iPhone12: Apple’s Latest Handset with Refurbished Design

The iPhone 12 is a very costly phone than the previous iPhone11, with the addition of £100 / $100 in the cost. However, it brings several latest specs in the form of an OLED display, a somewhat improved camera, the latest design, and the high flier 5G with Mag-Safe connectivity. As a headline, 5G offers super-fast speed and stronger connectivity to the latest iPhone 12, but as 5G nets are not yet fully organized all around the world. So, its reporting is still a little sporadic. Its working is extremely fast, we can easily cope with 200Mpbs on the bum. However, in many big cities, there are too many places where it is difficult to get complete coverage.

iPhone 12: A Quick Appraisal


Mag-Safe permits very fast and more precise charging. It also offers a new variety of equipment as wallet clip on. The iPhone12’s performance also upgraded here once again: the chipset called A4 Bionic is the most dominant in any smartphone.


The decision to begin with 64GB internal storage is parsimonious though if you want to add more photos and videos with high resolution. The iPhone12 design has pinched, with square edges that are extremely evocative of the iPhone 4 and 5.


The latest front Ceramic shield that’s superficially four times tougher to splinter than iPhone11.The display also upgraded with an OLED screen, the similar technology used on iPhone 12 pro. This screen offers brilliant colors as well as real HDR to the merge for well-suited content.


The camera is again of 12MP here, both for wide and ultra-wide range, both of them can be now used in Night Mode. This spec can astoundingly develop your photos. However, it’s also obtainable on the iPhone 11 and we found it upgrade more in 2020.


Battery timing is only typical on the latest iPhone 12. On heavy usage of iPhone 12 throughout the day battery will standby 17-18 hours in one charge. Lighter use will do well to the night but it is not pretty good as the previous model.

iPhone 12 Price and Release Date

  • iPhone12 is available now throughout the world.
  • Price begins at £799 / $799/ AU$1,349.

The iPhone 12 was released on October 23, so the phone is now available all around the world. You can get this iPhone from all Apple stores directly. The iPhone 12 price begins at £799 / $799 / AU$1,349 that is $100 / £70 /AU$150 bigger than the iPhone 11 price.

iPhone12 Design

iPhone 12
Photo credit: mac rumors
  • Overhauled design that seems symbolic of the iPhone 4
  • The latest Ceramic Shield ensures the phone is durable
  • IP68 dust and water-resistant, so it designed to endure water

The iPhone 12 looks piercing on holding in hands. While using iPhone12, you will feel like you are using iPhone 4 or 5 because both of them have square edges. It has a fascinating design, which enables a stronger 5G connectivity. It is designed to form the rearmost of the phone twice likely to endure a drop.

Although, it has the same glass as on iPhone11.The front side of the iPhone12 is cover by the latest Ceramic Shield to secure it from crushing. Apple claims that due to Ceramic Shield it is 4 times less likely to break a drop.

It means it can still break from repeated drops and the front side can still be smashed if you keep it with hard things in your pocket– so if you want to save your Phone and looking perfect, cover it with a safe protector. The IP68 ranking improved in 2020, which allows the iPhone 12 to plunge to 6 meters up to 30 minutes before objects begin to wet inside more persuasively. It means that common, everyday water destruction is less probably to occur.

iPhone12 Display

iPhone 12
Image source: GSMarena
  • A display of 6.1 that is flawless and crumbly
  • Better display quality than that of iPhone11

The display of the iPhone12 is a great innovation for the handset at this price. This year the Splendid Retina XDR Display added to the inexpensive iPhone 12. The modification is obvious, particularly when watching videos, movies, and photos encrypted in HDR.

You may not notice a great change when you are scrolling around the web whether looking at imaginative images on Twitter or just refining the appearance of Netflix, the OLED upgrade conveys a high jump in picture quality.

The iPhone 12 resolution is 2532 x 1170 pixel and the display is piercing, vibrant and accessible at all outlooks. iPhone 12 has a 120Hz display with a quicker screen refresh level that forms for more watery scrolling on the latest iPads.

5G Connectivity or MagSafe?

  • Forthcoming-evidence with 5G connectivity
  • However, 5G isn’t beneficial for everybody at the moment
  • Innovative MagSafe technology offers a variety of the latest accessories and consumptions

The headline spec of the iPhone12 is its 5G connectivity with more adaptability to connect with super-fast 5G networks. The concept to browse nearly at an instant, faster downloading and high-quality streaming sound attractive but the issue is that 5G is not giving perfect coverage in many places especially outside the big cities.

Although, 4G connectivity is still fast enough in our phones. The capability of running Netflix and Spotify is purely satisfactory. It’s difficult to add a 5G connection to a smartphone design – the modules are more costly, and storage in the framework is at a first-rate.

SpecificationiPhone 12
DisplaySize: 6.1 inches Super Retina XDR OLED, HDR10
625nits, Resolution: 1170 x 2532 pixels
Scratch resistant ceramic glass
DesignDimension:146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm
weight: 164g
Glass Front and Back Aluminum Frame
IP68 Water resistant
Storage and RAM64GB,128GB, 256GB
with 4GB
Rear CameraDual: 12MP wide,12MP ultra-wide Record video at 4K@24/30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/120/240fps
Selfie Camera12MP wide HDR ,video record at 4K@24/30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/120fps
Battery 2815mAh non-removabl20W fast charging 50% in 30 mints
ChipsetApple A14 Bionic chipset
ColorsWhite, Black, Red, Green, Blue
Price£799 / $799/ AU$1,349


iPhone 12
Source: GSMarena

Besides the 5G connectivity, there is also an exclusive spec that Apple added into this iPhone12 is the Magsafe. The similar captivating, Snap-on tech that Apple has formerly used on its MacBooks to attach the power device. The magnets are arranged in a whorl beneath the rear pack of the iPhone.

At launch, you can get iPhone’ charger, Mag-safe chipset with snap-on accessories at the Apple store. The charger is well-ordered in it so it allows 15W super-fast charging wirelessly- twice powerful as iPhone11.

Rear Camera

iPhone 12
Credit: GSMarena
  • The same tech of iPhone11, but it develops a bit features
  • Rear camera specs two 12MP snappers
  • 12 MP front selfie camera

When you look at camera sensors you’ll feel that the camera is not upgraded much in this iPhone–The camera consists of a 12 MP wide and ultra-wide range that permits you zooming out images.

The overall competency of these devices improved though. The 12MP wide sensor is now tied with an f/1.6 gap that improves low light photography. Low light enactment has upgraded a touch, for more bright shots.

The main feature is its Night Mode sensor. So that you can take clear and bright images in low light intensity or at night time. It feels like taking in the daytime.

Working upon camera sensors Apple upgraded the photography on iPhones in the best way. So Photography and video recording is impressive in iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Battery Life

iPhone12 mini
Source: GSMarena
  • Upgraded battery life while comparing with the iPhone 11
  • A14 Bionic chipset appears more enhanced in our analysis.

iPhone12’s battery remains longer enough at one charge than other iPhones of last year

  • As an example, you felt that the battery is 50% remaining in the tank on going to bed. However, when you are switching 4G into 5G connections which are done for the short term, that battery died off nearly 16-18 hours after charge on a high-usage day.
  • Apple reduced the video playback stamina in iPhone 12. So, it will standby for 17 hours than 18 hours of iPhone11.
  • In a video decrepit test analysis, on watching a Full HD Video for ninety minutes battery lost 8% only. But in regular use, we did not see the good performance of its battery life
  • Taking photos watching videos and browsing also having a great impact on battery life. On heavy use battery fall off early. But with low browsing or switching 5G into 4G, the battery can standby the whole day long with one charge.
  • When it emanates to charging, you have to purchase a charger for your latest iPhone. The cable of the iPhone 12 for charging is USB-C.
  • It’s the strange verdict by Apple to shift its headsets to USB-C cables before developing at the basic charging block. Due to this USB-C charging cable, you can charge your iPhone faster than another phone. So, this is a good thing in the iPhone 12.

Purchase It If…
  • You want a larger display:

Though, the iPhone 12 mini is inexpensive if you need a larger screen to watch your actions on a big display. So, iPhone 12 is the model to buy. iPhone 12 has 6.1 inches large screen display with a high resolution that meets your demand.

  • Want somewhat latest:

However, the latest design may pay attention back to the older versions, but the additional screen makes you seem like the latest phone. So, go for iPhone 12 which is the latest in the market with its all-new specs and features.

  • Found of movies:

If you are a Prime Video, Netflix, or general movie fan, then iPhone 12’s OLED display will be a pleasurable practice.

Don’t Purchase It If…
  • You want to make movies

However, the iPhone 12 is reasonable for ordinary videos. But, if you’re an expert content designer then the iPhone 12 pro offers you more of your style.

  • Difficult to hold in hand:

If you feel the iPhone 12 is a bounce for your hands, or difficult to hold in one hand then the iPhone 12 mini may fulfil your demand. You will find everything in a mini and inexpensive bundle.

  • Want outstanding battery timing:

Many other mobiles offer enhanced battery timing. iPhone 12’s battery life is just reasonable not so inspiring. You might select the inexpensive iPhone 11, or consider the direction to the Android murky side.

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