Time-lapse Camera: Condense Lengthy Movies into Few Seconds Video

The time-lapse cameras can make small movies that abridge the time of prolonged events. It works to turn many days-long films into an engaging clip of few seconds. So, a time-lapse camera is the best way to record the subject of many days or weeks in a short clip. In this review, we’ve provided the best time-lapse camera from different brands to help you get the ideal device. Though, the Time-lapse videos have become gradually prevalent over the previous few years. You can do time-lapse projects with everything from developing sporadic flowers to the construction of a novel building. However, many cameras offer the distinct time-lapse feature, allowing you to set a duration timer to record a series of pictures. After capturing series of shots, you can syndicate them into a video format.

Time lapse camera
Credit: Brinno

In reality, many other top camera handsets can create time-lapse videos. For instance, iPhones have a valuable time-lapse feature in the innate camera app that helps you do time-lapse projects. Though, relying on the condition you’re recording, leaving your peculiar handset taking shots for a prolonged time period isn’t idyllic. However, making fascinating times lapse videos over months while keeping the main technology clasp for that time is not applicable. That’s why purchasing one of the top time-lapse cameras can be so valuable. So, if you want to buy a time-lapse camera for your time-lapse projects, just read this article thoroughly. Our report will help you out to pick the best time laps device for you.

Top Time-lapse Camera in Detail: User Guide

Do you want to purchase a top time-lapse camera for your time-lapse projects? If yes! Then, please scroll down and look into our full time-lapse camera user guide details. In this guide, you will get the top time-lapse camera list containing some of the best time-lapse cameras. All of these devices offer you quality time-lapse features that allow you to make the best time-lapse videos. So, what are you waiting for? Just dive into the details and grab the best product for you.

Brinno TLC2020: Time-lapse Camera

Top time-lapse camera for long term construction projects

SpecsBrinno TLC 2020
Design and resolutionDimensions: 60 x 71 x 47 mm
Video resolution
Stills resolution (effective)2MP
Night visionYes
Power4x AA batteries
Video lengthup to 60 seconds
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Reasons to Purchase

  • Wide collection of accessories
  • Compatible lenses
  • Two extra AA batteries

Reasons to Evade

  • Waterproof covering prices more

Though, the TLC2020 is not the primary time-lapse camera by the Brinno brand. But this version offers some additional features than its precursors while utilizing the same substitutable CS-mount lenses. Usually, some time-lapse devices may already have CS-mount lens in their assortments. It can record up to 82 days’ time-lapse videos (every 5 minutes at a single frame). Moreover, it comes with a choice of 2 additional AA batteries and a variety of optional fixtures that makes it superior. Its powerful features include a balk-like BARD clamp/ monopod, a waterproof cover, and a suave-moving powered turntable. Though, its setup is lenient to those not motivated to algebra. It represents how many seconds of video per hour will record in Basic English on the back-mounted display.

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Best camera for long lapse videos
Source: Brinno

However, for more direction, here is a mode called “detailed craftwork” and “indoor event” that assists you in picking the suitable speed. Conversely, its video resolution is good, but you will not get a 4K video recording here. Furthermore, this time-lapse camera offers a night vision and audio recording feature too. So, you can record long-term construction projects at night with quality audio too. But, the time-lapse videos you register from this camera will be in AVI format. It means that the Mac users will require a translation tool, but you can find them online quite easily. Overall, this time-lapse camera is the best to buy for doing time-lapse projects.

Brinno TLC200 Pro: For Beginners

Top time-lapse camera for beginner level buffs

SpecsBrinno TLC 200 Pro
Design and resolution
Dimensions: 64 x 106 x 46 mm
Video resolution: 720p
Night visionYes (Pro version)
Video lengthup to 60 seconds
Stills resolution (effective 1.4MP
Power4x AA batteries or Micro USB

Reasons to Purchase

  • 110 degrees lens for adjustment
  • Substitutable lenses
  • HDR feature makes the Pro value

Reasons to Evade

  • Maximum resolution: 1280 x 720p
  • Waterproof covering prices more

Though Brinno offers higher resolutions devices with powerful features to appeal to users, the TLC 200 pro and TLC 200 both mark a more reachable initial point into time-lapse videos. However, both cameras retain the unique advantage of compatibility with Brinno’s particular lens system. You can get one of these and include the suitable telephoto lens that enhances the working ability of this time-lapse camera.  However, a waterproof covering is possibly more important than the latest lens. You obtain a minor promo screen for the low entry price, just 1.4 inches, which works quite well.

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Lapse Camera for construction projects
Image credit: Brinno

Moreover, if you don’t pick the ‘Pro’ model, you will lose out on the HDR feature. This HDR feature is essential if light situations will shift while shooting. Though it’ll be valuable meanwhile, you’ll be capable of getting 40 days’ construction projects with one click every 5 minutes. Furthermore, you can create a long-term video of up to 60 seconds in length. Like the TLC mode mentioned above, this pro model also offers night vision shooting mode, but audio recording is not available here. Otherwise, this time-lapse camera is best for doing long-term projects.

aTLi EON: For Social Post

Ideal time-lapse camera for stick out social posts

SpecsaTLi EON
Dimensions 71 x 50 x 53mm
Night visionLow Light mode

Stills resolution (megapixels 4MP
Video resolution1080P
Audio recordingyes
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Reasons to Purchase

  • Prodigious accessories
  • Time Slice feature
  • Longer battery life

Reasons to Evade

  • 4K video would be great

Are you looking to make time-lapse videos for social posts but don’t want to use a handset for this? If your answer is yes, then this EON camera is especially for you. Though, you can choose this time-lapse device in either white or traditional black versions. The most striking feature that stands out here is its Time Slice mode. Time slice generates a single photo from bands of a time-lapse to express a day in a sole static manner. It is very striking, though. However, it doesn’t over here. This time-lapse camera is accessible more as a set comprising a case, UV filter, mini tripod, and lens hood.

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Best EON digital camera construction videos
Picture credit: aTLi

Moreover, it runs through an app of android, so you’ll require your handset to get things happening. But, its app provides different meager interval settings. Though, you can click on zoom as you regulate the manual focus. Plus, you can view a live promo even as the footage is underway or shift to an infrared approach. Furthermore, you can shift to power-saving mode; in such a case, the battery can drain in days rather than minutes. This lapse camera also offers you a fast shutter speed of up to 1.4 that works well in dim light. Overall, this camera is best for long-term time-lapse projects.

Moultrie Wingscapes Cam Pro

Top time-lapse camera for zooms shots like birds and plants

SpecsMoultrie Windscapes Cam Pro
245x152x92 mm
Stills resolution (megapixels)20MP
Video resolution1080p
Power8x AA (or AC adapter)
Night vision Yes
Video lengthup to 90 seconds
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Reasons to Purchase

  • Produce narrow depth-of-field
  • Weather-resistant
  • Conveniently priced

Reasons to Evade

  • Require Firmware updates

This version of the camera is especially for time-lapse projects. But Wingscapes also makes a camera that is likewise welcoming to zoom action. Though coming with increasing support for a strap for trees and poles, this device has desperately intended to stay outdoors. Though, this camera comes with the tape measure feature that helps to discover the focusing distance. So, you can focus on a particular location, e.g., a flying bird or bright flower. Surefire, it’s a physical focus, but patterns have enclosed the lens hold.

Moultrie camera for long projects
Photo source: Moultrie

So, to set distance isn’t too puzzling. It has an influential LED flash and the choice to have two different time-lapse projects per day. Moreover, this time-lapse camera offers a ‘managed memory,’ which erases the oldest pictures from the memory card if storage ends. The best thing here is that it is weather-resistant so that it can resist weather attacks.  Though, you can make time-lapse videos of up to 90 seconds duration. Conclusively, this camera is the best time-lapse camera to buy for long-term projects.

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General FAQs

Q: Which is the best time-lapse camera to buy for long-term construction projects?
A: Brinno TLC 200 is the best time-lapse camera to buy for long-term construction projects.
Q: Is there any Brinno camera for time-lapse projects that offers some additional features than TLC 200.
A: yes, Brinno TLC 200 pro camera offers superior features to Brinno TLC, 200 models.
Q: For which purpose can we use the time-lapse camera?
A: We use a time-lapse camera to condense long movies of days or even months into shot clips.
Q: Is there any time condense camera with zoom action features?
A: Yes, you can buy Moultrie Wingscapes Cam Pro for perfect zoom action.
Q: Can you refer us to any time-condense camera for doing social projects?
A: Yes, for social posts, you can go for aTLi EON camera that offers time slice mode too.

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