Surface Pro for Gaming: Best Surface Laptop Intended for Games

Surface Pro for gaming with the best user guide is presented in this article. This guide will demonstrate to you which surface laptop is best for gaming. We have collected all the vital data that you require to make the perfect verdict. Once you identify the requirements, you can pick up the well-resourced PC or gaming preference to improve your skills. Though, the top surface pro for gaming does not need to be the utmost costly one. It will not need to be the newest one either. Despite this, the perfect surface pro will develop specs like long-lasting battery life, robust build and high performance. However, when we talk about gaming, many laptops fail in this regard. It is because gaming requires lots of hefty response and powerful processing. Thus, it would help if you chose from the top of the top.

Surface pro for gaming
Credit: Microsoft

Though when we talk about top gaming laptops, then we reflect on Microsoft surface laptops. Microsoft has given out many laptops with highly powered processors and durable battery life essential for gaming. In this review, we have placed top of the top surface pro for gaming. It comprises the foremost preference of the series, which is the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. This surface Pro lands with a 12.3 inches Touch-Screen that offers an ultra-high resolution. Moreover, it has an Intel Core M3 processor and lands with a 4GB Memory, combined with 128GB SSD storage. When picking the perfect surface pro for gaming, other aspects like price tag and version also play a vital role. Thus, we have provided complete specs details in the tables below. It will help you to pick up the most suitable surface laptop.

Surface Pro for Gaming: The Best User Guide

Further down is our best pick of Microsoft surface laptops offering high-end processors and durable battery life required for gaming. We have mentioned their specs each in detail with a price tag too. Thus, you can easily choose a surface pro for gaming that seems best for you. So, scroll down to read the article thoroughly.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Best Surface Pro for Gaming

A very reasonable surface pro

SpecsSurface Pro 5
Display12,3 inches Touch-Screen,
Resolution: 2736 X 1824
CPUIntel Core M3
RAM4 GB Memory
Storage128GB SSD
Prcie523$ at Amazon
Reasons to Purchase
  • Use as a PC and a Tablet
  • It comes with all usual connectivity options like USB 3.0, SD Card Reader and Bluetooth.
  • It comes with already installed Windows 10 to use
  • Quite reasonable
Reasons to Evade
  • It is not a changed option
  • Changed options are much inexpensive
Best surface pro for games
Source: GM Drives

Microsoft surface pro 5 is our top choices as gaming laptops because it is not highly expensive nor missing in terms of specs. Though, you can modify your Surface pro 5. It lands with a 12.3-inches High-resolution (2736 x 1824p) touch screen LCD. This touch screen provides you with the best appearance and fee of colour and bright picture. Coming to the processor, here you will find an Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU for heavy and light gaming. Moreover, the CPU here is Intel Core M3 7th Generation dual-core processor, making it wild and smooth for gaming. In addition to this, the surface pro 5 comes with 4 GB RAM combined with 128GB SSD storage. Another sensible thing about the operating system is that it will land with already installed Windows 10.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Surface Pro with Durable Battery Life

All in the best surface laptop with long-lasting battery life

SpecsSurface Pro 7
12.3″ Touch-Screen
CPUIntel Core i7
Storage capacity 256GB SSD
Price at Amazon799$
Reasons to Purchase
  • The latest version of surface pro
  • Hefty storage and RAM space
  • Very thin and light
Reason to Evade
  • Quite expensive

The Surface Pro 7 is a later variant of the Surface netbook. Subsequently, it is somewhat expensive. It is on the advanced spectrum when it goes to price tag and specs in gaming laptops. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 fortifies with an Intel Core i7 processor and a 12.3-inches Touch-Screen. This surface laptop will possess a large pool of 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage. This high RAM ensures fast and buttery smooth performance while playing PC games and browsing. One of the good things about this surface laptop is that it comes with a next-gen configuration of a tablet and studio. This surface pro 7 will land with Intel Core 10th Gen CPU making it piercing and detailed.

Best gaming surface laptop
Picture Credit: GM Drives

Moreover, it has all the usual linking options like USB-A and USB-C ports. It also comes in a skinny and light build, weighing around just 1.70 pounds. Whereas, if you want to include more accessories to it, its weight may increase accordingly. The most dominant feature of this surface pro is its long-lasting battery life. We have tested its battery life; it amazed us by lasting for 10.5 hours of continuous working. Moreover, its fast charging is also a fantastic spec that appeals to the user. To charge it fully, you need to wait for few minutes. It may be a top choice with so many unique features, but it is pretty expensive than surface pro 5.  Therefore, the surface pro 7 stands in 2nd rank in our Top Surface pro for gaming list.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Very light and thin Surface pro

SpecsSurface Pro 6
Display12.3 inches Pixel Screen
CPUCore i5
Reasons to Purchase
  • Flexible, available in multiple conformations
  • Thin and Light
Reason to Evade
  • Not available in different colours

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is another high quality suggested choice. It is a top-notch preference as gaming laptops serves as a tablet and a studio. If you don’t wish to pay excessively, then it can be your best surface pro for gaming. This laptop allows you to work with the new Intel Core 8th Generation CPU to the edge of its capabilities. Though, it is a classic looking portable surface laptop with the latest and stylish item to carry. You will be astonished by how thin and light it seems when you hold it along with you. The surface laptop weighs just 1.7 pounds. Therefore, you can take it everywhere with you easily.

Surface laptop for gaming
Credit Image: GM Drives

This surface pro six lands with various light and environmental sensors like a Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Ambient light sensor. It will permit you to use loads of other apps and games with additional tractability and precision for your requirements. Moreover, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 comes with a full-day battery life feature. Once you charge it to 100%, you will be capable of getting up to 13.5 hours of games and video playback.  Conclusively, if you want to buy surface pro for gaming, it can be the best choice for you.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Old But Best Surface Pro

Old version but powerful gaming surface laptop

SpecsSurface Pro 4
Display12.3 inches Screen resolution: 2736 x 1824
Price949$ at Amazon
Reasons to Purchase
  • Very reasonable as likened to the latest surface pro
  • Flexible
  • Available to use in manifold ways and conformations
  • High-quality graphics
Reason to Evade
  • A Rehabilitated PC but not the latest one
The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is an older version but a powerful surface laptop. It lands with an Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz CPU.  Excitingly, the Surface Pro is one of the best gaming laptops as it comes with an Intel HD Graphics520 card. The graphics of games and videos are clear and smooth with this graphics card. Come to the storage and RAM, here you will find 256GB SSD storage and a high 8GB of RAM capacity. Due to that high RAM capacity, this surface laptop is a top and hot choice as a gaming laptop as it ensures superfast performance while playing games and streaming videos.
Surface pro for gaming
Source Image: GM Drives

It comes with standard connectivity ports like USB-C and USB-A ports. Another superb feature for live chat and online video games is that it has back and rear cameras. It lands with a 5MP front-facing plus an 8MP rear-facing camera offering a 1080p HD video recording feature. However, the Surface Pro 4 doesn’t negotiate on display. Its display comes with an ultra-high resolution of 2736 x 1824p. Moreover, it also possesses integral stereo speakers combined with Dolby Audio-boosted sound. Conclusively, it is one of the top Surface pros for gaming that you can buy.

Microsoft Surface Go: Lightest Surface Pro

High performing and lightest Surface pro

SpecsSurface Go
CPUIntel Pentium Gold processor
Display10 inches
Price485$ at Amazon
Reasons to Buy
  • A brand new surface pro
  • Lightest surface laptop
  • Very portable
Reasons to Evade
  • Not a renewed one
Best Surface pro
Photo credit: GM Drives

The Microsoft Surface Go is a high-resolution surface pro for gaming with a 10-inches display and a Pixel Sense screen. One of the most influencing things about Surface Go is its very thin and light surface pro. Though, you will obtain it starting at just 1.15 pounds. So it is highly portable too. This surface laptop lands with a normal all-day battery life that offers you 9 hours of unblocked clout. The storage here is 128GB storage and 8GB of RAM that ensures high performance. Moreover, it comes with already installed Windows 10 that you can easily use.

General FAQs

Q: Which is the best surface pro for gaming?
A: Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is best for gaming.
Q: Which is the most affordable surface laptop?
A:  Surface Pro 4 is a very affordable laptop.
Q: Which surface laptop is the lightest in weight?
A: Surface Go is the lightest Surface Pro yet.

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