10?
A: We don’t know accurately about it, but we can predict that the OnePlus 10 would be a costly handset.

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