Vivo X60 Pro+ Appraisal: Remarkable Zeiss Camera Features

Vivo X60 Pro Plus is the premium handset in the recent X60 series of Vivo handsets. However, the Vivo brand is not a popular name on the Western side till now. But, when we see Vivo X60 pro+ like handsets, we could expect, soon it’ll become a leading one there too. However, one stunning feature of this handset is its Camera that has simply outstanding capability. Its specs do not end here; the phone also comes with loads of clout and a higher refresh rate display.

Its design is also standard and decent. While holding this handset in hand gives a light feel too. Though we get so many favorable specs, the Vivo X60 Pro Plus also has some negative features. As its camera shunt is gigantic, that looks weighty and colossal. However the handset comes with a faux leather finishing but its rear looks like a plastic build. That gives a cheap handset feel. Just skip out on these negatives; overall, the handset is premium that money can afford.

Vivo X60 Pro+ Full Specifications

Specification Vivo X60 Pro+
DesignDimensions: 158.6 x 73.4 x 9.1 mm,
Weight: 191g
Glass front, eco leather back, aluminum frame
DisplaySize: 6.56-inches
Resolution: 1080 x 2376 pixels
ChipsetSnapdragon 888 chipset
CameraRear: 50MP main.48MP ultra-wide,8MP periscope zoom
Front: 32MP
Video recording at 4K@30fps, 1080p@30fps
BatteryLi-Po 4200 mAh, non-removable
charging: 55W

Vivo X60 Pro+ is the initial handset that takes high advantages of the co-manufacturing conglomerate. We are talking about its significant camera setup. The camera setup consists of a bulging layout with Zeiss T* lens covering, a high-scale Samsung GN1 primary camera. It also comprises a recently modernized gimbal stabilization 2.0 format that makes video recording evener than other handset-producer can accomplish. However, the Vivo X60 Pro+ lands with a higher display refresh rate and high clout enactment, too. That makes it a beast.

 Specs and Enactment

  • Qualcomm 888 Snapdragon chipset,
  • RAM: 12GB, Internal storage:  256GB
  •  3GB obtainable for RAM addition
  • Battery: 4,200mAh,
  • 55W fast wired charging
vivo x60 pro plus variants
Credit: Pocket-int

The Vivo X60 Pro+ lands with a powerful chipset named Qualcomm’s 888 Snapdragon chipset. Though this chipset is the top in the class processor of 2021, that’s a stage beyond what most others possess. For example, the Moto G100 picking for a somewhat lower ranking Snapdragon 870 chipset. Though the 888 Snapdragon chipset is super prevailing as it comes with the 12GB RAM stock and 120Hz display rate, it’s a super-quick processor that can stick into the most challenging games, apps with zero hassle. This phone also offers you another exciting spec- expandable RAM ability.

Vivo X60 Pro Plus appraisal
Photo source: Pocket-int

It allows you to use an overall 15GB RAM by adding 3GB RAM from the internal storage. So, you can use it while handling enormous tasks. For instance, if you’re on a photo shooting extravaganza while lots of apps are running in the background, it’ll run efficiently. Now comes towards the battery section, here you will get a 4,200mAh battery that works well. It’s a sensibly large unit, but with an 888 Snapdragon and 120Hz display, an additional 20% volume wouldn’t go inappropriate. Overall the battery works well to standby almost a day long.  For the charging, you will get a fast 55W wired charging that power-ups the handset quickly.

Vivo X60 Pro+ Display & Design

  • 6.56-inches AMOLED screen,
  • Resolution: 2376 x 1080, 120Hz screen refresh rate, HDR10+
  • Magnitudes: 158.6 x 9.1 x 73.4 mm
  • Weight: 191g
  • Textures: Emperor Blue, Vegan leather
  • In-screen fingerprint sensor

The Vivo X60 Pro+ is a chunk of a triad of handsets. Two more devices are also part of the X60 series, named the X60 and X60 Pro. To sum up, All three handsets seem there or thereabouts the same; however, the snappers boost significantly. The textures are all diverse, too. The X60 Pro+ is obtainable in Emperor Blue or with a more amber color Vegan Leather. We’re a little confused about the verdict to utilize these textures on the top-end X60 variant because the surface appears as economical plastic truly, nearly like a case. However, this finishing gives some advantages too. As it’s bumpy, so services with clasp; whereas fingerprints are also keep away. Contrasting to this, you’ll get with a glass rear handset the realm over.

Vivo X60 PRo+ display
Source: Pocket-int

Coming to the display, here you will get a 6.56-inches AMOLED pane. This screen is very similar to the display present on the previous-gen Vivo X51. It comes with warped edges that are usually gorgeous looking and well-balanced display. However, that is not too large, not too bulky. There are bottom and top bezels to concern about, making for a sensibly whole-screen display. This display shares with the solo central blow-hole front snapper. However, you’ll find a little animation surrounding the edges of the front snapper while unlocking the phone with a face lock. However,

there is an in-screen fingerprint sensor too to unlock the phone. Though, the most competing spec of the 2021 smartphone is the high screen refresh rate. Here the Vivo X60 Pro+ offers you a top display refresh rate of 120Hz. You can set it to switch among 60Hz, 90Hz robotically, and 120Hz refresh rates to save battery. This high refresh rate provides you a buttery smooth screen to scroll down the apps and web feeds. However, the screen resolution isn’t of heroic extents. You will get here a 2376-by-1080 pixel resolution. But it also offers you fair enough acuity to accommodate most prerequisites.

vivo X60 pro+ review
Picture credit: Pocket-int

Cameras of Vivo X60 Pro+

  • Four Quad back snappers:
  • Primary: 50MP Samsung GN1 lens with Optical Image Stabilization
  • Ultra-Wide: 48MP, (114 degrees) with gimbal balance 2.0 setup
  • Portrait lens: 32MP up to 2x zoom
  • Zoom lens: 8MP, zoom up to 5x
  • Front selfie snapper: 32MP
Vivo X60 PRo+
Credit: Pocket-Int

The Vivo X60 Pro+ is incredibly striking in its camera section. The handset comes with a protruding rear camera unit.  That large camera bump to the rear receives its grade given what’s present within. The primary lens of 50MP is Samsung GN1 based, which is considerable. This main CameraCamera takes shots at 12MP by default. The ultra-wide camera is also a big lens of 48MP, poles apart from reflection like many other wide-camera cameras. That also gets loads of resolution and upkeep from a gimbal stabilization setup.

There’s also a portrait sensor of 2x zoom and a periscope optical zoom lens of 5x. The primary lens is very proficient in taking shots with enlightening hordes of detail, providing good focus. It also delivers a decent color range with HDR pictures taken in the dark and highlights the balance in photos. The Zeiss feature also participates here with a T* coating that helps in sharpness and evading blaze. The wide-angle lens is appropriately inspiring, too. It just fades near the edges, where you can see a purple shadow termed chromatic aberration. Though, while shooting nearby livelier light cradles, it astonishingly causes the issue with sparkle.

However, the stabilization setup is a blockbuster. We have tested its Camera while taking phones and recording videos. It amazed us with the results. It remains suave while shaking the Camera back and forth. Though, that’s undoubtedly like the system offers the sense of fluctuating. The portrait sensor and periscope lens are also decent in performance.  The video recording is also a good spec here. For bright and lively selfies, the Vivo X60 Pro + offers you 32MP front snapper. This selfie camera is also very efficient in taking bright and colorful selfies.

Vivo X60 Po+ camera
Image credit: Pocket-int

The Vivo X60 Pro+ is an excellent camera phone with a top-end processor and prevailing enactment. For the photography fan and professional shooters, the Vivo X60 Pro+ would prove the best device. As it comes with a high display rate too, we can recommend this handset to users.

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