Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Availability, Price, Features, and Much More

Xiaomi Mi Mix fold handset is the company’s first Foldable handset ready to compete with Samsung’s foldable ones. The uniqueness of this handset not only lies in its foldable display, but its futuristic camera is also an appealing public spec. This Mix fold handset offers you many unique specs to go for as it comes with a high-end processor, radical liquid lens snapper, and gigantic storage with many other massive features. This article will find everything that we know about Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold up to now. However, the handset is not yet obtainable in many states. But we are hoping that soon it will be available worldwide.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Specifications

SpecificationsXiaomi Mi Mix Fold
DesignDimensions: Unfolded: 173.3 x 133.4 x 7.6 mm
Dimensions: Folded: 173.3 x 69.8 x 17.2 mm
Weight: 317 g (Glass)
332 g (Ceramic)
Glass front (folded), plastic front (unfolded), glass back, Or
ceramic back, aluminum frame
DisplayUnfold size: 8.01 inches, Resolution: 1860 x 2480 pixels, 60Hz refresh rate
Folded size: 6.52 inches, Resolution: 840 x 2520 pixels, 90Hz refresh rate
ChipsetSnapdragon 888 5G processor
CameraThree rear single front snapper
108MP main, 8MP telephoto, 13MP ultra-wide, liquid lens,
Zoom at 3x optical 30x hybrid
Video record at 8K@24/30fps
Front snapper: 20MP
Battery5020mah battery, non-removable, 67W fast charging, charges 100% in 37 minutes
ColorBlack, Ceramic
Price9,999 Yuan

Xiaomi is a phone-producing Chinese brand that is becoming popular due to its excellent devices. The Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold is Xiaomi’s 1st foldable handset. While looking at its specs, we can say that it is designed to vie with Samsung’s foldable handsets. It is a robust handset coming with a high-power processor coupled with top-end internal storage and RAM capacity. Its camera is also an expert at taking magnificent shots. The battery performance is also durable with the fast charging unit. However, the handset is indeed a competitor to vie with leading foldable phones. Further down, you will get the complete information about this handset that we have collected for you. Just scroll down to read the article comprehensively.

Specs and Features

  • 888 Snapdragon chipset
  • 12GB/16GB RAM
  • 256GB/512GB storage
  • 5G connectivity
  • Lacks 3.5 mm earphone jack
Xiaomi mi Mix Fold
Credit: Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold is a robust handset coming with a high-power leading 888 Snapdragon processor. Not only is its processor leading one, its RAM and Storage capacity is also high. It offers you 12GB or 16GB RAM with 256GB or 512GB internal storage. You can’t expand the storage more as it lacks an SD card slot for external storage. The Mi Mix Fold also offers you a cooling setup, so it can preserve the power without heating the handset. It is a 5G handset, so it is future-proof too. The handset also comes with a side-attached fingerprint sensor and quad-speakers system. However, it is the 1st smartphone coming with a four-speaker.

Points to Know
  • What is this? The first foldable smartphone of Xiaomi
  • When is it coming? On 16 April in China
  • What will it price? Begins at 9,999 yuan (about £1,100 / $1,520 / AU$2,000)

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Launch and Cost

  • Three models available with respect to RAM and storage capacity
  • Prices at 9,999 yuan (about £1,100 / $1,520 AU$2,000) for 12GB/256GB model
  • Prices at 11,000 yuan (bumpily £1,210 /$1,675 / AU$2,200) for 12GB/512GB model
  • Costs at 13,000 yuan (about £1,430 /$1,980 / AU$2,600) for 16GB/512GB model

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold has declared on 30 March 2021 in China. Its pre-orders also started on the same day and began to transport on 16 April in China. At the time of review, Gloomily hasn’t been established for Australia, UK, or the US, but that may alter. However, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold might well arrive in Australia and the UK. However, we’d be very stunned if it hurled in the United States, as Xiaomi doesn’t presently retail its handsets there.

Coming to the price, the Mi Mix Fold begins at 9,999 yuan (about £1,100 / $1,520 AU$2,000) in China. It is the price of the model having 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. It increases to 11,000 yuan (bumpily £1,210 /$1,675 / AU$2,200) for a model with 512GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. You can also get a 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM for 13,000 yuan (about £1,430 /$1,980 / AU$2,600).  UK, US, and Australian costs won’t be a precise translation if and when it unveils in these states.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Display and Design

  • Dimensions: Unfold: 173.3 x 133.4 x 7.6mm
  • Dimensions: Fold: 173.3 x 69.8 x 17.2mm.
  • Unfold size: 8.01 inches, 60Hz refresh rate, 900 nits brightness,
  • Unfold: Resolution: 1860 x 2480p,
  • Fold Resolution: 840 x 2520p
  • Fold size: 6.5 inches, 90Hz refresh rate, 90Hz refresh rate, 900 nits brightness.
  • AMOLED HDR10+ screen
  • No IP rating

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold comes with a gigantic 8.01-inches internal foldable leading display with an 1860 x 2480p resolution. This main screen offers a 4:3 feature ratio with a 60Hz screen refresh rate. It also provides an AMOLED HDR10+ display with a maximum intensity of 900 nits and Dolby Vision upkeep. The primary display folds inwardly when the handset is shut, just like the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2. Thus, you can use this display when it’s open up into its full size. In comparison, the folded secondary screen is 6.5 inches AMOLED with a resolution of 840 x 2520p resolution. This folded screen offers you an HDR10+, a 90Hz screen refresh rate, and a maximum intensity of 900 nits. Though it’s skinny, with a 27:9 feature ratio, and interestedly it’s the superior of the two screens in one mode as it offers a bigger screen refresh rate.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold design
Photo credit: Xiaomi

The cover screen has a blow-hole camera on the upper right side and bigger bezels than other handsets.  Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold (when it is close) comprises the upper left side’s primary camera format. It also includes either a ceramic or glass texture (relying on which variant you purchase). The folding internal display has justly tiny bezels with no camera, contrasting other foldable phones. Thus, for video calls and selfies, you’ll have to utilize the cover screen.

When unfolded, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold has the dimensions of 173.3 x 133.4 x 7.6mm. In comparison, the folded one has 173.3 x 69.8 x 17.2mm. It is a bit hefty with the weight of 317g for the glass-rear variant, while for ceramic-one, it weighs 332g. However, the handset comes in black color. However, if you decide on the ceramic variant, you will get golden color frames with a laser rear model. It lacks an IP rating, so it is not dust or water-resistant as it’s usual for a foldable handset.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Camera

  • Rear snapper: 8MP lens with 108MP primary, 13MP ultra-wide sensor
  • 20MP front selfie snapper (when the phone is close)
  • Video recording at 8K at 30fps
  • Zoom at 3x optical and 30x hybrid zoom
  • 5020mah battery
  • 67W charging
  • No wireless charging
Mi Mix Fold Xiaomi
Source: Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold’s highpoint debatably isn’t even its folded display, but its liquid lens snapper. However, that’s a novel feature for smartphones, as it utilizes a few of the similar ideologies as the human eye. The camera comes with a lens-like arrangement made of liquid-covered film. As it’s not dense, the lens can alter the shape with the aid of a motor. With this lens, the camera can take pictures between 3x visual and 30x fusion zoom. This camera consist of an 8MP lens joined with a 108MP primary snapper and a 13MP ultra-wide lens. Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold also offers a 20MP forward-facing snapper that is forward-facing when the primary display is close (fold). The phone can record video at up to 8K at 30fps.

Battery Life

  • 5020 mAh battery
  • 67W charging
  • No wireless charging

Coming to the battery, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold has two unit cell that combines to give 5020mah battery. However, it is a large and suitable unit for a robust handset. This handset also offers fast charging of 67W. However, Xiaomi claims that it can charge the handset from empty to full in just 37 minutes. That quite striking, though.  But it just wired charging case. It lacks wireless and reverses setting features.

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Xiaomi mi Mix Fold
Picture source: Xiaomi
Q: Is the Xiaomi Mi Mix fold is a robust handset for games?
A: Surely, as it comes with a top-end processor, 888 Snapdragon with 12GB/16GB RAM runs all challenging apps and games quickly.
Q: What is the liquid lens in Xiaomi Mi Mix fold?
A: The Mi Mix fold’s rear camera is made with a liquid-coated thin film that works on similar principles as the human eye.
Q: What is the function of this liquid lens in Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold?
A: With this lens, you will take shots at up to 3x optical zoom and 30x hybrid zoom.
Q: Can we get this handset in the US?
A: No, sorry, you can’t get this handset in the US as Xiaomi does not trade in the US.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix fold is a foldable handset that offers high-tech photography with potential performance. Those who want power with innovative camera ability in a foldable handset should opt for it.

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