OPPO Find X3 Leaks: Availability, Release Date and Specs Rumors

OPPO Find X3 is considering as Oppo’s upcoming high-end dynamo that may available in the upcoming months of this year. However, it was a question as to whether the OPPO Find X3 lineup was approaching in 2021? The OPPO itself has both shows off the device and also given us a promotion window. Thus, here’s no qualm that it’s just around the corner. OPPO is one of the superior Chinese Android companies, and it is now starting to take up lots of appreciation in Europe too. Through its Find X device is its best proposing. However, the Find X2 lineup is included in the list of few top handsets of 2020.

The OPPO Find X3 series is the succeeding range from the company we’re supposing to get this year. It is likely to come in the starting few months of 2021, but perchance more expecting near the mid of this year. We might see as many as four models to launch. The newest handsets from the brand are the OPPO Reno 5 series. They’re generally middle-range handsets, but this latest line comes up with a quite top-end ‘OPPO Reno 5 Pro Plus’. Thus, Can the Find X3 series drive that more with a superb elegant handset? Yes, it could be.

 Rumors about OPPO Find X3

Quick Review

The OPPO Find X2 family that out early in 2020, ongoing with two handsets, the ‘original’ and Find X2 Pro. However, the other two models Find X2 Lite and Find X2 Neo were out a bit later, giving a total of four models. Provided, there was just one handset in the primary generation of Find X, that’s a somewhat diverse attitude for each chain. Though, it is thoughtful for us, How this future handset, OPPO Find X3, will look like. We don’t even get when the handset will bring to light for definite, as it isn’t a lineup that updates annually. We’ve got a little tad of info that may be related to this handset, which we’ve discussed below. However, till we find more, we’ve also made a demand list of the specs that we’d love to see.

Top Updates

We have got a leak that this OPPO lineup will be launched in three models to say as OPPO Find X3, Find X3 Pro, Find X3 Neo. Though vanilla versions may absent in the series. This may confuse many folks. However, we got many leaks and rumors about this upcoming handset. Just scroll down to read in detail.

Come to the Point

  • What is this? Oppo’s upcoming high-end phone series
  • When is it releasing? It will launch in March 2021 May available in mid of year
  • What is its asking price? No indication, but possibly a high price tag
    OPPO Find X3 rumor
    Source: Android Authority

Find X3 Availability date and Cost

  • Launch Date: March 2021
  • No exact price tag
  • May be available in mid of year

Mostly the handset lineups get announced yearly. Though, that was not the scene with the initial two groups of OPPO Find handset.  As the first generation released in mid of 2018 and the second one around two years later. However, the company has obviously declared the launch of the Find X3 series will be in March. Though, there is a bit of room for doubt in case of its launch yet. We don’t get enough of an indication on its asking price yet. The cost of the Find X2 series varies for Find X2 Lite the prices for AU$749 / £399 approximately $530. However, for Find X2 Pro it is AU$1,599 / £1,099 around $1,450. Though, for different handsets in the series, we can see many different prices.

 Specs and Features Rumor and Leaks in Detail

SpecsOPPO find X3
Launch DateExpected in March 2021
Design8mm thickness
190g Weight
Glass front (Gorilla Glass), ceramic back or leather back, aluminum frame
Display6.7 inches
AMOLED screen
Resolution: 1440 x 3216pixels
Storage and RAM256GB/ 512GB with 12GB
Battery4500mah Battery non-removable, 65W fast charging, 30W wireless charging
CamerasTetra Quad Rear camera 50MP main, 50MP ultra-wide, 3MP macro, 13MP telephoto
32MP selfie snapper
4K video Recording
Chipsetsnapdragon 888 chipset

Display and Color Controlling System

When OPPO declared the presence of the Find X3, also described its full trail visual color controlling system. Mainly, this favors an extensive color range and improved color correctness for viewed pictures. Likewise, it confirms graphics don’t get crush or pinches as a photo, games, or video drives on its ordinal ride. Though this color system will ensure the display look as decent as possible. A leak came that OPPO Find X3 will land with 6.7 inches warped display with a resolution of 1440 x 3216pixels. Though the display refresh rate will be up to 120Hz which is present in most top-handsets.


OPPO has also declared that it’s upcoming Find X leading handset will use the high-end 888 Snapdragon processor. It didn’t indicate the Find X3 by title clearly, however, that’s apparently what it’s pointing out. One rumor proposes that Find X3 may possess a 3K resolution with a large screen refresh rate and an 875 Snapdragon processor. It will come with a dual-sensor rear snapper and fast charging. Though, all of these are acceptable, except the camera, as that seems like demote. Another news is that OPPO is developing a smartphone with an 870 Snapdragon Processor. It may be a ‘Lite’ model of its high-end 888 Snapdragon chipset.  This handset might be the Find X3, or however one handset in the series, but it can also be a Reno 5 phone in its place.

Battery Life Leaks

OPPO Find X3 leaks
Photo credit: Android Authority

However, the Federal Communication Commission gave a list of facts that pointed out the specs of OPPO Find X3 Pro and Lite models. In this list, they mentioned the battery of 4,500mAh or 4,400mAh power and 65W fast charging. OPPO has boaster 125W super-fast charging that will be in its one of handset soon. This could charge up a handset under 25 minutes with a normal size 4,000mAh battery. All at once the company boasters 65W charging wirelessly which parallel its present cable charging speeds.

Find X3 Pro Leaks

OPPO Find X3
Image source: Android Authority

We have got many leaks about Find X3 Pro by Evan Blass (a leaker with a prodigious highest achievement) who revealed most of the possible features. These comprise a tetra quad rear camera with a 50MP leading, 50MP ultra-wide lens, 3MP macro sensor, and 13MP telephoto lens. The macro lens also deceptively works like a microscope, with 25x optical zooming. Other features deceptively comprise that a 4,500mAh large battery with 65W fast charging and 30W charging wirelessly. It will also able to do contactless payments by taping on the rear or display of the phone. The Find X3 Pro will actually come in blue-black and far along with white shades. It will give the options of a matte-frosted and the ceramic glaze-like glass rear.

What We Wish to Have in the OPPO Find X3

Here are a few of the changes, twists, and latest additions we wish to put in the OPPO Find X3 lineup

To Charge Wirelessly

We got one objection in general with every OPPO Find X2 handsets we have tried. Though, none of them offers wireless charging. That’s reasonable though for the price, but offered the price of the Find X2 Pro, we’d presume it here. OPPO has boaster it’s wireless charging of 65W meanwhile the Find X2’s launch. Thus we’d love to have this spec in the handsets if conceivable. However, if the OPPO chooses to go after a sluggish wireless driving speed for mid-range handsets, that could seem right. Wireless charging is truly beneficial for folks who used the chargers. As the Find X2 is a leading phone, we would love to see this new addition be too.

Better-Quality Cameras in Non-Pro Devices

Though the OPPO Find X2 Pro was a total camera creature. While the other handsets in the series were further ‘decent not prodigious’, with few sensors and lenses absent. We’d love to see the Find X3 all handsets get both telephoto and ultra-wide snappers, for wide and zoom shots. Macro snappers and depth sensors aren’t constantly too valuable, and they are not an alternative for zoom. Surefire, OPPO’s post-treating picture optimization is the actual victor that makes the photos appear decent in the Pro. However, we’d love to see the OPPO’s pronounced zoom technology arrive in more handsets.

OPPO find X3
Photo credit: GSMarena

Lower the Asking Price

Though the OPPO Find X2 series offered reasonable handsets as the Lite version But Pro and other versions were costly. Actually, someone could claim it was a bit costly for the handset. The OPPO Find X2 Pro is too alike with the OnePlus 8 Pro in many ways. Though it has possibly beaten onward in one or more specs like display optimization or zoom camera, It’s costly too. If OPPO wants its Find X3 smartphones to compete with its foes, mainly OnePlus, then it should lower the cost.  Particularly the Pro version should come up with a somewhat lesser asking price.

Unreal Leather on Latest Handsets

You can get the OPPO Find X2 Pro with an unreal leather covering on it. This unique covering made the handset feel amazingly superior and calmer to hold without falling. We’d love to see each handset in common use this leather. As this review is only related to the OPPO Find X3, so we’d certainly like these handsets to bring to mind the material. In reality, while just the Find X2 Pro will design in this material, we’d love to see all of the Find X3 handsets land with it.

OPPO Find X3
Credit: Android Authority

Conceivably even the Lite version, though it will perhaps put up the cost a little. This thing on our demand list might oppose an alternative. Though, it’s difficult to get charge wirelessly on a handset if it’s covered in fruitarian leather. However, the fact of a demanding list is to design a dream listing of all features we’d love to see. Thus we’ll overlook the probable unfeasibility of this.

Another Reasonable 5G Handset

We’ll wind up this list by writing, we wish OPPO to reprise somewhat it did with the Find X2 line. It should release a super reasonable 5G handset as Find X2 Lite. This handset gives 5G in the hands of the person who might need it. Though they are holdover by the statement that most of the 5G handsets are first-class handsets. Nowadays, you don’t require to pay enough to get 5G accessibility. We’d love to see a similar thing occur in the Find X3 family, to keep the inexpensive 5G handset ball spinning.